World of Warships- What Battleship Line Is Right For You In 2023?

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Hey guys! Today we go over the battleship lines and try to give you guys the answer to the title question! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
2:50 Brawlers
11:54 Mid-Range
28:05 Snipers


  1. feloniousteabagger

    Wishing safe travels upon you. I hope it is a wonderful experience and you are invited to more events like this.
    On a side note of caution, I have heard that theft is quite rampant in the area. Even the trunk of your car is not safe. I would recommend a trunk monkey if they were real 🙂

  2. Amagi is amazing at close range I used her during the last t8 brawls and won most of my matches

    • @kisukeoda I was in the amagi part of the Japanese bb grind and the brawls got me to

    • @Go W secondary amagi in ops is so underrated too that armor is so trolly , often i can tank around 2,5m potential damage and had around 400k in narai ^^

    • Got Izumo that way to and I hate izumo so much


      Mainly because the gun accuracy is so much better between close and medium range and is why the IJN ships are so much more fun at close range because they are more consistent with the gun accuracy.

  3. Good List video Sea Lord, perfect ship lines for their respective ranges. OH MY GOD, will people ever get over the fact that US DREADNAUGHTS ARE SLOW?! They may be slow, but they SPIN like tops as a result. The tier 8 and up Dreadnaughts have 23 knots max vs the 21 knots max of previous tiers without modifiers, with the Flag and Brisk (plus 10% speed when undetected) you can get them up to 24-25 knots.

    New Mexico is pretty Meh though, but at least she has 12 guns so at least you throw alot of shells when uptiered. Also cus its a dreadnaught the Torp Bulge also acts as armor. Use the side armor and Bulge armor to your advantage and you should be mostly fine.

    As for Colorado, i can understand the “speed envy” but you also got 16inch guns at tier 7 and while it IS only 8 guns, US cannons can actually hit stuff unlike certain OTHER nations that shall remain anonymous. Also as long as you take advantage of her Torp bulge armor and the EXTRA THICC side armor, Colorado is pretty Tanky.

  4. British BC have been an amazing line for me.

  5. im not a bb main .. but i got into the secondary german bb line and they are so fun imo

  6. Sweet, I was actually searching for one of your videos about battleship lines yesterday!

  7. If you wanted a pure BB gun focus experience, IJN can’t go wrong

    Next best probably USN BB (Monty)

    The gun of these two feel the most consistent for me

  8. What about the musashi? Everytime i match with one of those it seems to me that this thing just irgnores armor and totally rips you appart in 2-3 salvos

  9. I remember when I was playing my conqueror and suddenly a full health Halland pops up from behind the island at 2km he was bow into me waiting for me to shoot so he can show broadside and torp me. I shot him and clapped him for his entire health pool with no detonation. It can still clap dds

  10. I enjoy the IJN battleships. The Yamato is my next step. I like the Brits too, but I’ve decided to grind their heavy cruisers. They have the improved heal from Tier VIII, and excellent AA.

  11. i would add that french line BB beside having a small engine boost ( and are better at flanking) have somewhat fast reload, especially rep that have a cruiser reload XD

  12. I like this period of every year, when everyone’s making videos like “The best/ top 5 of something in 20NN”

  13. My personal favorite: French line. Tried and true: Japanese and American lines

  14. I personally played the Italian BBs as ambushers. The good torpedo protection, exhaust and amazing AP pen and SAP allows me to sneak into unsuspecting position and dev strike anyone thats not a DD, as long as the enemy CV is not paying attention.

  15. Remember Stay Angry

    I would tell a new player to do the US, IJN, Soviet lines to tier 5. If they are comfortable with aiming. Go US line.

    If you find you like to sit back and fire from long range. Go IJN.

    If you find you like to play a little closer. I would say the Soviet line. Plus I find the guns very easy to aim. Especially when you get in that 10km to 15km range.

  16. The Montana, despite not being as shiny as all of the new gimmick ships, remains such a great ship. The Yamato is also timeless, but mostly because of its guns.

  17. Is it just me or yesterday’s and today’s videos are much better and interesting than many of the previous weeks ?
    Is Carrier Con having such a positive effect on your mood that we can feel it in your content ? Enjoy the event and the IRL’s ! 🙂

  18. even today i dont think you can go wrong with the usa montana line. i think alot of people get enticed by long range german secondaries and find out the hard way that brawling aint what it used to be. i think accurate hard hitting mid/long range bbs is where its at. USA, France, and brit BCs

  19. Perfect information of the battleship lines! Enjoy carrier con!

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