World of Warships – What a way to go

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Last match of ranked SPRINT on this season and what an incredibly fun match to finish it with.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching, good luck in your games 😉



    That’s was close

  2. Congratz Flambass – you had a nightmare that turned into a dream.

  3. Diego Rueda González

    Allo Flambino! Get_Wrecked here

    I wasnt Stream sniping at all (I hate ppl who does that indeed). I couldnt hear you; it was a friend who was watching ur stream with his mic activated so I could hear ur loud screams


    GG ma boi, nice game, always a pleasure :))

  4. BPM jumped up to 129 when running into the last remaining Nicholas 🙂

  5. Why is Flambass so damn LOUD……… hard on the ears ;-(

  6. Ik this is a noob question but I wanna know how to get better at leading targets especially long and on dds

    • No worries. Honestly, it’s all in prediction and practice. Your best bet would be getting practice in with real low tier ship matches. Unless you’re a BB trying to snipe on other BBs, long shots won’t generally work with cruisers or dds, whose specialties are short-to-mid range engagements with a wider variety of maneuverability. You can fumble around with your display settings so that you have numerical values of your firing ranges (I forget exactly where to find those options, sorry) so that you can take your max firing range into greater account. Mainly management and solid estimation based on your target’s speed and whether or not they’re in a turn.

      A good rule of thumb is leading a couple notches ahead if you’re moving the opposite heading of your target, a little below or above depending if they’re turning towards or away from you respectively, and if you’re both moving in the same direction, I’d recommend shooting at them as you turn away from their position, especially if they’re a mid-tier cruiser/dd, since they’re probably about to lead some torpedos if you’re too close. Also, never be afraid to just use your fore/aft guns, your shots don’t always have to be a full broadside burst to be effective, and it greatly reduces your profile so you take less hits if they’re lobbing rounds at you. Hope all this helps.

  7. That furutaka ate a full 4 course meal of torpedoes with an HE shell dessert…

  8. Did you make it to round 3?

  9. @1:36

    That chat xD

  10. I ended up winning nearly every match from rank 4 to 1 by doing something odd. Instead of playing my Kami R or another strong ship, which usually got me top of the team and saved a star. I realised something. It was better to remove a poor player in a fragile ship from my team and play a light cruiser myself. Getting loads of kills in a DD or BB was not winning me games.

    I found by playing the Emile Bertan or Murmansk carefully and thoughtfully, keeping alive, not being spotted at the start and sniped by the BBs. Meant that as the match went on, my ship became more and more powerful, able to dominate their DDs and burn down BBs over time. Multiple fires on a lower HP BB in the mid/later game suddenly becomes a massive threat. DDs don’t want to push near you out of fear. Hydro is powerful. Islands used correctly is very effective. I single handedly held a cap all game allowing my BBs to flank and crossfire the team because no one would push into me. I was keeping things spotted with hydro and planes. The dds were frightened, the bbs didn’t want to take my torps.

    Odd but better to play a ship that is generally seen as a liability well for the team win. In every single match, the cruisers on both teams died very quickly, not me though. Cruisers are strong, just extremely difficult to play effectively.

  11. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    for the second sprint I ram the whole thing with my Krasny Krym. 22 battles later I had ranked out. ^^ some of the most fun I had had lately :3

  12. Ah oui! oui! oui!

  13. congrats on ranking out
    – I LOVE ranked sprint in low tier ships – what a blast.(random chaos, but that was the crazy fun part!)

    I preferred 6v6 because it seemed to get better team play.
    I really hope to see more of this mode because i really do think it helped improve a good many captains game play – we need a LOT more training style events in this game.
    It took me 46 to rank out in season 1 – tried several ships before settling on the T-22 . 26 matches to rank out in season 2… a LOT of fun.

    WG – add this in between regular high tiered ranked battles please!

    Good hunting!


  14. Yuyang Lives Matters!!!!

  15. Was a great one indeed.

  16. What are your thoughts on the Emile Bertin ?

  17. That guy in the Furutaka was having one of “those” battles 😛 He literally hits two sets of torpedoes, rams Nicholas and gets sunk right after. 😛

  18. 10:00 hahahahahaa
    can imagine u flailing ur head and hands in the air

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