World of Warships- WHAT ARE THE DEVS SMOKIN’ NOW?! Super Florida & The RETURN Of Asymmetric Battles!

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Whats better than Florida? A SUPER Florida!


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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:15 Independence
4:31 Tianjin
8:52 Rhode Island
15:46 Asymmetric Battles Return


  1. I am very hyped for the asymmetric battles, worried about how they will make it not profitable but we never know.

  2. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Considering there was a recent blog about sec changes and such, i do like what the devs be smoking

  3. Chinese Riga won’t have the Ruskie dispersion formula that drops off hard past 12km, but that is still a ton to give up for normal dispersion.

  4. 356mm in t10 doesnt seem very good
    Hopefully we get another good round of asyms

  5. I enjoyed the asymmetric battles alot! Looking forward to them again with different tiered ships.

  6. That Rhode Island sounds interesting. I think it could find a niche for itself.

    Also looking forward to the asymmetrical battles.

  7. I’m still waiting for them to add a damage control assistance feature. If you’re within a certain distance from friendly ships you can use your damage control to put out their fire or flood. Also if you get a kraken a kraken sinks the ship that gave you the 5th kill.

  8. I love this series. “Just what the heck are the devs smoking” never fails to amaze me with each new episode 😂

  9. Asymmetric battles were a lot fun, nice to get them back.

  10. Man the one thing almost all of us want ia to just have the option in Co Op of choosing between normal and assymetrical, the game mode is so much fun seriously it should stay forever

    • WG they should just add two more bots and I would be happy . More rewards for Co Op would not hurt my feelings and I have to work harder to get anything now MF…

  11. Playing PvE 99% of the time, I love Asymmetric Battles. Bring back Wolfpack Operations w/o the division requirements too.

  12. So, regarding the Independence being a support CV, it sounds like it’s a support in the same way as the Bearn with a lesser focus on damage, and a primary focus of keeping the skies clear of enemy planes.

    • from it’s stats it has same if not better damage than it’s T6 Ranger, with 2 Tactical Squadrons you are less likley to end up needing to conserve planes in high tier matches (tactical squadrons regen at 3.5x the rate normal squadrons do)

  13. I’m sort of glad they seem to have listened to the feedback about asymmetric battles. It was annoying (to put it mildly) to go into one in a cruiser and be the only ship that the bots focused on.

  14. Is the Rhode Island just a slightly different Bourgogne? Playstyle should be the same.

    Would be nice to have a direct comparison

  15. the shell velocity sounds good on the us bb, not in the 700m/s range like the floaty shells

  16. I missed out on the asymmetrical battles. They looked pretty fun. So long as the returning ones pay out similar to operations I’m sold.

  17. My favorite battle type is asymmetric battles. I love that battle type and would play way more often if it was permanent.

  18. that dispersion on that CV kill shot…why can i never get that

  19. Rhode island looks to be using the Georgia hull (with minor changes) and copy pasted florida guns with faster reload

  20. I wonder if Rhode Island will get Massachusetts/Georgia secondary reload (around 3 seconds spec), or the insane West Virginia 44″ secondary rate of fire (2.1 seconds spec), since from what i remember was the R.Island secondaries get lower HP compaired to other ships at the same tier.

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