World of Warships- What Hellish New Insanity Have The Devs Cooked Up Now?

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Lesta is on the good good again.


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  1. i dont know. 1.8 million potential damage is still quite a bit. thats more or less what i get before i die on average. maybe some uber players can tank 2.5 on average or so. plus you can no longer control your ship when you are using the plans which makes you even more vulnerable. i dont think its so op.

  2. @fredericoeusebio9770

    The new soviet hybrid takes 1.8 mil potential dmg: i have become malta.

  3. Previous video you said were “just doom and gloom”, and now you’re saying soviet ships should miss out on the hybrid ship abominations gimmick? “WG makes money, so the game isn’t doomed” lol – i mean, the soviet nuclear submarines they’re planning to add in Tier 6, with ballistic missles disguised as 90 knot “torpedoes” are totally reasonable too. 😀

  4. So, the bombers may be the circular reticle standard dive bombers, as the Chkalov is unique in its possession of dive bombers on a Russian CV.

  5. I love your new Insanity + Crazy themed channel hope you get a lot of viewers

  6. It´s a soviet wet dream fantasy ship for the server of the country that desperately wants to be the Soviet Union again …

  7. Jean bart battle carrier : I still got some time left …. I suppose

  8. last few years I bought 1 year premium at half off around Christmas. This year not, for crazy inventions by WOWS like homing torps have me one foot out the door. More crazier concoctions make it ever worse. I loved game for realistic, literal WWII style battles. Now it is becoming science fiction and fantasy la- la land, a totally different game than what I signed on for or have interest in.

    • I agree, I have decided not to buy premium this Christmas also got lots of reasons. Forced to play against subs and cvs. Made camos worthless. Made my Yamato an average gun size bb. Took away rewards for heroic achievements.

    • @kenrodmelrocity4241


    • Blame all the young, silly, stupid popular games that are making loads of money.
      They’re looking for more diversity of players and making gimmicky, expensive ships will open a broader audience of players.
      They really don’t care about the players, only the money.
      And unfortunately, gimmicky stuff sells

    • There is nothing realistiv left in the game, just arcade style gaming. I recently started playing Warthunder Naval again and I love it: Realistic ship physics, ballistics, ship and torpedo speed… If you search fro a realistic naval game, give it a try

  9. So let me see if I have this right … the nation which ha NO aircraft carriers during WW2, which had no functional battleships during WW2, now is getting the BEST hybrid CV/BB on the Lesta server. Why wold anyone think this was messed up? RUSSIAN BIAS? Never heard of it!

    • As a Russain server main and a tester, hell NO. In the current form it’s crap, and in the next patch it would be (maybe?) somewhat less of a crap. It’s literally a Kiersarge on tier X, and the ONLY thing it gets is 10k more HP and a crapy AND cut in numbers skip bomber squadron instead of godly, tinytim equipped american counterpart.
      If she had been given a squadron of Soviet attack aircraft or at least torpedo bombers, even if cut down, she could have been called a good tier X. But as it is, if I wasn’t a tester, I wouldn’t have taken this ship and never put into combat.

    • “… as a Russian server main and a tester?” Really? I’d laugh, but if I started I’d never stop! I’ve seen this for the 6 years I’ve played this game since closed Beta, and at this point I’m amazed the Russians don’t have Avenger type movie CVs that hover, which would be perfect for them as we all know that AA fire is incapable of shooting down anything that flies! Maybe you should ask the rest of the player base how much they would like an extra 10K HP per ship and a skip bomber squadron and see what they say; you might be surprised! @ellnoskitties

    • @@ellnoskitties3908 Well, my stats are open, in-game nickname veselyi_kot. Based on them, I think I can judge this part of the game somewhat accurately, and I personally would pick Kiersarge 10 times out of 10 right now, and probably do the same even after rework. Skip bombers are just too weak for a hybrid class, regardless of what you do with them. Even a dozen of such bombers would probably still remain inferior to American tinytim load due to them dealing ZERO damage in about half the cases. Way too inconsistent to be used practically.

    • Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I have friends who enjoy playing the Krasny Krim! Tiny Tims and Skip Bombs are very different weapons, and in my opinion designed to be used on different classes of ships. Some players swear by them; some, like you, would prefer other offensive ordinance. I did notice you managed to completely skip over that extra 10 K HP, something which will matter more to a hybrid main who targets BBs and Cruisers than it will to one who hunts DDs. But the bottom line is: you should play your game, hope you enjoy it and are highly successful, as that is what brings player retention and WG certainly needs the players.

    • @@ellnoskitties3908 Well, that point is also entirely correct. The problem is that, due to the massive tumor on top of Kiersarge, that 10k would literally be a one salvo difference. Undoubtedly good, but not enough to uptier a ship in Jean Bart way, especially when you pay real money for the experience (as a dockyard ship). And yes, skip bombers are hit or miss: I somewhat like them on Max Immelman (two drops with decent fire chance could give me a permafire even if my luck is bad and I have zero damage in this drop), but single drop Soviet ones are just way too inconsistent and not dependant on player skill due to the entirely random nature of jump trajectories.
      That’s my view of the ship ATM, and, looking at the ship changes rn, Lesta understands that as well, I just think that measures taken are all in a wrong direction… And the ship would be stuck in development hell for as much as Sevastopol if not more, which is problematic as it’d be, again, a next dockyard ship. So, due to the problems of the very concept and time constraints, I believe it’d be released in a broken state, the question is in what direction, good or bad, as they already 180’d initial ship concept twice.

  10. The more I play, the more gimmicky ships are being designed and released, to then much later be nerfed, tweaked or just down right removed from obtaining.

    It went from making a fun historical ship battle game to just another, “lets just toss it in and see if it sticks, if not, at least the veterans, collector and suckers will buy it, right?”

  11. @pickeljarsforhillary102

    Needs more borscht!

  12. Well let’s just hope that this is one of the things we don’t get!

  13. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    Since the art department seems to have been mostly Lesta, any copy pasta ship like this has a significant chance of showing up on the normal game. WG is going to be looking for stuff they can recycle. Hopefully that means they take a break from superships for awhile since you pretty much have to design them from scratch.

  14. Let´s be real. If the Enola Gay was Russian, it would be in the game at this point.

  15. @broccanmacronain457

    This is royally dorked up. If this thing operates in cv mode the way the other Russian pretend cvs operate the (let’s say 10 sorties) will kill about 7 ships, especially with the skip bombers if the player is any good.

  16. We’re way past peak game, in fact, every update anymore basically makes the game worse. Nothing surprising anymore.

  17. I’ll download the russian client. I’ll play cruisers, bbs and dds there, and only play subs/CVs in the US client.

  18. I hate to see hybrids on my team, because they tend to be a combination of a bad battleship and a worse carrier. Probably because of the multitasking workload. This kind of change might make them easier to play, and therefore more effective.
    I would like to see them classed as a carrier for matchmaking.

  19. sounds like they made a cv with bb guns

  20. @paolowasistlos7693

    They should improve the gun accuracy and this ship really needs improved heal and radar

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