World of Warships – What is my fav tier 10 DD and why + today’s DD problems

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A lot of ppl are recently complaining that they can’t play DDs anymore, asking for advice on how to play them and what to do. I don’t always follow my own rules because I’m not a try-hard but if you want to improve I think they’ll help.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. When the new submarines coming in, dds problems are getting much worse.

    • I worry that tremere is right. It’s kinda like the new wheeled vehicles in wot. There’s no point in using normal light tanks as the new vehicles are superior in every way. Subs will just replace dds, as dds are supposed to counter subs, but subs oneshot DDs, while depth charges are meh at best, and aside from being slow, they do all the other jobs dds can do, except smoking teammates, but much more safely.

    • @ainumahtar I’m pretty sure subs will not be released in the current state. WG will do something against pointblank torping submarines. I’m also pretty sure that every ship will get depthcharges to prevent Submarines from getting too close. For example a depthcharge throwing plane consumable for BBs in order to give them some breathing room.

      I think it’s possible to improve the gameplay by adding submarines, it just has to be done right and not rushed.
      It’s not realy a problem if people switch mains, it’s infact important that submarine cater to captains that are currently having other main classes. Other wise there would be only bots playing submarines.

      So if dd captains play it wise, they can inluence warganing to get a new class that caters exactly to their playstyle, while dds will get a new role and probably even new captains.

    • @TremereTT Now, one possible solution for problem sub vs planes could be adding planes with depthcharges… this will help. But in case they release subs anyway, game will evol to a pseudo naval war simulator, but in this case its only good for real skilled players who understand mechanics and strategy. It cannot be a game for everyone. Because you cannot explain to noobs, idiots, and children what is tactic and strategy and how they has to act in game…

    • @heardistance The average age of a wows player is 42 !
      You don’t have to fear a flood of children!

    • ​@TremereTT Where is the data from ?

  2. I’m seriously thinking of quitting the game. It has become tedious, boring and completely unbalanced. 8 out 10 matches are roflstomps. Were is the fun in that? I feel that I get 10 minutes of quality gaming out of every hour of play. This is a horrible fun ratio to keep me playing this game….

    • TruthfulImmigrant

      It’s world of tanks on water, ships hiding behind islands and HE spamming, it’s such crap. A simple change to the game which would make playing a destroyer reasonably fun again would be to block radar and hydro from clipping land, or basically completely eliminating hydro. Hydro detecting torpedoes the way they do was never a thing in ww2. Punish ships from running into land the way they do. Punish ships for standing still, reduce the dispersion. Make carriers have to launch scout squadrons if they want to spot destroyers. They won’t do this though and I’ll never go back.

    • I gave up at Christmas after the PR mess. Never heard of a company so disrespectful of its players. I was a DD driver, but the meta after the carrier changes took any fun. Never regretted it – plenty of other great games out there, but it’s still fun to watch flambass xD

    • I have had to drop down a few tiers to play my DD because the line I grind is not competitive anymore at tier Ten .

    • @Vaughan Lockett Let me guess, German DD’s

    • @TruthfulImmigrant tbh just dropping all destroyers detectability from air to like 2km would solve a lot. Maybe carriers shouldn’t have a great counter to DD’s, especially since subs are already about to spot them even more often. Or like you said, severely limit all planes spotting other than a special scout squadron.

      It ruined the CL meta too, now being an amazing aa cruiser is a must which limits what’s viable. I main cruisers, we’re squatted behind rocks because we’re constantly spotted. You can’t reposition through open water when every enemy BB has you in range and vision, all you can do is HE spam & be an AA barge, or you get triple citadeled instantly.

  3. Yesterday i managed to *survive* a match in Smaland. That alone I consider a success nowadays.

    • Glupi Medo And thats one reason for the rofl stomps…players with such less skill that they are happy to survive. I mean wtf. If that is your goal and your skill play coop

    • @Dennis Keßler fuck off and stop being a toxic edgelord

  4. Amon the Great Entertainer

    I needed this video after some rough DD games recently. Just for the confirmation that it’s tricky sometimes to play them. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Darjeeling‘s 183

    I had a Daring game when the enemy team have a Radar Mino +2 Smolensk div and a Des Moines, Salem + CV div.
    Did not turn out well

  6. Your AA has an off button as well … don’t self-spot for him.

    • playin with that button is actually very funny^^ mostly he does it aswell, but than again, he’s human as we are….

    • It also depends on the DD whether that’s useful at all, some DD have the same air detectability when AA is on or off. Idk if daring has that, but yeah. Generally if you do have different detection ranges with AA on or off, you should use it.

  7. Thoughts on the Gearing? I find the Fletcher at tier IX to be a better ship than the Gearing at X. Slight boost to agility and seems to eat less damage.

    • Fletcher is generally better, although Gearing’s 16km torps are quite nice. Note that Gearing is famously a thicc ship, so she’s both a larger target than Fletcher and eats more AP full-pens than most other DDs.

    • @Magnus Victor Good points! I had all but forgotten about the 16km torps as I generally prefer the shorter reload. Gearing is pretty thicc though… quite unfortunate. I always found gun range on Fletcher to be odd vs Gearing. Better IMO, but odd.

    • fletcher is better at its tier than gearing is, but she is definitely a great ship, long range torps, extra gun and 4 over the bow, plus 21mm side plating. although i dont understand why gearing has significantly shorter range than fletcher.

    • i don’t know when but i think WG did say that they will lower Gearing model, right now she stand a bit too high above water line so she is easy to hit

  8. DDs have become too difficult to play and often useless when there is a CV . The proof is that we no longer see any in actual clan war. The future arrival of submarines will be a second fatal blow to DDs

    • TWA allways bring on DD what u talk about..u need to play CV alot so you learn how to counter it..Last time CV managed to kill me in DD i think it was 2 moth ago..can not even remember when was last time..if im on open sea with DD CVs quit casing me usually..

    • Christopher Nguyen

      I’m getting half and half on clans that take DDs vs those that don’t. Personally, we run one Halland, 2 Venezia, haku, and 3 stalins. Or just 2 Venezia 4 stalins and a haku.

    • @Christopher Nguyen Hmm why Haku(my faw ship) my personal opinion is that Haku is killer but Midway is better DD hunter..

    • Haku is better at everything else, in a meta where people will bring less DD than anything else, why would you bring a ship focused on killing DD? That’s not even mentioning Haku (or any other cv) can spot the DD and the cruisers can stomp it into the ground as well.

    • Christopher Nguyen

      The meta in CB right now is extremely anti-DD. Almost all of the cruisers are geared to hurt DDs badly. Stalins, moskvas, DMs all have radar which they can spot DDs with, and Venezia SAP can absolutely devastate the DDs that get spotted. The only reason why we bother taking a Halland from time to time is not for its spotting, AA, or even torps. It’s just that we need a DD that can withstand CVs and be able to take caps safely when our heavier ships are unable to. ALL good clans are taking Haku because of its AP bombs and torps, which in skilled hands can devastate the Stalins and Venezias we find so prevalent in-game.

  9. “Question”
    Seeing this is a game why doesn’t wg double or tripple aa defense on all dd to make them useful?

    • haha and 2 weeks later all russian DD get lasers to bring them up to “historical” standards.

    • Honestly, i dont understand why they cant either improve dd aa, or just decrease the accuracy of certain strikes against dds. Rocket planes should do 0 damage to heavily armored battleships, and dive bombs and torps should be nearly impossible to hit a dd with. Historically, they could barely hit a carrier or battleship consistently with dive bombs, let alone dds. Its bizarre wargaming cant find a way to make it semi historical and still enjoyable.

    • You got exactly just that with this patch, DD line to solve “lack of anti air” problem, at least on “WG relevant” tiers.

      And then “double AA”… most ships have nope.avi for anti air, so doubling nothing will still leave you with nothing. And then, there is eternal conflict of interest – surface ships want enough AA to kill entire squadron before they get to drop payload and that is something WG is not going to deliver.

    • 2639theboss exactly, that’s why the Xbox version which is obviously a lesser game, i find more fun. No carriers at all. Just ships shooting it out.

    • @2639theboss Replace rocket planes with manual fighters you can use for spotting and hunting enemy planes. The problem with making rocket planes not be able to do damage to a BB is the superstructure. Originally the superstructure of ships saturated really quickly, and couldn’t take additional damage. This meant however that light cruisers and DD guns literally couldn’t damage a BB past a certain point. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you were in a full health cleveland and a battleship with 100hp was cruising around and you couldn’t kill it. Balance is hard AF for a game like this. It’s hard to remember even for those of us who played back then, but it was worse than now.

  10. 5:12 Dont forget soon there will be Submarines too that DD need to deal with, thanks to the spotting mechanics

  11. Lets see how to play a DD, be a ghost, observe the other team, decide where engagments are, when the odds are in your favor take it.

  12. CV players: ” we don’t like the cv rework ”
    other players: ” we don’t like the cv rework ”
    WG : ” but you can play cvs on consoles now, w8 should we have 2 diferent versions? neeeh son, put the console version also on pc, IT’ ILL BE FINE “

  13. Yeah mate, I hear you. I’m a dd unicum, but the amount of struggle to have an impact has Really gotten too great to enjoy the experience. You can have all your skills honed, a cv will just deny you completely if he so wishes. Plus the radar abundance that has gotten into the game as of late. …

  14. Basically the while beginning of this game is what happens 80% of my dd games. Planes constantly flying over my head, radar everywhere, when all seems to be clear; cap gets contested at the last second. Just frustrating gameplay I don’t enjoy from torp boats.

  15. man, i just played with T10s and against a Hakuryu in my Lightning with only 1 DD per team like im being shitted on by their virgin CV player. Got my HP at 1/4 so i went and hugged between my des moines, cleveland and a bb nearby and holy shit! the planes just ate all dem AAs and killed me

  16. Umbrella With no videos or content?!?!

    How about everyone just calms down and every game becomes an epic battleship standoff?

  17. 3:30 that island once made me loose a very good game with Yugomo: i was low on health, we were behind on points but i knew the enemie dd was low too. So coming from the north i went into B spotted and killed him and turned around to flee. Pushed smoke and went straight north, looking backwards as there has been a very angry Fiji.
    tl:dr i forgot about said island, running into it to get hydroed and killed by the Fiji, seconds before the win. Man i felt soooo stupid…. xD

  18. lol you do this every daring game, “wheres my consumables wg wth” “oh ok yah its not that”

  19. Back in the closed beta the DDs where a damn nightmare do deal with, especially the IJNs. No Hydro, radar, flooding being stonger, average ship speed was much less, etc.

    Even after the game went live they where still strong, but now it seems like most players just cannot handle so many things to worry about while sailing DDs, unless you are a Flambass class player.

  20. Keegan Clements-Housser

    The thing you mention at the end is the biggest problem I encounter as a DD: lack of reward. For example, a couple games ago I was on an Epicenter map. I spent the entire match as pretty much the only person on my team contesting the capture points, going from ring to ring and blocking their caps while dodging radar, planes, etc. I was so heavily outnumbered that I could never fire without immediately having at least 4 ships start shooting me with radar shortly behind, and I was unfortunately playing against smart opponents, so I didn’t get any damage from torpedoes (I was in a Cossack, so I wasn’t really in a torp boat anyway). Eventually my kill-happy team killed enough of the enemy team that the tide started to turn, and we finally got a win. However, because I did literally 1k damage total and nothing else – no spotting ribbons, either, because our CV got all of those – I was dead last on the scoreboard, and got absolute garbage results. I lost credits after resupplying my premium consumables, and RIP my special flags. I without exaggeration single-handedly kept us from losing that game by points, and was rewarded with absolutely nothing.

    Why would anyone offer to do that? Especially since DDs are often the first ones blamed when things go wrong, too. Sure, I get the occasional 180k+ damage game or whatever, but far more often I work my tail off as a DD and get nothing to show for it. The fact that this game so heavily rewards dealing damage over almost anything else is a serious problem.

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