World of Warships- What The Hell Is Going On?

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Today I talk about the rather confusing direction the game has been…attempting lately.

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  1. World of Fakeships

  2. Btw, SeaLord, I think the same way too.

  3. I would love to see you try secondary build on every ship maybe be we find somw good ones

    • Lyon secondaries with full ifhe build are actually really good. I use it for operation Narai. I’ve had the secondaries do over 70k in that operation not including fire damage.

  4. Sadly SLM, they will never, EVER!! introduce skill based MM…World of Tanks still massively suffers from the EXACT same issue(one sided wins over & over), and that much older player base has been screaming for many, MANY years for skill based match making.
    …the general conclusion is War Gaming may not have skill set in house to actually implement it.

    Kia Kaha from NZ bro 07

    • Hopefully this game don’t suffer as well

    • George Middleton Jr

      well back in Dos they had such a structure that could call for that it was logic command 10. if line 30 + line 60 = xxx go to 90 i haven’t done dos in years so it my be off, but you get the point as games advance so does the language used to write code, however if one was to go back to basic and understand logic algorithms and the balancing matrix would and could work.

    • There is no way for MM to be “balanced” – just no real way to determine real skill as most of the things that can be used can be manipulated pretty easily – especially WR. Combined with many different builds, flags, captain skills/points etc…. Skill is pretty much impossible to define to any real degree. People used to argue about how messed up one websites rating system was flawed and no one could agree on which one was better. It was all up to personal opinion and the one people liked… .generally was the one that gave them the highest rating.

      Have not even gotten into if it was implemented and a gamer had more than 1 stomp game against them they would declare MM was flawed in some way or they reverted something and set the forums alight as has been seen in the past.

    • It’s not that they lack the skill to do it. They already track all players in game stats (for spreadsheets of course).

      The issue they’re concerned about is massive increasing in matchmaking time for good players. Think about it. Over half the server (at least on NA) struggles to break 50% WR. Maybe 10% of the player base has over 53% WR. Even if they’re not going off of WR, PR isn’t much better.

      Skill based MM is going to do one thing, and one thing only. Extend queue times for good players, and massively extend queue times for unicums. As a potato I’m OK with this. I’ll be able to find a match without an issue. Let’s look at two examples.

      1. All skilled players on both teams. This is going to take the longest for the MM to fill. It’s also going to quickly whittle down the number of actually skilled players, reduce unicum stats (because they’re not getting to bash on the bads like me, although they’ll probably enjoy fighting other skilled players more than dealing with a match full of bads), and force everyone into the average range. Players will rise and fall a few percent into new brackets over time which will only make the issue worse. At least the seal clubbers will have to fight each other all the time until they get sick of it so that’s nice.

      2. Matching approximate skill levels. IE someone with a really high PR gets matched similarly, and each slot is matched (in addition to ship type/restrictions) to player skill. This one would probably be a more likely choice but again runs into the issue of extended MM times. Whether or not it helps with blowouts is debatable, a team of 11 bads and one unicum vs the same is still going to be 22 bads doing bad things while the unicums tear out their hair trying to carry. This one would probably lead to an increase in “skilled” players according to stats, because someone who’s marginally better than the entire rest of both teams is going to shine.

      WG has repeatedly made changes across all their products to minimize MM times. 3/5/7 MM (which was the reason I left WOT and never looked back, that was a joke), forced carrier matching, etc. That’s what WG cares about. Not blowouts, not skill gap, just getting players into matches. Over a large enough data sample everything balances out to average on the spreadsheet. That’s what they look at. That’s what they adjust everything based on.

    • Skill based MM does exist in wot. It is in the ranked game mode. SBMM doesn’t solve anything in wot or wows, because of rng or the smallest mistake can and will eventually lead to snowballing. The only way to stop snowballing and steamrolled games is to have players learn how to stop the snowball and even reverse it.

      Edit: Also, map positioning is important to a point that it will overthrow anything that the MM can solve. If one person is severely out of position and dies without doing anything, then gg, the snowball has started.

  5. Last I heard about Odin is they nerfed it 11k hp.

  6. Player numbers dropping isn’t a recent thing. Before the start of the carrier rework Wargaming mysteriously removed something from the top left of the game screen next to your username. It was the player’s numbers showing the total number of people currently playing on the server. From what information I could gather it seemed that the EU server number had dropped from an average of 20 to 25k players down to 10 to 12k over a short period. Though Wargaming made no comment about the removal of the player numbers, or the reason why I think it was pretty obvious it gave information Wargaming didn’t want the players to see.

    Best wishes to Mountbatten and keep up the good work mate.

  7. I want the Florida, not the California. Or the Tennessee…

  8. Been playing for 2 years, I’ll probably stop with submarines.
    Homing torpedo’s is ridiculous, Just make the reload faster or massive damage.

    • Yeah I agree with that. It’s much more satisfying and challenging with normal torps. Using homing torps will be very boring I think.

    • Daniel Christian Rohrer Peters

      Allow Subs to get into firing position and fire torpedoes entirely undetected, but force them to surface every once in a while.

      Leave the torpedoes balanced with other torpedoes in entirety.

      There, fixed, and that’s literally how subs worked in WW2, too.

    • Subs are frozen. They won’t come in soon.

  9. Russian server took a big hit when wg stopped support for 32bit windows. Lots of Russians still run 32bit machines

  10. What might help is for at least half the EU and NA players to leave the game… for 3 months or more…
    Then they will take the non-Russians more seriously.

  11. World of Tanks Blitz: Homing missile

    World Of Warships: Homing Torpedoes

    See this pattern!?

  12. EU Server: I left after the Gorizia/PR grind because the game just was not fun anymore. No specific reason, although tier x gameplay, carrier rework, PR grind and Smolensk played a part in it. At some point it just lost it’s novelty and was not fun. Time to move on.

  13. Sounds like what happened to World of Warplanes. The last time I went and played on that game WG had to add bots to it just to keep it going.

  14. I for one enjoy the Operations scenarios, and wish they would add more of them, and for additional tiers. Part of the reason I enjoy those though is because matchmaking is so poorly done in Random battles.

    • Co Op needs improving also, The A.I. is crap sailing in straight lines.
      Also randoms should introduce harder A.I. bots to fill in matches so that we can have proper tiered battles instead of going against players 2 tiers higher.

  15. A lot of good points here.. STOP adding things until you fix your shit War Gaming. If you build your house on a bad foundation you’ll find yourself with it falling down around you.
    It’s a shame how much fun I used to have win or lose but my rng is crap so Im normally on the team being ROFLstomped so I cant get anything done.
    As always Sea Lord Mountbatten, good job here’

  16. Prisoner of the Highway

    Hardly surprising since none of them have a history lol.

  17. I think the game has lost some its appeal and fun which is a shame.

  18. Let the russians have the game for themselves if the Russian server is the only one that matters.
    Time to boycot Wargaming.

  19. 4:39 THIS ! No idea what WG is up to with this bs ! Its there since the early stages of the game.

    I play this game since 2015 and the amount of win or loose streaks is just too obvious to hide the scripts. For me it is a fact, that MM is programmed to decide battles from the get go with putting many bad players on one team and many good ones on the other.

    It results in so many roflstomps where you just got no time to get a decent amount of damage or XP. I wish there would be more even battles with balanced team skill wise…

    PS: I also hope Subs will never come live ! We already got one class that breaks the game design with CVs, thats enough.

    • Just look at all the Patents of Dynamic matchmaking EA, Activision and the like have filed to match low skilled players against high skilled players to make them pay more and you see what is going wrong with matchmaking.

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