World of Warships- What The Hell Is This Ship?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at a highly requested ship, the Tier VII Premium Soviet Battleship, Poltava, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Poltva is all about
    The insane guns she has Roma kinda guns she has over killing pen on this but they are small in caliber

  2. everyone says the romas dispersion is bad but honestly it has pretty decent accuracy. I do not understand why people say its “terrible” yeah its not a sniper but definitely useable

  3. I like the Roma a lot more than you it appears. I do not like the Poltava at all.
    One is tanky, one is not.
    I find the guns on Roma to be ok enough but Poltava accuracy is even worse.

  4. SLM: “The close you’re to the target it’s a lot harder to miss.”
    Yamato: “Hold my sake”

  5. Compare it to the tech tree equivalent- the Sinop is head and shoulders above this ship. The guns are horrible, over pens and misses for days!

  6. For my Collectors Heart, i really like rare Ships like Poltawa. Specially Poltawa has a „not so Mainstream“ Look. But the Poltawa is extremly dependent from the mighty Matchmaker. Spilled in a Round with T8 and T9, you don’t have mutch fun, because nearly ervery other Battleship will hit you hard, from where it wants, when it wants. In T7 Rounds and as High Tier, it can be Fun, because now you can bully everybody with this hardcore Guns. The Guns even struck hard against higher Tier, but then you don’t want Stress with some 406mm-Guns, because they gonna rip your Poltawa from any Angle…

    • wg dosent list this ship as rare. i think back when it was available, no one got it. so you just dont see them much. except now everyone got them in crates, thinking they really got something, and then is dissappointed…… lol…. wows

  7. Flat arc makes up for a lot had it for some time never noticed anything bad on accuracy it’s also uncommon enough that what to expect from it isn’t a given for the reds. Not going to sleep waiting for reload is ALWAYS a plus

  8. God bless! He tells us what it is again! needed a good ol update after being removed. funny icebreaker too

  9. Ye I got her a week ago, New Year certificates mega crates. Tried her twice in coop, seems fine 🙂

  10. A Poltava was on my team last night. It tore the crap out of everything.

  11. I swear there is a new bug causing shells to fall short again. Seeing it a lot lately.

    • Yes Im having that happen a used to be where I didn’t have the lock on indicator on the right target and that would cause that to happen..but now it’s not that and I’m having to aim at least on the bottom of the super structure to get the shells to fall at the waterline

  12. She would have made a great T6 premium.

  13. Can you do I’ll look back on the Scharnhorst. I was just wondering how to play her and she’s a pretty good ship I’m just wondering about your thoughts of how to play her.

    • I personally have alot of fun with a secondary build for scharn. It may not be optimal but between those secondaries and the torps it gets risky to come close, and you feel like a bully when top tier. Scharn isnt really a proper battleship- its more like a super heavy cruiser. Scharn obliterates cruisers as soon as you get their sides, and its HE isnt too bad for setting fires on bow in BBs with the right commander skill. Dont rush in with her untill you really see a good opportunity, she is fast enough that you can catch up as needed, or push ahead. I average about 80 to 100k damage in randoms with a secondary build scharn, maybe make a commander on the side just to try it. If you get uptierd with that build its also not the worst, the secondaries set enough fires to keep the average damage up. Good luck out there commander!

  14. Glad I saw this! Got it today in a container, I’ll see what I can do with it 🤔

  15. The Poltava is actually a fun ship to play. I hardly ever take her out since I am usually working a grind or a mission…. but it’s adventurous. You can get some pretty massive damage on enemy ships, but yeah… it’s like a game show… will the shells land in the right spots? Still it was a pleasant surprise for me. I enjoy playing her.

  16. 8:14 the guns are not accurate but when they hit they hit. Most of the time you miss or dont hit where you expected, but when you do hit your dopamine explodes. You can see the same phenomenon happen when you get something nice from gammbling boxes. It is something designed to get you addicted to a certain thing. I just recently started thinking about it while playing the game and mostly cause most battles suck no matter whether i carry or not…other ppl i talked to say the same. It feels as if this game is designed like that. Maybe yes…maybe not….i dunno…the thought just hit me when i heard ” the guns are not accurate but when they hit they hit ” . Something just doesnt feel right….right?…then again most mmos are design to take advantage of this human behavior…am i just overthinking this? Its not like wargaming ever goes out of their way to hide it. Some times im thinking that this is not a fun game but a drug. hmmmm….

  17. Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

    Got her from a Santa’s mega container and wow is she fun. First battle in her and I racked up over a 100k damage in a tier 7 match. Helped carry my team to victory.

  18. Just got one in a Santa crate. Seems mediocre with 14 inch guns with bad accuracy at t7 seeing T9 all the time

  19. I have never seen this ship in game before. I thought it was a myth

  20. Take her out for credit grinding and commander XP on Narai runs. Over all it is decent tier 7 BB, no better and no worse than any other tier 7 premium.

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