World of Warships- What The Hell Happened To Free XP Ships?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the history of Free XP Ships and ask: What the hell happened to them?

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Simple. They want people to spend money. In the last to years, the game has gotten more and more hostile to free to play players

    • @haggeo romero yes I hate playing against other people as a carrier

    • @DarthHavoc1 I think carrier is very un-suited for co-op. You never have time to do enough damage (and your spotting isnt really needed) since it always ends in a fast brawl in co-op. IMHO, for co-op., DD>CA>BB>CV.

    • @DarthHavoc1 I suggest you play mission co op rather than plain co op, more rewards, still against NPC

    • @DarthHavoc1 it differ in every season, I played my tier VI pretty often, and during Halloween we got free ships to play

  2. Still remember i got Nelson just in time before she got removed, really a great ship and will train you well what you can expect of higher tier british BB (with the napalm HE and heal that can revive a entire ship)

  3. TL:DR version: Free XP ships don’t fit in the current business model.

  4. 3:13 IIRC it wasn’t Ragnar that replaced the Friesland, it was Groningen.

    Also I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t mention the Research Bureau in this context. To me te RB seems to be the replacement for FreeXP ships, albeit at a much higher cost in FreeXP, if one wants to skip the grind.

  5. I have been asking that same question myself last months. I took like 4 years break from the game and started playing again in 2020 in the weekends. They were just removing the Smalland from the game and i as far away from obtaining it. I managed to take Nelson, Alaska, Friesland, Agir, Hayate and few weeks ago the last available Azuma. It wasn’t hard to be honest with some special signal flags gotten from events amd few crates here amd there. I think WG is transferring definitely away from free XP ships and maybe aiming for it to be used for Research Bureau or grinding tech lines. I think with that inflation, if they going to keep increasing the price to 3 mil free XP, for example, people will prefer to use it for Research bureau anyway, sine a ship there whould cost them like 2.5 mil free XP. Currently i used my free XP to ger Grose Kurfurst straigt and I’m going to do tge same with the Khabarovsk line asap, before they get moved to being coal shipa. Thank you for the video, m8. Always great content and cool topics <3

  6. Precisely I was wondering about that myself, with a certain ijn X being my last one available to get.
    Changing to more steel / coal / research points.. but seemingly nothing more other than a dutch duplicate friesand.

    good subject nicely done, no-one covered this.

  7. You can buy coal though. In fact when they announced Thunderer getting removed from the armory they highlighted 2 separate crates that had it and they were right when you clicked on premium shop. One was the Italian premium, which gave the legendary Italian commander, while the other was the Dunkirk premium I believe. They gave 3.5k and 1.5k respectively. Each had a 1/3 chance for coal.

    You could buy a tier 10 coal ship for around $700-1000 which is insane but people whaled thousands for Mo’ Missery. Some would say it’s conspiratorial to suggest, but it makes sense why they were left on page 1. Considering what else they were doing it’s hardly unfounded.

  8. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    I got the Groningen/Smaland/Friesland mixed up, my apologies

  9. Coal or FreeEXP it has the same function. Side note, those of us that were around when the Mighty Mo was released, usually already had a large amount of FreeEXP at the time; while note converted I believe I had 1.3 mil in reserve. Ahh the good times when friends played and we went at it daily.

  10. StarshipEnterprise

    Short story: Premium noob idiots spend 2-3 times more free xp for reseting and re-finish a line from T1 to T10 in Research Bureau to get an op ship, than the price of a Free Xp ship.
    That’s all.

  11. I really enjoyed this video. You sounded much more intelligent, like you were reading from a script so as to reduce your adlibbing. I had written something about the ship mix up but removed it when I saw you realized it. But keep up the great work on the commentary, you sound soooooooo much better.

  12. i have over 11 million unusable xp on my ships, well i could use it if i paid to convert it but my insulin is more important than WG, what WG should do is let you use this xp for flags or other in game products including coal or steel

  13. Answer to title: nobody spends dubloons on free exp, no naturally WG has to find another way to monotize more and more of their game.

  14. They need to eliminate elitist currencies like steel and resource bureau. Or at least make all of those ships available for coal and dabloons also. That is what kills the game. Why should I play a game that I have to play against BS ships which I really cannot get. No-lifers can get them, lifers cannot. Well, lifers will find a fair game to play.

  15. Shane's BudgetBikeAdventures

    I am not a extremely great player by any means but I can say as a former WoW closed-beta tester I am still the proud owner of a Arkansas Beta. ^^

  16. I got both ohio and yolo. ohio is a beast

  17. you also forgot free xp is now really usefull for research bureau, its basically a way to triple the fxp cost because you need to do minimum 3 lines assuming the 2x bonus for a RB ship

  18. Nice analysis.
    I personally dont have problem going for coal farm get those premium ships.

    What I dont like is removing mainly those free xp ships.
    I desired Alaska, but those loot boxes seem dont work for myself, I am not fan of this lottery. Finally I got plenty of ships to cycle, so no new ship is must-have for me.

    What I would welcome, WG get focused on fixing bugs and optimizing game.
    That port gpu heavy load is no sense.
    I know CVs not liked too much, but still I would welcome fix its graphics, playing it (flying planes), I get half of normal fps vs those I get with surface ships.
    What I quite regret, is transfer Friesland to Groningen, as last one has no reserchable relatives(Dutch DD) to compete in naval battles? (oil for clan).

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