World of Warships- What Battleship Line Is For You?

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Hey guys, today we’re going over the battleship lines in the game and answering the question of “What BB line should I grind if I’m new to the class?” Enjoy!

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  1. For me ( someone who played both mobile and (just recently) pc), its the german, usn, russian bb line

  2. The whole thing with this video that you all need to keep in mind is wait and see see what happens with the captain rework I personally wouldn’t suggest grinding any line of ship until after that that is done

    • Commander rework would be great for ussr bb.New talent eagle eye plus aiming system mod1, its gonna delete ussr’s weakness of not being effective long range.

    • Francois Levasseur

      @Ridwanul Haque Course it makes Russian boats better, it’s WG. Don’t forget it will kill “””OP””” secondaries builds, aka most german ships, while not impacting the US line too much.

      This whole mess is a dumpster fire.

  3. Japanese. Never Germans or Americans. Or French BBs. Or Italian BBs.

    And German BBs are not particularly fun. Inaccurate, unreliable main guns, requiring turning waaaaay out to bring all the guns to bear, it’s more frustrating than anything else.

  4. Battle of warship Anas

    23:29 alsace does not have 17.5 inch guns .she has 15 inch guns.

  5. i started with the german bb line, i just jumped right into the deep end and honestly, i loved each and every ship in the german line.

    • @David Potts oh i got all the way to t10 in german bb’s. bought and sold the t9 3-4 times. Even in their element, they get burned down pretty fast compared to mass. My mass i don’t use manual secondaries and that thing can literally face tank 5-6 ships for at least a good 5 minutes, while letting her secondaries on both sides roar.

      Tried that in my german bb’s and got burned down quite fast, lol.

  6. After spending so long working like a dog in cruisers and DDs, seeing those huge damage numbers from just my guns, having armor, and lots of HP and heals, it feels like any line of BBs I play is a vacation outside of super high tiers and your flank collapsing. I’m used to having even minor mistakes being punishable by a 1 click ticket back to the dock if the enemy capitalizes on it.

    • @ugaladh Well the Tirpitz is still one of the best german BBs, even after the nerfs.

    • Is the game dead?

    • @Urgently Gaming Nah. It is doing quite well. People should not forget, a lot of long time players are a lot more aggressive today, because of Covid and the stress it puts on humans. I would say it is still the best WW 2 ship game out there. But the WoT and WoWs Communities were always somewhat toxic. The WoT community is even known as one of the most toxic communities in the internet. There is a reason why a lot of people are not writing on the official forum in WoT and WoWs. If you have not at least 15000 battles in WoWs you are not even considered human. So I am still playing it, having fun, but I am avoiding the official forum. Because it is a breed of hate and toxicity.

    • @Norodim why is it so that every game I play there is only one or two enemy players and the rest are bots?

    • @Urgently Gaming This is the art of botting 😀

  7. After 5 years of playing and levelling most lines fairly evenly, this year saw me get Conqueror then Yammy as my first T10 BB’s. Both have their fun points and were worth the grind.

    Grinding Iowa and I suspect I’ll end up enjoying Montana. Got to Minnesota after suffering through Kansas only to find more suffering, just in a bigger and uglier ship.

    I’m at T8 with all the other BB lines and sadly Bismarck just drives me bonkers with her cross-eyed gunners. Good brawler but brawling only consistently exists in Co-op (tbh, co-op is more fun than random 9 times out of 10.)

    • I just got yammy myself after 4+ years and it is a good ship but I want to go get GK and brawl to my hearts content, sadly the current meta doesn’t work for that. Oh well.

  8. I’d say American would be the best for learning how to play BBs well, as they’re the most rounded. The North cal teaches you alot especially. Although imo Germans are the most fun.

  9. I started with German, I’m at Bismarck, I love it!!!! Uhmmm almost, I would really love them if the meta was not sooo anti-brawl. I still push for brawls, I get hit hard on the way, and can’t survive much at the end of it. But I do have fun

  10. I felt really at home playing JB & Yamato

    I used to think German is the best for me, then I realized long range battle is more suitable for me

  11. Sadly with commander rework you will be able to miss all targets in 12 km radius.

  12. The only non-german ships I have are New York and Mikojan…

  13. Ahh, the US Fattleship line.

  14. Not to mention your non existent maneuverability. Free floodings

  15. I think they will kill off the german BBs with the next commander rework. Then there will be a huge uproar and they will buff them 2 years later.

  16. Sadly i remember the time, when the Torpitz and the Bimarck where outright beasts in close combat. Then they were nerved. Especially the Torpitz.

  17. @Norodim Don’t cry because that time is over but rather it happened

  18. @Putin Vladimir me too
    I was actually one of the few ppl who loved the FDG

  19. When i started there were only two options: japan and us. Ahh yes, the good old days

  20. “Stronkest”
    laughing in my Izmal waiting for the Sinop

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