World of Warships- What Is Up With Tier X?

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Hey guys, I just had some really, really wonky games this week and holy crap, some of the stuff going on is just…

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  1. “World of Warship’s the thinking mans game”: WG

  2. Richard Strickland

    Yeah, high tier is frustrating. Go in to cap, and you have little to no back up. Even if you have the rest of the team right behind you.

    • I play on console but this problem happens there too. I was in the Bismarck goimg to cap A. I got abandoned lol. So it was my battleship against 4 destroyers. You know how that ended. Walls of torpedoes until I sank lol.

    • I always call out people for keeping their ships pretty lol

  3. lack of skill and knowledge at tier so many players get there without learning the game, i lost a game the other day in 6 mins

    • i have many games where im the only one with a kill the rest of my team starts running as soon as the enemy opens fire, leaving me a BB in the cap alone, i now follow a DD or CA towards a cap but move at 3/4 speed and when my secondaries cover the 3/4 of the cap, i slow to 1/4 speed and provide cover fire for out dd while staying out of the cap since if i get hit it and im in cap it would slow the cap so i say a few meters outside cap but am able to push in anytime, it works 3/10 games but is horrible when you get singled out by a he spammer and cv, and also a lot of tier 10 DDs sit stationary in smoke, i gotten so many 1st blood by launching torps into smoke and get called cheater by the red DD, when i play a DD im usually the last 3 ships left on my team and have gotten at least 3-5 kills and captured or assist captured at least 3 times, my highest amount of captures was 10 time in a game with 16 defended ribbons but had only 1 kill/20k damage and still got MVP

    • It’s a culmination of issues, not just player skill.

  4. I just quit the game. Stepped away – no idea for how long – and am not sure if I’m ever coming back. Too much crap left and right to enjoy the game tbh.

    • I’ve only been playing this game for about 1 year and a couple months and Im considering the same too.. The game is just too different

    • A lot people wont walk away just cause of how much they have spent on ships… i am furious at the vodka soaked ears and logic of wargaming, especially due to the russian god ships that cant be matched. But ive spent a couple hundred on various ships over the years… so ive fed many russian familys with my millions of rubles.. lol

  5. Got so many blow out games in a row, it’s frustrating, starting to feel like world of tanks.

  6. What about the more damaged the ship is (damage saturated) the less chance of getting set on fire (the superstructer is already destroyed, there is nothing left to burn) and the lesser the damage of 1 fire tick is and the less time fire burns.

  7. A combination of poor design choices lead to TX being completely out of balance theses days. It’s a pity because it used to be so much better and lots of fun. These days the good games and fun are in T8 T9 as the MM was optimized and you don’t get up tiered a often as you used to (relatively…).

  8. 100% agree. Would also add to the mm. To have Tier V ships in with Tier 7s; Tier 8s in Tier X; last night I saw a Graf Zeppelin vs a Lexington in a Tier 6-7 match. Literally only Tier 8s were the 2 cvs. They need to limit the up tiered to 1

    • Marcus Jones Sucks

      Agreed. In Blitz for mobile gaming it’s only 1 tier unless youtry to fleeta 1 tier down withupper tier in fleet(ex t5 with t 6). And mm only cares about highest tier so you can get a t5 in a t7 match vs all fleetmates being same tier.

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    When the game only balance for the big guns and ( somewhat ) the CV, and leave every other else behind , without any effective and consistent defensive and offensive measure provide for all the CA/CL/DD to do their job on these T10 game ; and not to mention most T10 game more than half the roster are just big guns ( BB & Super Cruisers ) who are now having the HP, the Armor, the speed, they secondaries, Radar, Hydro, everything …

    the game then is just big guns vs big guns and every big guns just turn to long range back lane sailing, sitting, camping, sniping, farming but never fighting …

    Sorry but your play in this game already illustrate that, instead of taking the fight on the East flank and do your duty there to DENY enemy a cap, you see that the flank is weak so you just sail over to the EAST. So even if you a proactive player are taking such approach, think others who are not sailing in a Kremlin, or one who prefer to or need to be sailing on the safe side … once the big guns do that which mean firepower are now concentrated as back lane batteries, no one, and no one ever venture out cause anyone who try it simply will be overwhelmed and now the only way to do that is a formation force push to break out ( or finding the area where enemy simply missing an existence ) and you got to Q how many do force out

  10. I would say its the same in lower tiers.

    I say AGAIN wows is going the same way wot did.

    • I quit tier 10 and went back to 5, 6 and 7 and have to say I have a lot more fun and a lot less frustration.

    • But the thing is, lower tiers don’t have the same problems with fires. Nothing down there is a really good fire starter so you can actually have fun playing the game and not get burned to a crisp every time you decide to do anything of importance.

  11. I actually mentioned this concept of one of the Streams but the fact that there’s still no word about it shows how scared WG is to change the base game damage. They aren’t willing to change fire damage or it’s timer but are willing to change AA that’s totally not prevalent to the Meta at all and has no influence over the game. It’s also been stated and confirmed that the German buff was due to acknowledgment of the fact that the Meta now is a sniping one so they at least want to give “all” ships a chance.

  12. Player skill, poor matchmaking draw, lack of knowledge of the game, “point and shoot” mentality where positioning and game objectives aren’t considered, current game mechanics (6 torpedo hits cannot sink a Kremlin but a barrage of HE can melt it down), radars, hydro, planes (to make life miserable for a DD or a light cruiser) and OP ships that make positioning, angling, tactical game pointless, as you can be melted by HE or citadel(led) from anywhere and, last but not least, creating an environment where you need to pay to win/or be in the game. My current experience in WOWs is 2/10 games are balanced, the other 8 are team melts where games last 5 mins cause one team decided to die before they can send a second salvo. #makeDDsplayableagain

  13. 15 matches yesterday, 14 of them losses since every match at the moment is either obliteration or domination. Had ONE somewhat close match, out of those.

    The only match I won, was because MrConway and Crysantos was on my team, and the enemy just tunnelvisioned hard enough on them, for my entire flank to roll through them one by one.

    They only managed to kill one of our entire team – which was MrConway.

    Still wasn’t that fun, considering I had higher damage games with more kills etc. that even on a loss, generated the same amount, or more, of rewards as that single win… -.-*

  14. maybe add seperate fire durations, say give HE spammers low fire duration while heavier calibre guns have longer fires? theyd have to tweak the fire prevention stats then maybe? could be something worth looking into…

  15. I’ve said this before. It is not rewarded to risk your neck to a high enough degree. It’s better to let others risk getting killed, and you staying alive, even if you loose.
    You need to reward the players that makes an effort and pushes. The so called alpha males, not the beta males.

  16. Yea, I don’t think you get it, not to be rude because I do enjoy your content and hearing your thoughts, but I don’t think you get it.
    1. You play the Kremlin probably the most brokenly OP ship in the game rite now, pushing a Kremlin is impossible. You can’t burn it down (it has a super short Damage Control) you can’t Citadel it unless its perfectly broadside at short range (Russian Stalinium armor) its deck armor makes it immune to CV bombs and HE pens, and as if that isn’t enough it has the most accurate highest muzzle velocity highest pen easiest to aim fastest turning BB gunz in the game, oh and did I mention Yamato levels of Torpedo Protection. Literally no weaknesses, stupidly brokenly OP. Even a Yamato doesn’t stand a chance against one. Pushing a Kremlin (unless he is completely alone) is suicide. The effect of this is… When a Kremlin shows up everyone runs away, because they know they have no chance.
    2. CV’s may not one shot you in your Kremlin but an AP dive bomb can take 15000 off a DD, in one shot, and none of them have enough AA to do anything about it. But you can smoke up… Yes, but in order to attempt to contest a cap you need the smoke, you if a CV forces you to use it getting to the cap you can’t contest the cap, and even if he doesn’t get the huge 10-15k AP hit if he can light you up for a Smolensk, or pinpoint you for a 12km Russian Radar that spots you threw an island you get deleted. But CV’s are so rare… BS I get CV’s in 50% of the games I play, at least. Even when their is no CV the other problem is ….
    3. Kleber, does anyone remember how stupidly OP the Khab was way back when… NO OF COURSE NOT… Well, let me remind you. It was so stupidly brokenly OP that WG nerfed the %^&*^ out of it to the point where no one plays it anymore. The Kleber is the Khab all over again. 55 kts with its speed boost… REALLY???? the Benson’s torpedo’s are 55 Kts. Its better than Khab stealth, with better than Khab rudder shift and a turning circle at least as good as Khab, and its DPM is even higher. Did I mention that its, muzzle velocity HE pen and HE damage are also the best of any DD. This ship is so stupidly OP that the weaker cruisers wont fight it because it out DPM’s them and its so fast its almost impossible to hit, and before your bring up the nerfs, THIS SHIP WAS NOT NERFED, making it easier for a CV to find is not a nerf, its just as brokely OP as it was before. At 55 kts its very hard for a CV to get one of those crippling 15k hits, this is almost as bad as the joke nerf to the Kremlin. NO DD will fight a Kleber because nothing other than another Kleber has a chance against it. When a Kleber shows up everyone runs away, because they know they have no chance.

    Ship balance is so $%^&* up rite now that unless your playing the Stupidly OP ships you have to wait for the Kremlin/Kleber/Smolensk on your team to deal with the opposing Kremlin/Kleber/Smolensk before you dare to move in. A LOT of techline ships are in desperate need of a balancing pass, like really desperate need. Mountbatten, if you want to understand whats wrong with the game rite now, Play the Japanese line, any &*^$%# ship you want, none of them are any good besides maybe Shima or YAM, those are literally the only ones. This game always had huge balance issues but they are worse now than they have ever been, and WG doesn’t seem to care or even recognize the problem. I love this game believe it or not, but I don’t spend a dime on it because WG refuses to fix it, I play it because I can play for free. If I had paid for it would demand a refund until the insane balance issues are addressed.

    • Yeah, that about sums it up.

    • I partly agree.
      Balancing should be done – I believe that Pan Asian line is the worst line ever, not the Japanese since Haku is great CV, Yama isn’t bad (but I don’t get how Kremlin has better guns) Zao is I guess one of the best cruiser and Shima with Haragumo are interesting dds.
      I believe, that the issue is with player base and with some designs.
      Players do not understand team play, do not understand their ship stats, don’t understand positioning etc.

      I even asked my team mate why the hell he is open gun boating with Des Moines and he replied, that he wants to use all his guns. That guy died quickly after showing a braodside for third or forth time in matter of 2 minutes (it was less than 4 minutes after start).

      Game itself should get rid of overpowered DOT. Fires should not have such dmg output.

      Regarding players, I often see interesting choices like broadside reversing bbs, players with dds having constantly turned on AA, players sending torps which have not enough range to hit their target, spotting ships smoking up = loosing the spotting and staying in their smokes without any reason or even better, to smoke it and stay in smoke against a radar ship… I don’t understand these players and I believe, that it is the lack of skills and thinking what causes those one-sided games.

    • Haku I’ll give you, it is a good CV, Yam is a 2nd rate BB at best, yes, its not as bad as say the Montana, but its not nearly as good as the Kremlin, as for the Zao, I have one, I play it, and its lame (then why do you play it, because I want the legendary before it gets switched to the armory….) the problem with the Zao, it relies on fires because 203mm isn’t big enough to pen the deck of Kremlin Currywurst or Yamato at range. Start a fire, it burns for pitiful damage, 2nd fire, he puts it out goes dark, heals back 100% of the fire damage and negates any/all damage you did, then you try again and cant get another fire burning until his damage control is off cooldown. Zao has a pitiful rate of fire negating its high (21% fire chance) and Harugamo, lol, again, 2nd rate DD, at best, Fight a Kleber in one and you will understand, he can match your dps with this main battery reload mod and he is 20 kts faster than you with better maneuverability, his shell air drag is also MUCH better than yours so as soon as he starts to kite away (which you can do nothing about because hes 20 kts faster than you) your accuracy plummets while his is almost unaffected making him much harder for you to hit than it is for him to hit you, try it (I have its a joke any decent Kleber will win 75% of the time) The Japanese line is a joke rite now, I should know, I have them all.

      Fires have been nerfed, gutting cruisers, Flooding has been nerfed gutting DD’s hence you now see games with 6-7 BB’s at t10… all the time, cuz they are brokenly unbalanced.

      As for the rest, dum players do dum things… yea no argument from me, and sometimes that is the cause of these joke matches, absolutely no question. But WG can’t do anything about bad players, they can do something about ship balance, and ship balance is worse than its ever been.

  17. This game is truly gone wonky in the 4 years I’ve been playing!!!!!! As a battleship Tier X player I’m so sick of sissy’s hiding behind islands and just spamming their HE. A lot of talent need there, haha.

  18. I miss looking forward to playing this game now I turn on my pc and think I wonder how many games I’ll have to play to get a good team

  19. This is partly why I quit playing, the game made me rage constantly.

  20. WOWS is one of my favorite games, and I agree that there are some balance issues. Perhaps they can reduce the damage per fire, making it more manageable. And the blowout games are no fun, I prefer a close game, win or lose.

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