World of Warships- What Cruiser Line Is Best For You In 2023?

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Hello guys, today we take a quick look at each of the cruiser lines in the game and discuss which one would be the best pick for you in 2023!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:03 German Heavy Cruisers
3:17 Japanese Cruisers
6:35 American Cruisers
9:51 Soviet Cruisers
12:33 British Cruisers
15:38 French Cruisers
18:27 Italian Cruisers
21:27 Pan-Asian Cruisers
23:28 Dutch Cruisers
25:15 Closing


  1. Heavy Cruisers, love all of them

    Having fun with Italian lately, SAP hit so hard that enemy DD often just ran the other way if i roll with my DD

  2. Admiral Prince Eric 323 TLM - Warships and Blogs

    Initially, I made it chose for the best cruisers like one of my favorites is French Cruisers for example does is Marseille and Henri IV are my first Tier X Cruisers ahead.

    So, Marseille is one of my favorite French Cruiser that is classified as “Large Cruiser” due to it’s large caliber guns like 330 mm but it also does have Engine Boost and Main Battery Reload Booster are both of their favorite consumables.

    Due to it’s Marseille’s main caliber gun is purely fire AP Shells to target enemy Battleships and Cruisers on the broadside to get citadel hits.

  3. a rule of thumb. if it’s soviet it has everything. if it’s french it has everything except armor.

  4. Gouden is my favourite ship to play (when MM spares me from subs).
    I perform better when not camping islands, but on a wide flank
    It’s quite tanky, the shells are fast and can chunk cruisers with AP and destroyers with HE.
    Once you understand how to effectively use airstrikes, they’ll hit 90% of times.
    It’s easy to get 150k -200k dmg consistently

    • Gouden is such a underated ship, she is great for ambushes and to force island huggers / hiding in smoke to expose themselves

    • Gold lion is so great, but not something I would suggest for new players

    • The best feature that makes them good cruisers when you start is they are quite hard to cit, especially at the painful tiers. They are the most well armored mid-tier (except like the York) and have a very low citadel. You will get full pens on broadsides but you’re unlikely to get cit, so you can afford to broadside most cruisers if they do too, you will trade very favourably.


    Yeah, for some reason i always got great games with the Zao, my favorite feature of the Zao is the upgraded 20 cm guns over the previous cruisers, they have much greater shell ballistic and much easier to hit fast moving targets and targets that are far away, it is almost like the Soviet laser beam, and they are very accurate too. Also improved HE damage and fire chance is nice.

    Ibuki is also a nice a heavy cruiser, it is like a Tier 9 Atago but better RoF and range. Even i already have Zao i still hope in the Ibuki every now and then and play it because unlike the Takahashi and Yodo, the Ibuki still do beter than the Zao in some certain areas such as having faster rudder, tighter turning cicle, longer firing range, better deck armor, it is a much more maneuver ship than the Zao overall but you still get the older 20 cm guns which the shells can be sometime floaty beyond 16 km range, but you get the same reload as the Zao at 13 sec which is better than tier 8.
    For some reason the IJN CL tier 9 is not allowed to have the same reload as tier 10 and even have shorter range so there is no reason to go back to the Takahashi if you already have Tier 10, this design sucks ass and i hate it really much.

    • Yeah …. Jap HE ! even Satan himself avoids the hellish inferno that these projectiles can release …. if played smartly ….. Recently I came to love the British heavy cruisers also . I’ve had some pretty good games with the Albermarle lately ….

    • Ibuki feels like the culmination of everything that came prior. The ultimate IJN cruiser. Zao just feels and plays so differently to the rest of the line.


      Yeah, the Ibuki really is, i feel very comfortable with this ship even when uptiered to tier 11, the combination of good concealment, very manuever especially if you build rudder shift time it will move like a destroyer, good top speed and decent fire power.
      For the Zao, it is really different to the rest for better or worse.
      But i hope the super cruiser will keep the same gun as the Zao, well, unless there is something even better or larger caliber which i don’t imagine there is, since the largest gun designed for IJN cruiser was the 31 cm gun foound on B-65 Yoshino.

  6. SLM, about the start your videos, could you bring up a roster so we can see your OpFor (be nice to see what you are up against). Also, some of us out here suffer a little with vision problems and I truly loathe LoVis maps; have to get REALLY close to the screen (start of the scenario Cherry Blossom is a good example). But back to this Video, I have only the Japanese Lt cruiser line to finish, and I have found myself loving this line. That being said, WG needs to have more ships using HYDRO; since SUBs are now going to be a mainstay. That, or have shorter cooldowns on DCs (and more DCs to the Soviet ships that have a limited quantity).

  7. I think, French cruisers is good idea as the first line, because you have two different gamestyles in the one line. And Petro of course. Petro is still OP and very useful line in gamemodes

  8. I started 2 and a half weeks ago and am working on my first cruiser line for Clan Battles now, this was super useful, thanks! I had been piecing together from older videos what to expect and this has helped me out. Grinding the Des Moines first, but I have a few in mind for once I get that to 10.

  9. There is no strong AA in this game anymore, the attacks from the Hybrids will get through no matter the AA. Not even with a bunch of ships together will it make a significant difference.

  10. Ty for taking the time to make this. Serves as the starting guide for more in depth look at exactly what cruiser(s) you want to play.

  11. I’ve tried all the classes in the game thus far, except for the super ships and submarines. I enjoy most of them, but I find my favorites are the light cruisers. They combine features that make them rather versatile, they’re agile, peppy, conceal well, and I just plain find them fun to play. My Dad and one of my older cousins were “tincan” sailors. One of my Dad’s friends served aboard the Baltimore.

    I really enjoy when a game goes well and I can coordinate with a CA and a DD and our individual quirks compliment each other. I live close to Worcester, MA namesake for the U.S.S. Wisstuh.

  12. It’s so lovely to hear the same basic advice given that was abuntantly given when the game was first launched. We all know know the game is a complete pile of twaddle compared to what it used to be.

  13. My two recommendations for new players:

    Range-build, Light House Nevsky: Soviet ballistics to 22km. Fast reload. Soviet-bias armor (CL reload/speed, medium cruiser armor)

    Range-build Hindenburg: Out range most battleships, German AP, plus HE spam. Kite. Make BB players cry.

    Both of these builds are amazing kiters with fast-reloading, good guns that range out to BB ranges. Very little will be able to reliably hit you at this range, even if you’re not a great throttle/rudder juker. The things you really need to worry about are a good French BB player or a Slava. Yammy will hurt if it can hit you, but those shells are slow enough you should be able to dodge. Sit back, shoot guns, light fires, farm damage. Even in a bad game on these builds, I’m around 70k. Over 100k is not at all hard to pull off. Because of your range and reload, you can target basically any ship in the game and make it regret recent life decisions. You’re not wedded to an island (DM), but both have just enough armor to bound a lot of shells if angled properly (just not large-gun BB’s).

    If you want to play Soviet heavy, get the Moskva. Much better ship, imo, than the Petro, especially if you ammo swap well (DPM can be pretty good).

  14. I have every tech tree line. My favorite are British light cruiser line. High risk reward line, taught me to stay on the ball, watch the mini map and good positioning, makes me a better player. Skills translate well to other ship classes.

  15. Just a quick correction. Super heal for British Light Cruisers starts at tier 8 with Edinburgh. I’m grinding her right now and I was positively shocked at how large the heal for her is, it reminds me of the zombie heal on my Nelson. Also again Edinburgh also has radar for smoke swap.

    Again a heal is available at tier 8 in the Pan Asian line with the Harbin.

  16. Now THIS, is a grate and informative WoWS video. Suprised people don’t do these more often given WG seems to come up with a New Line every 3 months.

    US Heavy get IMPOVED PEN ANGLES from tier 6 far as i recall, the heavy AP starts at tier 8.

    British Light Cruisers get SHORT FUSE and IMPROVED PEN ANGLES, the Edinburgh can get Radar as well.

  17. Minotaur is def my favorite cruiser. She may not be tanky, but her fire rate is through the roof, I can sit in a smokescreen and spam the crap out of BB’s and sit there and laugh while they attempt to run away (and usually do so while losing 3/4 of their HP)

  18. My very first line in the game that I choose to go down was the British light cruisers. A lot of people got easy dev strikes.

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