World of Warships- What The Game Desperately Needs

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hey guys, a bit of a rambling video today on what I think the game desperately needs, new game modes, let me what ya think. Enjoy!

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  1. The game clearly needs Soviet cvs

  2. I bet they’re gonna release another long range he sniper.

  3. I’m just biding my time for arms race, as well as some high tier operations, image your team faces off against some absurd ships, ie the führer battleship, project habbakuk, the insane tillman designs, like a mega boss vs your team

    • I would LOVE to see a lot of new operations, some with a small group of ships, some with a lot of ships and from tier V to X

  4. I imagine something that makes use of or modifies the stormy weather system to make positioning a more dynamic thing. Reduction in visibility helps stop sniping in my experience. Maybe the game mode could centre around staying in the eye of the storm as a sort of moving cap and point of clear sight lines. Or it could be about staying out of the moving areas of more intense weather where ships take dot if they stay too long.

  5. I have a request. Any video where the Shikishima is being played, can we have one full-volume salvo? Pretty please?

  6. Remember it is just an arcade game, for most ppl they jump on for an hour and get off.Rng is to high for this to be a serious game imo.

  7. How about night battles? Interesting side effect: carriers wont be included since they do not have a night fighing ability at that time

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Yeah like cherry blossom operation

    • @straswa I know some carriers had night fighting ability, but since the germans and japanese didnt you cant inclue them for history /balancing. Besides that, playing cv when it is dark and you cant see shit is a pain in the ass

    • @Nur ein Kommentar Fair enough.

    • player already whine in map with cyclone/stormfront/fog, what more night battle.

    • @Mohd Arif First of all some players will always complain no matter what wg does. Besides that, it would not be a gamemode parallel to domination, standart, epicenter (those from random battles), but a gamemode on the level of coop, ranked, random, etc. It is not possible otherwise since cvs cant be included as stated above. If you dont want to play night battles then play randoms not problem.

  8. a game mode where you can actually use the islands.

    on battleships you will have 15 engineers.. once you bump into an island, your can deploy 5 engineers who can set up a base, that base can be a spotting nest, or a short range artillery nest, with long cooldown, or a repair station..
    or they can have 10 commando’s who can deploy 5 commando’s on an occupied island, and clear the island of the encampment.
    this could be selected in the equipment page.

    I would also like to see more waves, actual rough seas, where your are below the wave “hill” and hidden from sight. for a brief second or two.
    Would be great with the thunderstorm front mode, in open waters, rough seas, near the islands, a bit calmer.

    • Or that certain islands have (on your side of the map) artillery or torpedo batteries and radar and could be controlled by the CV player. I would also like to see naval mines implemented so that you have to be more careful with how you sail (rough sea mechanic is also something that would be interesting).

  9. an historical game mode would be amazing, recreate famous battle where you choose axis or allies or something like a steel division 2 type of map where the conflict evolve trough the season. An just by having an idea what tier other player are trying to play before the match begin like in war thunder.

  10. I’ve wanted storms to actually be storms since launch, waves being larger and throwing ships a bit, changing rudder with currents, planes not being able to fly safely in them, etc.. think it would be a cool feature

  11. Bring back all of the scenarios that have been collecting dust in War Gaming’s closet.

    • I would love to see that happen

    • Ditto. Apparently they aren’t played enough to be worth the effort to rework them. But I’ve noticed since the conversation came up in Armchair Admirals episode that Scenarios are being played more; you can get a game a lot quicker, so I’m still hopeful.

  12. I miss the higher tier operations, they were a huge break from randoms and super fun. If they nerf rewards a bit like Narai thats fine, but some T10 operations that are somewhat challenging would be a great addition.

    • I agree. More operations ranging from T5-10. The same five we’ve had is getting stale too. We did have Cherry Blossom, Operation Dynamo. Still, having new operations team T5-10 will definitely bring new life into the lastly, I will definitely help co-op mains and less active players grind to tier 10 much faster. In other words, give them more opportunity to achieve a t10

  13. Imagine, a capture the flag game mode. Each team has a base and you have to infiltrate it and only a battleship can grab the flag. This makes it a full on escort and everything to protect the battleship. The other team will be trying to defend themselves from the attack as well as steal the enemies flag. I think that this mode would be lots of fun.

    Another good idea are night missions. Carriers aren’t allowed to participate, and your best friend and worst enemy is the darkness. Ambush the enemy and capture their base. A constant battle for the element of surprise and the upper hand.

  14. i’d like to see a gamemode that features a really narrow but decently long map that’s just about pushing the enemy back. we need pushing big time.

  15. What the game really needs is to just have a co op, casual random and expert random…that way casual players could just play casual, while the ones who lives in this game could go expert random. That way that would eliminate many of the issues in game, and it would fix much more than new ships and cmd skills rework.

  16. I want the Asymmetrical battles back those were a blast no matter which side ya played

  17. Death match
    No concealment
    single class of ship
    Single tier
    10 minutes max.

  18. They should bring in a permanent 3v3 mode. 3v3 ranked was the most fun I have ever had in this game

  19. I would love to see Asymmetric battles brought back. that mode was such a blast whichever side you played, low tiers with superior numbers and high tier outnumbered 2/1

  20. I like playing the operations. I hope they add some new scenarios.

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