World of Warships- What Battleship Line Is Best For You In 2021?

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Hey guys! Today I update my BB line video from last year and do a quick rundown of each line, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. i dont care how hard i get nerfed. i love my Krupp steel and superior german over engineering

  2. If you want to play tier 10 than go to Yamato. it is the best (beast). In tier 9 and 8 i find Americans the best (Iowa and N. Carolina). And for tier 7 and 6 go British (King George and Queen Elizabeth). Although, Gneisenau is great on tier 7 as well. But overall i found Germans to be quite frustrating to play because of inconsistent guns and taking huge chunks of damage from superstructure.

    • @Holy Bananas Yamato is easily my favourite ship in the game. His guns are amazing and probably one of the most consistent of all BBs.

    • @Ardik Blaze I consider Warspite a mini Thunderer. And since we all know how broken Thunderer is it makes Warspite a great ship. QE is probably better in some aspects but all in all very similar ship. For the current meta, the longer range you have, the more consistent your guns are, the more efficient you are. Bayern is a great ship but I would never take it over QE or Warspite. Bloodyvostok is good, but NC is better.

    • @Zograf Warpsite is great. QE is the worst battleship I have ever played. Can’t hit the broadside of a barn, absolutely zero armor, glacial turret traverse, and extremely slow.

      Ps yamato is she

    • @Ardik Blaze it is “she” in British tradition. In my language a ship is referred to as “it”. Only the name of the ship can give it gender. For example: King George would be “he” but Queen Elizabeth would be “she”. I find that tradition of calling ships “she” pretty ridiculous and stupid. Yamato therefore would be “he” by the rules of my language.
      In my experience, QE was better than Warspite, but as I said before, they are almost the same ship.

    • @Zograf uh having shit vertical dispersion isnt consistent. maybe ur lucky enough not to get awful vertical spread yet. though it’s your experience amd your liking so i wont judge u for liking yamato.

  3. I think the best “all rounders” are the US battleships. British ships a little spongy (historicaly had very good armour but hey ho).
    Love the French ones from Normandie onwards.
    Didn’t get on with FDG for some reason.
    Liked the Kongo from IJN but tbh I’m up to Amagi and have found them a bit meh tbh.

    • @JohnDiabol great cruiser killer that turns on a dime! Lyon is great fun!

    • when it comes to amagi the thing about it is that it does not rly play as the rest of the ships in the line tbh, the fuso and nagato can’t rly tank so well so i play it more like a sniper early and mid game the izumo and the yami are again snipers however the amagi, well i found it to be a fantastic mid ranger, it has an absolutly fantastic rear-sides armour aaand something that a lot of people do not seam to know, a prty decent turtleback, so if you are having problems with it i would say it’s because it’s the only ijn bb that you want to mid range brawl

    • @JohnDiabol Thanks, and here I was looking forward to Normandie.

    • @straswa it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not particularly good. You can definitely make it work and I’ve had good games in mine. Although I do tend to grind through it as fast as possible to get to the Lyon.

    • @Onauc C I have just farmed Yamato and I agree with what you said. The IJN battleships are fun in general, especially for the Kongo and fuso. I was told that agami and nagato are great ships but I hated them, and I somehow liked the izumo.

      And of course, the Yamato is amazing.

  4. Максим Шишлов

    Man, we all know which BB line is best right now – Petropavlovsk.

  5. Trick question. You play a gunboat DD line instead and melt every BB you come across.

  6. “Point and click adventure” lmfao that was a good one

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    the problem with close quarter fight is that while WG keep trying to get the big guns to be able to get closer they had not able to get all the others to , in fact they are making them ever less able to , DD cannot get close enough to torp or ambush, CL cannot get close enough to actually use AP, let alone their utility and torp. Even CA find it impossible to close in , the over saturation of overmatching big guns and armor that 203, 152, and certainly DD caliber having no way to deal with. The only kind of ship that can close in are the BB and lesser extent Super Cruisers . Any for real into the chaos fight need a battle line and only BB do not made one

    • And it doesn’t help most cruisers have no way to mitigate BB shells other then “just dodge”, USS Buffalo is PAINFUL! 27mm doesn’t cut it anymore!

  8. I think the Alsace is the best of the French bb tech line.

  9. I started in like April and had to go off some older videos now I have Montana and Republique 👍 also is there a reason for all the free broadside at 22:18?

  10. Imo Kremlin/RU BB line is the best. Though the Main line I’d start with is US BBs. Rough start but once you get to Tier 8 North Carolina… you are golden

  11. 3:30 @Sea Lord Mountbatten actually all US bbs from the main line have the improved heal, i checked them up when i did a comparison between Texas, New York and Oklahoma and New York had the improved heal
    Also @Sea Lord Mountbatten at 5:55 the split line US bb don’t have the improved heal which is a big drawback

  12. Nice vid Sea Lord, I’m focusing on the USN and French BBs. I just got the New Mexico and Bretagne.

  13. The French line is underrated imo

  14. I would love to see a video on your thoughts about the various legendary mods for BBs.

  15. You need to do this for Cruisers and DDS

  16. Whenever there’s a damage tanked mission, I take out my Lenin

  17. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    Play the game all you want, just don’t spend any money or expect the NA forum moderators to respond in anything like a timely fashion. Of course you can’t complain about that on the forum or you will get banned.

  18. love the italian line so far well balanced mobility great SAP and decent armor

  19. Great Video, I’d say though the biggest issue is the matchmaking where higher tier ships outnumber the lower rank ships, there have been many games where I’ve been sailing in a Tier 6 BB facing 2 Tier 8 BB’s and 2 Tier 7 BB’s. So if you’re top tier you’re a seal clubber, if you’re low tier you get clubbed.

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