World of Warships- What Is This Sick Filth?

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Weebs? amirite?

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  1. I assume mountbatten already knows the azur lane heinrich is not the same one as the wows heinrich. Azur lane Heinrich is a P class cruiser. Same as the schill thats in testing with weegee atm. The improved spee

  2. btw guys, did you notice how they nerfed credits from selling camo (again)

  3. cat really pettable 10/10

  4. Les & Tabitha's Adventures!

    Love your cat!

  5. A yamato turret weighs more than a destroyer, a shell, not so much

  6. Lol, Just buy Prince Heinrich instead of the Azur lane, basically it is the same ship but with some “improved” guns etc

  7. Real talk, Prinz Heinrich does have a great personality

  8. Nice One Sea Lord, Love the Cat.

  9. A great set of personalities that you can see for free on certain websites!

  10. She has huge….. tracts of land.

  11. Its the Azur fun-bag girls!😅

  12. I’m so glad that they didn’t censored those ships ‘great personality’ WG is truly based…oh and your cat is so cute!

  13. CV’s don’t make me quit, this does lmao

  14. I want new jersey so bad in this game

  15. RIP your torpedo tube in the 2nd paolo game

  16. These AL commanders should have special abilities in game, like their tops pop off when you achieve a dev strike or something 😂

  17. We can’t have crews on our ships, but this is fine. WTF?! I hate the way things work.

  18. I feel SO dirty and embarrassed logging into the game during an Azur Lane promotion, glad I’m not the only one

  19. You know you’re playing wargaming when an 18.1 inch salvo at point blank range with overmatch gets blunted by torp protection.

  20. What great personalities all these ladies have! They have so much….there is 2 of them 😅

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