World of Warships- What Is The Best Battleship Line For 2022?

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Hey guys, today we discuss a simple question. What is the best battleship line for 2022? Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I know I’ve had strange rng with the monty. I’ve 1 shot cruisers and I’ve had cruisers bounce all my hits in 1 salvo.

  2. Montana AP when Facing angled Petro/Stalingrad

    Aim at the hull/bow, you’ll get ricochet
    Aim at the superstructure, you’ll get overpen

    Hope they add US Super BB

  3. Mirko Mihovilovic

    Answer should be:
    To bbs 460+ caliber (32mm armor on places)
    To cruisers 457+ caliber (30mm armor on places)
    To dd, anyone with HE (rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves)

  4. i agree about the Japanese line. My most played BB is the Fuso. I just love how well she performs with a high rated captain. With a good survival build on her I have no qualms about going into a tier 8 battle. I have unlocked the Amagi but I can’t afford to buy her yet…. should be a fun grind to the Yamato.

    • @FL far Yes, she’s not a bad ship. Honestly, I haven’t had one in the line that i didn’t like so far.

    • @Adryano Good on you mate. I ground out the Gneisenau and it was a tough grind. Hang in there as you have the Bismark to look forward to.

    • @Richard Dyson Gniesnau till Bismarck is pain in azz with the 6 Guns and shit disspersion. Ja has more Guns but disspersion is also crapy with unlucky rng. But the 410mm Guns are better than most 380 or 406mm

    • Yammy is fun… snipe the heavy cruisers across the map lol

    • @Martin Krebs Yea that 26,6 km range guns *_* after Jp and Ger bb I go EN Conqueror for burning fun. Btw do you play EU?

  5. cant wait to actually start playing random battle when they add the british battlecruiser lines

    • It’s gonna be a mayhem of destruction for them. Just like the “Incomparables” in every tier match. I doble citadel several of them lol.

    • Waverley Journalise

      @Dav Hot Wow! A ship can be damaged and isn’t irrevocably broken, therefore it must be worthless!

    • @Waverley Journalise It will for a lot of people. Just like the German Battlecrusier line that many people played and got destroyed. 🙂

  6. I have GK to brawl and sink within 5 minutes, Kremlin to tank and be burned to death, Thunderer to burn others and be sweared at in the chatline, Pruessen to miss everything, Massachusetts to make money, Roma to frustrate me and Pommern to torpedo every other BB in the game. I might try Yamato since I’m not there yet. Good call Sea Lord. She can park next to my Republique as sniper BB #2… . .

  7. Interesting Video, I really like the IJN BBs so far, only at the Fuso right now but totally agree Kongo is an excellent ship. Their base range is truly exceptional. An honourable mention should go to the French BB Champagne, bit of an outlier but I play her similar to IJN

  8. As a cruiser main, I’ve done the best in the French line, but they are just big, slightly better armored cruisers. Bourgogne is the pinnacle of the nation. I wish that they switched the repub and the bourg and switched the buffs.

  9. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    I am so glad that I got the Yamato as my first BB a month after released date and have mastered the art of sending people back to port while sitting near spawn for 10 minutes of the match duration until something interesting happened.

  10. Your talking about the British guns and T7 reminded me of just how weird the King George V class was in their BB line. Play style just completely changes in a single tier jump that makes your head spin

  11. I’ve been playing only a year n 1/2, so I’ve missed the super accurate secondary (mostly), but I think your analysis in current meta is right on. Snipping is the norm, and IJN excel at tier (with the exception of Nagato, IMO). Range n Accuracy is the combination now, in random. IJN embraces this with Myogi, and pinnicles at Yamato. USN is probably next. I wish it was different, or more modes like the dirgibles, but c’est la vie.

  12. IJN line was the first BB line I grinded out and loved every ship in it. Nagato is squishy and if you get focused by enemy team your going down pretty quick but using the range it has you can really punish enemies with it. Otherwise I really enjoyed the entire line.

  13. One of my biggest gripes nowadays is the timidity of teams to get in there and battle, instead hanging back and shooting long range. And of course, I push forward even without them then I get called stupid. It’s pretty hilarious.

  14. I stopped using the unique upgrade for Yamato when they nerfed it and took away the faster reload it also gave that made the reload only slightly longer than the 26.4 sec you can get with the reload mod. I find the turrets are just too slow with it on as well. I put the premium camo on it and now it is a very good money maker even in co op sometimes when the team doesnt mop up the bots faster than the guns can reload. I went with a bit of a hybrid build that gives it very good secondary range and enough stealth to make cruiser players crap their pants when they see me pop up from just beyond my secondary range. The only downside to the ship is its AA which may as well be off if a tier 10 carrier decides to make you his special project because you spawned too far away from ships with actual AA or they just ran off and left you behind because it takes forever to get this beast moving so you cannot keep up with anything but another Yammy.

  15. Thank you Sea Lord I’m relatively a newbie even though I’ve been on a year started with BBs and have almost all my eggs in the American nation so I don’t have enough research to get to where I want to go then my kids got me doubloons for a birthday gift and got the Alaska B instead of another BB She’s good I’m just used to the BBs .
    Here we go was researching up to get the big French BB Then realized I’d rather have the Japanese or big guns of British line even the rapid firing of minotaur . Your thoughts on her? Anyway I need about 60,000 more coal for Flint your thoughts on her would be appreciated.
    Again thank you so much for all your advice
    [BIG] Rocky069

  16. Still grinding through the Izimo have been for a couple of years now. Just do not like her even with the “buffs” they did to her. Did like the Nagato and did well with her.

  17. i’d love to see a new set of video guides on how IJN BB’s could be equipped and upgraded, as well as how to play videos for new players, since the old guides are outdated for the paradigm shift in gameplay today.

    i’ve just finished grinding out the IJN BB line last week and while i know really well how to play every BB up to Izumo, i’m still struggling with Yamato (lousy AA at base, so it gets the undivided attention of monster cv’s). most players also tend to play IJN BB’s like ultra long range battleships that dont move for their tier but almost all IJN BB’s are really battlecruisers since they sport higher cruise speeds than most BB’s of their tier (except yammy, shes not very fast at 27 knots and has the worst rudder shift time for a T10 BB, but the 2nd best turning circle for a T10 BB), allowing them to perform some excellent salvo & torp dodging. however at the moment every IJN BB including Yammy is absolutely crap at standalone AA which forces battlegroup gameplay whenever the opposing team has a good CV (or your team has a bad one)

    (Yamato can get ok AA if spec’d for it, with capability reaching Hipper levels.. not great but not bad, certainly not enough against jet bombers though.)

    on the one hand most DD and CL/CA players don’t simply throw their lives within the 5 minute mark of the match anymore, but on the other hand most matches tend to have every BB group up on one corner of the map. that said some matches have been improving, like if there is an even split between flanks and one flank collapses, the surviving ships from that side will regroup with the rest of the team instead of giving up on life. but generally matchmaking lately has been pretty dog ****.

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