World of Warships- What An ABSOLUTE Credit Printing Machine!

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Hey guys! Today Bill shows us just how good the Kii is at absolutely printing credits, enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. i like these vids, youre like a sports reporter 😄

  2. SLM, you are a really good narrator. Guess it comes with your job as teacher.

  3. @michaelmcnally2331

    Presumably this is with the special cammo that no longer available so have the extra boost to earnings.

  4. Kii’s also a very good credit farmer in Operations as well, compared to the only other BB option for credit farming, namely Roma, Kii has better main guns, better secondaries (not that they are used many times, but if you get too close to a DD they come pretty in handy) and torps. Furthermore, Kii special camo doesn’t make your ship wear a funny beer can on top of the conning tower. So that’s another bonus 😂

  5. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    I love torping DDs in the Kii when they come in to yolo me lol.

  6. I have the Kobayashi camo for the Kii. With a standard Tier VIII Premium I make an extra 5% credits, 55% Ship XP, 65% Commander XP, and 100% Free XP. With the Kobayashi camo on the Kii I instead make an extra 45% credits, 105% Ship XP, 115% Commander XP, and 150% Free XP. Those numbers are all before I put any additional bonuses on her. It is a very nice bump, but I felt like I had to buy the Kii twice the Kobayashi camo was so expensive.

    • Exactly. I passed on it intentionally. To me those slight increases were not worth $30. If someone plays it several hundred games then it can pay off I guess.

  7. I miss getting 2m credits a game. Coming back to the game recently, the economy is soooooo bad. Especially if you’re still wanting to grind lines.

    • Also a thing holding the game back… Piss poor economy almost forces you to go p2w which in the end surely hurt the games rep.

    • I finally saved up enough coal to get my first coal ship and made sure to get one that has enhanced credit income. I went with the Black since I like playing DD. It’s helped a lot in getting more credits. I also got very lucky during the Black Friday events and was able to get two of the crates using the Arctic tokens and opened up the Napoli on the second crate! Playing with a standard account with no enhanced income ships was such a grind for a while, but now I feel like I am finally able to research/buy more ships and grind other lines.

    • I’m not sure what you guys are talking about… the minimum I get is 700k on average, but always almost 900k, 1M… premium is 1.2 1.5 M per games.

  8. Kii has way worse torpedo reduction than Amagi, slightly better armor above the belt (I think).

  9. sea lord i would be curious to see a top 5 of unconventional ship build ( and captain) : meaning not taking skill that everyone take ( like here the adrelanine rush), and / or ship mod like main armement 1 or take something else than detection range reduction mod.

  10. great play by play commentary.

  11. how well does yamato do if u got the special camo back in the day and did wg ever include the +50% comander xp in camos like the musashi

    • Yamamoto does decently well on Kii. Its just notoriously difficult to trigger. I’ve had more games where I got first blood and got the extra heal that I either didn’t need or died before I could use it. Occasionally you will get Kraken and then Kii becomes a totally different beast.

  12. Good replay and commentary as usual!

  13. I think I pulled a Kii from an xmas/newyear lootbox back in 2017/18, but never really played it. Only recently I discovered that its a very solid ship with atypically strong AA for an IJN BB.

  14. please note: Kii with kobayashi (pre camo and economic bonus separation) is the credit printer. if you bought It after that then its just another T8 premium ship.

  15. @doublewidemotorsports7217

    If you think the Kii is good, try the Iwami with a secondary build. It has 20km torps and can melt BBs in asymmetric battles. I have played three games thus far with six kills and it is not uncommon to do 200K in damage because of the torps.

  16. Yup. When i need credits, just take Missoury and Kii. Have 10 million in a few games.

  17. with most of the special Cmdr’s, by the time you activate their skills the game is over, and you get little value out of them.

  18. I play my Kii a lot, and I do not have credit problems because of it. (Nothing like the day I sold 5 years worth of camos, but still cool.)
    I do have mine set up for secondaries, and use the torps a lot. BIG surprise for those not familiar with her.

  19. I got a Kii in the first year I played… I sold it!?
    I didn’t really understand the economy

  20. Honestly, a very satisfying game to watch.

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