World of Warships- What The Hell Is This New Event?

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the next collaboration event in World of Warships…..Hotwheels?


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    So naturally after I record and upload this video, more info on this event is released. We are getting camos of Gneisenau, Fubuki, and Hill. I must say I do like the Gneisenau’s camo quite a bit. Link to article:

    • If they are doing hot wheel colab now i think MLP colab would be the next step. I hope that’s the case.

    • regarding the “lego” sets that you said I actualy got the COBI KM Bismarck on amazon for about 150 bucks and it was toataly worth it. it was fun to build and compared to lego prices for simaler sets in terms of pieces used its pretty darn cheap in price. i plan to get graf zeppelin next, but i would recommend you to get one and possibly make it on stream that would be really cool. anyway love the vids and can’t wait for more.

  2. I think it’s a way to try to promote the to new people, I liked the transformer event the Camos look great the music that came with the captains was great.

  3. Depends on scale and how good they are made….. would love to get some real steel ships👍

  4. I cannot do a great deal about Russia invading Ukraine but my wallet is closed now

  5. Mattel needs to act responsibly and cancel this collaboration.

    • The corporate accounts are in Cyprus, the money will likely stay there. The only money going to Russia and Belarus will be to pay the staff, who are normal people, and obviously not invading Ukraine right now.

    • @Hellstrike Why would the money stay there? The Russian owner is going to have that money hop around the world electronically as needed so he can cash out at the end of every day. We shouldn’t boycott WG because Russian invaded Ukraine (which sux) we should be boycotting WG because they suck and have shiite business practices.

  6. I’d imagine the offices in St. Petersburg are alive with conversation at the moment. Probably trying to figure out how to address the coming hatred, sanctions, and boycotting without actually addressing it. Good luck WG. 😂

    • @The Dude Abides exactly. Keep your anger towards gas and oil, that directly benefit russian state. Targeting Belarussian company registered on Cyprus and with offices all around the Europe and Americas is hardly helpful.

    • @_ Avernus most people born during the Soviet Union times in Belarus still identify as Russian, speak Russian and miss the Soviet Union… Belarus is basically a puppet state of Russia’s.

    • @Capt Chris and that’s the reason to target multinational company and feel the sense of accomplishment?

      There’s nothing in that for the Ukraine or it’s people. Just creating new conflicts and divisions instead of reaching to common russian folk or doing anything else that may actually matters.

    • Eh, I don’t think the sanctions aren’t hitting WG right now. The sanctions are pretty limited and small.

    • @_ Avernus Russian troops are also invading Ukraine from Belarus. Russian puppet state.

  7. Out of place comment but I hope anyone here who has family, friends or lives in the Ukraine is okay. I hope you all stay safe and wishing you all the best.

  8. I could see the Battle Force 5 characters getting in as the commanders as that show was pretty popular back when it aired.

  9. Would like to see a crossover event with a chocolate company (who knows?) then you could get chocolate prem camos for your Yamato or something. Then the chocolate company could make chocolate ships so you could eat a little Bismarck.

  10. Based on the average WOWs player age, the next partnership will likely be with Depends adult diapers and Boost meal replacement drink. These are the ideal partners to assist players on those long clan battle evenings to stay in the game at peak effectiveness.

  11. With Russia invading and attacking Ukraine currently, does anyone actually want to continue to support a Russian company like Wargaming?

  12. I’m sort of boycotting WG right now… with the ‘Defender of the Fatherland” on WOWSBlitz, which is a sort of Russia Pride thing going on in Russia right now… along with an illegal invasion of another sovereign nation, Ukraine. I think the event happening in game is in bad taste and a little bit weird on the timing… as for Hot Wheels in World of Warships, that won’t be game breaking but hot wheels would be a better event for tanks… because land.

  13. @ the time Hot Wheels came out I was playing with bigger toys, dirt bikes etc, but my little brothers sure loved them.
    And one kept the collection amazed @ the value.

  14. I love these events ,Transformers some of the camos were really nice Minitar , German tier ten cv with jets awsome looking, and the Repulic. Those three looked really nice,I did not care for the others. . Time will tell to see how these camo look and worth having. Well with WG wanting 140 dollars for a ship they sell they can go to hell.

  15. Still waiting on the Transformers Broadside (Autobot) and Tidal Wave (Decepticon) skins. They are both literal CV’s why out of all the Transformers to add were they not added. They would fit perfectly into the game skin wise. Make the Nakhimov Tidal Wave as he has a lot of point defense weaponry and the Midway Broadside (As I believe that is actually the carrier class he is based on albeit a modernized version)

  16. I miss when collab events gave out free new ships… the new way of doing it is just a money grab at this point and it makes me sad.

  17. This is a really disappointing collab. At least the Azur Lane collab has an active fandom in the game. I would love to see some more AL girls as my captains, it’s kinda sad I only got Azuma right now.

  18. They should do Mad Max, with Immortan Joe as a premium captain. That shit would be epic

  19. I have no context to understand this. A larger issue are the unfolding sanctions and hyper-reactivity. I wish WG staff world wide to be safe and well.

  20. I’d love if they’d come out with Highway 35 designs. Would love to see each team represented by a different camo. Acceleracers camos would be awesome as well.

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