World of Warships- What Needs To Change In Order For The Game To Improve & Survive

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Hey guys, today I discuss some of my biggest gripes with Warships currently, and what can be done in order to fix them. Let me know what your biggest gripes are below!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

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  1. bringing back the rts cvs and the old aa

    then just try and balance that.

    this would revive comp cv and airstrikes would actually have counterplay since the rts planes can’t turn once they’ve committed the strike.

    then just remove pings from subs, make them slow AF underwater, and its basically all balanced as a very stealthy dd that sacrifices all its speed for extreme concealment

    • Geno Breaker 666

      Make subs more realistic and less arcady.

    • i 2nd this I want to stack ap diver bombers and torpedo bombers on 1 ship again and get dev strikes then watch them cry

    • @Bastion the thing is, back then once the strike was commanded, the planes had a lock-on zone where they would enter and no longer be able to turn. This allowed the ship under it, if it had a functioning brain, to roughly determine where the strike was going to happen, turn or slow down, and not be there when it came, or otherwise mitigate a lot of the damage.

      these days when a carrier begins a strike, it can still turn the planes after the run begins, making counterplay impossible.

      So even though rts carrier had the latent potential to be apocalyptic, it was still better for the surface players, because some counterplay actually existed.

    • @TheSupremeOne Look I play a lot of cv And I agree to an extent aa is minimal and some need balancing but even now you can do exactly what you described to lessen the damage you take granted it can be harder depending on which carrier is striking you

    • @TheSupremeOne I just think the idea of rts is a bit far fetched due to the fact that sadly most people don’t have a brain to slow down and avoid the drops why do you think we had the rework to begin with

  2. I don’t have a problem with tier 11 super ships. I never play tier 9 or 10 tier ships. I play tier 7 Atlanta. What gripes me is the huge change in tier 8 and 9 enemy ships. There are way more radar equipped ships in the game now. It makes concelment very difficult. The number of ships that can one or two shot me iis terrifying. I hate subs as they are complicating the game beyond all recognition. AA fire is a complete joke. I’m in a tier 7 AA cruiser and can hardly scratch a tier 8 AC squadron. I’m liking the game less and less with each update.

    • It’s just as bad for T5 cruisers, if not worse. Even T7 cruisers can one shot T5 cruisers. Fiji especially. My alt account is basically at T5 right now with 3 lines. UK, Italian and German cruisers. Nearly 80% of games I face T7. Some days it’s every battle. I may see T4 ships in 1 out of 8 games. The worst T5 games recently have had double CV and double submarines, and always 5 or 6 BB’s who all overmatch.

      Fun? I guess.

  3. Superships are fine, T IX has at least all the modules and can deal with T XI better then T VIII can deal with T X

    Edit: In my opinion the healthiest thing the devs can do for the game would be to rebalance ALL the overpowered ships, what I mean with that is that only because it was a premium a while ago, or a steel ship, that doesnt make it any healthier for the game to let it stay in that unbalanced state, be like gaijin on that one and just nerf them if they need it. Musashi for example is currently on an over 54% winrate on EU server, that is not ok.
    Just removing them from the shop makes it even worse, this way you cant even get the broken ships yourself

  4. seriously no competitor is the biggest problem wows had, meaning they didn’t need to do anything to move forward and have a monopoly over the genre and playerbase .

  5. The introduction of super ships into randoms is probably the dumbest idea so far. There is no way to balance everything else against them. Buffing tier 9’s would make tier 7’s unplayable and considering players have 100’s of million credits the cost won’t be a prohibitive factor. The initial 2 could probably have worked as neither Hannover nor Satsuma are completely broken but to run with the rest including the moronic CV’s, high tier is dead.

    • I have begin to play more tier 5-6 again.

    • Expectations of balance are overrated. I mean: Why would Wargaming even strive to balance ships? First of, 90% of the players won’t even notice any true imbalances. They may notice perceived ones when they have an unlucky game, or they might rehash what a Youtuber says. But to truly notice imbalances, you need to play sufficient games for it to statistically matter, in a way that uses the ship appropriately (derping a Wooster into open ocean and being blown up in seconds might cause the player to shout “imba!”, but that’s simply not a true assessment). I will uphold that this is 90% of the players at least. I have friends who only play co-op (you could hand them a Thunderer with +800% DPS and they would claim it’s weak sauce). And while I have 4000 hours in the game, I still suck, too, and are not hardcore enough to know all the ships strengths and weaknesses in and out (I know that for the ships that I myself own, but everything else? No, I don’t memorize what pixel to hit or how fast the torps are on one out of 200 or something boats in the game). Trying to achieve perfect balance when people will moan around for subjective reasons anyway is, to an extend, spilled milk.

      Second, and much more importantly: if the game were balanced, people won’t spend as much money. Youtube can shout “ban superships! ban subs!” all day long. But for every video creator here, and every commenter to that affect, there are 10 people currently salivating over the prospect of buying the next OP thing, be it a super ship or sub or such. (Disclaimer: I don’t even think subs are OP, but that’s not the point here). Constant assessment that the game is “imba”, true or not, keeps people opening wallets because “imba” necessarily means something sucks, but something else might just be the I-win-button (and by the time that OP-thing gets nerfed, money has changed hands and of course a new OP-seeming-thing is introduced).

      And 98% of the players will probably get into this game because “hey look! an ad with warships and explosions! that looks cool, and it’s free, I’m gonna try that.” By the time they dive into the Youtube bubble of “this ship of the month is 7% more op than that ship”, or even get to experience true imbalances of the higher tiers (lower tiers don’t matter but as a temporary stop-gap due to the economy of silver and XP), they will either be hooked, or gone again anyway. Evidenced by y’all still being here, despite criticizing (likely even rightfully so) the imbalances of the game.

      Sucks, yes. But if that (i.e. WoWS) were my business and livelihood, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • @juliansark Which is precisely why devs should balance ships for skilled players. Unless a ship is clearly overpowered even on the hands of sub-47ers.

    • @juliansark While I agree with a lot of what you say, I disagree it’s the most optimal way economically for WG. Short term it may or may not be a boost but long term it’s not.
      I think I understand why they introduced the super ships, to provide some more “end game” content for long term players but the way they’ve done it is flawed. Compare it with the Research bureau which I believe is pretty good all things considered. The ships in it are different but still balanced. The legendary mods are not game breaking either and won’t make lower tier ships feel they’re redundant any more than when facing tech tree ships same tier.
      I appreciate adding ships is a big factor in trying to keep the game feel fresh but thhe emphasis on it is way too high. Game modes, maps etc could have a bigger impact and considering they’re still struggling to figure out how to implement submarines and adding other tech trees like the Spanish one aand British super cruisers, the super ships don’t belong in randoms at all. The risk outweighs the reward especially since it’s just a credit sink and not actually going to generate clear revenue. Very few ppl who haven’t already got the credits to spare will go “wow, I need those ships, let’s buy credit bundles now”.

  6. I played since 2016. Got burned out a few times. Hated cvs ,the commander rework , the proliferation of he spam, and radar but still mostly enjoyed it. But cvs + subs killed it. Now there are super cvs. Anymore I just enjoy the yt videos and hope to hear one day that they segregated those abominations to special game modes. That won’t happen but one can dream.

  7. I play tier 9 a lot and as you noted, I no longer rush in. I look for a group of ships and try to hang with them which then causes most of the team to be heading to one side. Yet, with superships and superCV, I can’t go it alone and hope to hold one side or even be an effective delay. The CVs tear up my bbs at T9, so my only choice is to join the folk and go to one side.

  8. That_Pushup_Guy Tough

    I want to see new scenarios with more Naval Gunfire Support and historical battles. Kinda like Narai on steroids with more emphasis on supporting the troops going ashore

  9. My top changes:
    1: Matchmaker. Get rid of double up-tiering. There is enough population to not need it any more. I would simply set it so a ship can either be up-tiered once on down-tiered once, so say a T8 can either face T7 and T8 OR T8 and T9 ships. It would solve the T9 vs T11 problem talked about immediately. And so many ships are essentially cannon-fodder when they’re double up-tiered. T8 has some of the most fun ships in the entire game but are a nightmare to pointless to play because they are always facing T10’s.
    2: ALL ships have depth charge airstrike, regardless of nation, class and type. At the moment DDs, historically a terrifyingly deadly threat to Subs, are laughable with no actual counter play. DDs and CLs keep the on-deck depth-charges, which means they can strike the sub at range, making engagements fairer but also keeping the drive-by ability, making them all a much more serious threat.
    3: Bring back the missing Operations and implement the Hard Mode that has never been completed. Operations are such a fun way to take a ‘breather’ from Ranked or Randoms. A hard mode, where the ship choice is one tier lower should be relatively easy to introduce and by reintroducing the missing Ops could be a quick way to dump some ‘new’ content.

    I have major issues with CVs, perhaps if planes are an ‘ammo’, then limit their range like everyone else’s’ ammo, the proposal for CVs to mini-map spot only sounds like a really good idea. Subs need to have their ‘Dolphining’ addressed as well and the detection/vision of subs is really inconsistent as well.

  10. Maximum ONE TIER difference between highest and lowest tier ship is a must. Matchmaking has to be improved. T7 vs T9 is completely unplayable, especially in DDs, because there’s 2 (!!!!!) upgrade slots diffence. Either that or move the Concealment Upgrade to the first slot.

  11. [GRZY]Rekkapena

    You don’t have tried p.getrekt against satsuma? 30k+ hits from range

  12. Geno Breaker 666

    Add an improved survivability expert for bb commander skills. Instead of 450 hp per teir they could have 600 or 750 hp per teir. That would make it far more useful for bbs.

  13. Totally with you on subs. They’re way to tough. One 5″ shell through the pressure hull was death. At best, they should be glass canon. If they keep the toughness, get rid of homing torps. Biggest issue to me is MM, should be or be able to choose +1/-1 tier. If it were even only for premium accounts, they’d make a fortune.

  14. Malgus Kerensky

    Said it before, often, and still highlight it now; Matchmaker has to be re-worked. Poll the community, see that most of us are willing to wait an extra 30 seconds to get a much more balanced game over being pitted against ships two tiers higher. There also needs to be a better skill based system instead of a ship for ship as I believe the system is now. It is long over due

    • It only seems to balance the shops and not the player ranking level. Often the winning team is packed with Gold Rank players and the other team Bronze at best. At least balance that aspect

  15. I think adding another tier to the game is a step in the right direction.
    War thunder did that and keeps doing that and it works wonderfully for them, so why not in world of warships?

  16. Personally, I’d like to see more PVE modes, especially new Scenarios. There’s a certain chunk of the playerbase that largely eschews PVP modes for whatever reason.

    • I prefer co-operative gameplay such as what is present in scenarios. I just don’t like PVP gameplay in general in an online game because there are too many ways for players to cheat. Co-Op mode is shit, it doesn’t even pay enough to cover the cost of the ship even though the mode is meant to allow players to get use to a new ship and learn how to play it to some extent. But 90% of the time you can’t make enough credits to cover the cost of using the ship. Scenarios pay good, not as good as PVP does, but it allots better than teh trash heap Co-Op is. I wish they would extend scenarios to go up to teir 9. It takes less time in my opinion to gather xp to buy the modules and unlock the next ship using scenarios. The only scenario I do not like is Defense of Newport Station that one is awful.

    • @02091992able Yeah, the Scenarios are my favorite game mode, even if they are a bit long in the tooth. Otherwise I play Coop when I want to relax (for lack of alternatives), Randoms when I want a challenge. The low rate of return in Coop isn’t that big an issue for me because I only have a few high-tier ships.

  17. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    The stagnant part hits different. I was in a GK, and i was burned to death just for pushing a little away from spawn. The cv, the hindi everything just HE spams you. Got set on 3 fires dmg coned, and got set on 4 fires. A terrible moment for me

  18. They need to give “all DDs” a sonar “that only detects submarines”. A 3k range would be a nice place to start/test and it should detect the sub no matter of its depth.
    That would help a-lot in deterring submarines via fear of destruction. Submarines must be made to fear and respect DDs
    With torpedo tracking as it is they should only allow 2 tracking torpedoes per salvo. Currently if you get hit by one you get hit by all 4 or 5.
    It should be made to be “very preferrable” for the submarine operator to use none tracking torps.
    A BB or Cruiser should not have to use his damage con to mitigate the torp tracking especially with how aggressive the tracking currently is.
    It’s not all that bad with DDs because their damage con cooldown is pretty short.
    Note: we’re back to tracking being so aggressive that even DDs can’t dodge tracking torpedoes without using damage con! “That sucks”.

  19. Alonso Ovando Chico

    You forgot to talk about how we need more Operations. As for rebalancing tier IX, think how that would affect tier VII ships

  20. Evanescence 1580

    I know we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on certain things in WoW’s, but I totally agree with you on this. I have been playing WoW’s for over 6yrs now and like other player I have accumulated quite a few ships. The UI in port needs updating and also the lag needs sorting out as well. I takes so long just to click on an item such as something in the filter or a ship in your port (and no it’s not my PC/internet that is causing the lag). As for the other topics in your video, these are very strong points you put across and would defo improve the game so much. I also think that we wouldn’t have the problem of subs and super ships in the game if people just didn’t play them lol

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