World of Warships- What The HELL Is This Crap YouTube?!?!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some absolutely crappy YouTube guideline enforcement. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Leon Peters-Malone

    Stuff like this is the reason I gave up on the Youtube content creation side of things. It’s silly, it’s ridiculous and I don’t trust anything where you have to fight to be heard by a human.

    Historical relevant content is historically relevant.

    And I can say that as one of the many, many, many the people the very angry Austrian party decided weren’t fit to even warrant the description of human.

  2. I’ve wished for a long time that there was a decent alternative to YouTube.

  3. Dude Japanese town maps are removing the ancient Sanskrit symbol (The angry flag symbol) on account of offended westerners. Shame.

  4. As an Austrian i like to use this opportunity to say: Its a shame,all an their moms know this beautyful country”just” for the “angry,homless Postcard painter”.
    This country has so much more beatfl collors to show.
    Mozart,Vienna,the Mountains etc.
    Shame on You, YouTube,for giving someone a warnig shot,that creates that much interesting historical content here as Sealord does!!!

    History should alwas taken seperatly from any political Attitude imoo.
    (Btw.. could you Do one,where u explain how to play RADAR DD BLACK,or Radar ships in general? That would b great!)

  5. Youtube and wargaming have something in common, run by buts…. there is a difference. youtube dont like historical accuracy. Wargaming only like it when it suits them.

  6. You’re not the only creator that has trouble with YouTube being silly and stupid. I understand there are other platforms that you can put stuff on and YouTube can go pound sand

  7. Brother, I can relate. AI and bots are ruling and ruining everything it would seem.
    When you let ‘the Fox guard the hen house’, that’s what you get I guess.

    • trickle down economics fail

      it’s not just you tube. automatic custoemr service across the board is a fuc king joke and only pushes me a little closer to snapping and doing bad things to the companies using those automatic customer service systems.

  8. Good report. I’ve been trying to get the streaming version of “Sink the Bismark” from Amazon for a while and seeing a note that it’s not avail. Going to check my DVD version to see if it has the same content. Amazon does have the DVD version.

  9. I would keep on at them about this. I believe this falls within what is an acceptable use of historical info. You really should try to get a human to interact with you.

  10. Sorry to hear about this! What a load of bs!!!. I can relate. Im having a similar issue with Ebay. It sucks fighting these bastards.

  11. Different review and clearance procedures for ads compared for to channel content must be the reason for the different degrees of filtering results. Postings to channels that are purely considered to be “historical documentaries” like the BBC video probably have different triggers than game content videos.

  12. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    Yet hammer and sickle are fully endorsed.

    • Accepted yes, endorsed ? lol… Use the right vocabulary please. And it’s accepted because the hammer and sickle represent proletarian solidarity. It doesn’t necessarily represent Stalinism and the soviet union, despite what most Americans seem to think. It’s a socialism thing and completely incomparable to the other black red and white thingy.

  13. There are a couple very big lawsuits in the courts currently about this exact thing. Keep all the evidence and proof of this happening and how avoiding these harmless words have effected your channel and ability to make money. There will be big things happening with shittube.

  14. From what I’ve heard a review is fairly automated and if the video has not been edited, it will basically auto-decline the request. YouTube is frankly crap for content creators, unless you have a massive channel. It is really sad considering how many great creators there are on the platform.

  15. it is like letting the kids in charge ( youtube ) to say what goes and what stays

  16. You can force a board of review and have the strike removed. You do know that right? Go to a Arbitration Attorney and have him send a request for a Board of Review for “Possible Monetization Losses due to Reputational Defamation.” This is ESPECIALLY important if you also do Twitch streams. It will then go to their Arbitration Attorney. After they receive the request they will send an EMAIL saying your request is under review. After 90 days they will remove the strike. Make sure that you have the attorney also send all the evidence explaining your reasons. Explain to them that no other recourse is left to you because you cannot reach a consensus with a human customer service agent.

    • Bebe and John: Not so Nomadic Life

      Worked for use on our “income” channel. Also to “kind of…” help incase of, in case of … we simulcast on 5 networks .

    • @Bebe and John: Not so Nomadic Life Its just unfortunate that you have to go to legal channels to get a human to make a decision. But, its the world we live in.

    • @Josh the King It’s also archival footage. Pretty sure there’s an exception for that.

  17. Stop voting for the Left and demand change from Big Companies who do not understand freedom of speech, Hate speech is not real, But hurt feelings of snowflakes are f8ckLng up our world, history and future. You are not alone, do not act as if the guidelines are normal, they are a communistic monster…only f4ke news allowed. FJB

  18. I’d like to share another anecdote to the pile: once while researching historical info about WW2 in an incognito tab, I got recommended an ad for some books. Chief among them – a very famous interwar book of said painter.
    Yes, google adsense recommended me _that book._ Sure, it was on a historical website, but FFS google…

  19. Try Rumble or rutube or even telegram. Western sites will get more and more oppressive and controlled.

  20. Just had a similar issue couple weeks ago with a video i uploaded of ramming someone with a jap sub. They never told me what the violation was but I fought with them for 2 days solid before they reversed the decision.

  21. @Sea Lord Mountbatten maybe and I’m just throwing this out there another YouTube competitor or someone with a hard on 4 you reported you… ?
    Oh and thanks for replying to me on your i believe it was Friday night live stream, it was my 1st of hopefully many to come you gave me some valuable information on what ship to purchase or rather which in your opinion is better, unfortunately I wrote them down and lost paper lol.
    Rocky069 .
    Ps I always hit like and spread your channel around to friends have a great day.

  22. @CAA always someone who wants to put you down for a little comment, I’ve wanted to comment on several videos and didn’t because I knew just like in randoms someone will beat you down. Take care ,and like SLM said time does matter .

  23. Its because everything starts with an AI bot doing the scan/review and as you said it… no humans are interacting until you are in the top 10 percent of CCs. Good luck with it though!

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