World of Warships- What Even Is This Matchmaking?

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Hey guys today we have a replay from Kolorado747 in the Tier VIII German Battleship Bismarck, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Confused matchmaking right there

  2. This is a sick Joke

  3. FrostDragonEnseval

    What catches my eyes the most is the Survivability Expert on his Bismarck

    • FrostDragonEnseval thanks

    • @Kolorado 72 4% more health on a battle ship is not worth the 3 points. You take one single shell and that advantage is gone for the entire rest of the game. SE on a DD, Gearing for example nets you an 18% gain. Worth it for low health pool ships. With BBs you’re better off spending points on damage mitigation, fire and floods, faster damage con cooldown, Fire Prevention. Those perks affect your entire 20 mins of game play.

    • He also has the maximum possible detection radius because he’s using the shitty camo.

    • @Kolorado 72 if you build this skill you get i think 350 more health per tier so on t8 8×350 on a dd thats gigantic bc you get about 20% or so more hp on a bb however you get about 1% more hp which means you survive about one grenade longer. This is why this skill on a bb is so useless you dont get enough out of it

  4. Isaac McAreavey

    Survivability expert!? On a Bismarck, sacrilege!

  5. TheIYFGaming™

    I had multiple similar matches recently on EU and the most strange thing about them was, that it was at normal playtimes between 7 and 9 PM. Usually you get this kind of low player count matches only at night, when there are only around 1k Players online.

  6. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    It may be a tier 5 bb but it’s a Pyotr so why so worried. It’s tougher than most tier 7s because it has a bow armor that Shikishima can’t overmatch and the guns are very good. And it’s faster than other tier 5 bbs except for Kongo. I think around 28 knots. It has everything except for quick reload so in my opinion it’s ok

    Finally got to know how much hp Bismarck has with survivability expert……ehm…… Vladivostok………cough cough……….step aside plz

  7. xAgentOfChaos_87

    This is console almost everytime.
    4 or 5 dd in T7 (Pc T9).

  8. I was put in a 9 v 9 match Monday afternoon when I spent over 4 minutes in queue.

  9. Straight up mm has been weird recently.

    I had during the middle of the day on a saturday:

    9 ships per side.
    2 t8 carriers (not t8 and t6)
    1 total cruiser. Not 1 per side just one cruiser, on my team. It was a t5 cruiser too

    • snoboreddotcom Ive also had quite a few matches lately that spanned three tiers. Had a blast with the Georgia against t6 ships lol

  10. Anyone else notice that the spotter plane icon isn’t displaying properly on the minimap?

  11. Dude, need to lay off the sauce late at night so you speak more clearly and remember ship names.

  12. Sorry, my bad, just read that his name is Kolorado, DUH!

  13. I’ve had 9 team matches quite often. I play weeknights after midnight a lot since I work evening shifts. Seen lots of silly MM.

  14. i’ve gotten this at 8pm east coast time. mm just gets into a funk.

  15. The worst part of mm is not this. These days you either get absolutely demolished in 10 mins or the other way around

  16. This is rare the German Battleship having a chance and not constantly on fire wonder why does player had to stay up so late to get a match like this. A good player

  17. The Invincible Iowa

    At tier 4 I had several matches with less than 6 people per side; with double cv.
    Double cv, 1 cruiser, 1 DD.
    Its ugly as hell.

  18. this only happens when people fail division, especially when a cv is in the division

  19. Pyotr Velekiy means Peter the Great in russian, he was the Tsar that brought russia into eoropean politics and defeated the swedes. So for the next time just say Peter the Great, just like other CCs say October Revolution Instead of Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya

  20. Everyone in this game is special including this bismarck

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