World of Warships- What The HELL YouTube? Really??

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at some absolutely crappy YouTube Youtubeness! Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Youtube works in mysterious ways. It’s not just content creator stuff, various user-side features break on a regular basis (playlists is the one that breaks most often for me). It kinda feels like YouTube is so spaghetti at this point that any time they change anything something breaks…

  2. About “why” some old videos may been seen now:
    Sometimes WoWs players search for a video about a specific ship to understand how to play it or – if premium ship – the ship is worth it’s money.
    Last video i searched was the Vampire 2. I have Ohio, not sure what to take next in RB.

    • same here got 92K RB points and 31K steel, just trying to figure what to get for it.
      so i’ve been searching older videos for specific ships

  3. michGPAA Webwrangler

    You’re popping up as soon as ya release a vid for viewing. Lately, my salt mine overlord’s vids, I’m not seeing ANY notification that a new video is out. I gotta go to his channel to see it. YT is up to something.

  4. I mentioned it in a reply below, but I’ve noticed now that YouTube has recently integrated the bell which used to be separate directly into the subscribe button. I wonder if maybe that change has switched some people’s notifications from “all” to “personalised” or something. Having said that, all of the people I subscribe to with “all” notifications on before the change are still like that so who knows.

  5. I have never used and never will use notifications. I just view my subscribed to list on youtube to see what’s been released by them on a daily basis. Always interesting to see behind the scenes so don’t mind these kind of videos at al.

  6. Take screenshots whenever YouTube turns the notification settings off. They’ll come in handy.

  7. Also I searched and play your videos on my drive to work in the morning and I do appreciate now. So notifications aren’t needed no matter what

  8. A behind-the-scenes look at how the channels doing and what YouTube doing to you is welcome

  9. Your videos drop right at my lunch time on nightshift. Notifications or not, I enjoy knowing you will be there to keep my mind off work. Hope you enjoyed carrier-con and the Hornet. I saw the Hornet’s sister in Mt. Peasant,SC as a kid. Essex class was a cool bunch!

  10. Sea Lord, your videos are always on top of my options that pop up when I open YouTube. It’s lucky my little channel isn’t monetized!

  11. As soon as you start posting the occasional firearm video, YouTube starts gunning for you (pun intended)

    Keep the Sunday gun videos coming tho

  12. Jingles keeps mentioning other streamers, so I check them out, and my recommended now recommends 1 ship video a day, but it’s not always yours. I prefer jingles commentary, your top 5’s are amazing. I love your ranking teir list.

  13. i think perhaps that information saturation may be playing a small part , i know i personally don`t jump when a top 5 comes out now unless it has a particular twist attached . i would still recommend your videos to watch for new players as they are a great way to learn other ships and how to make informed choices as far as potential purchase`s are concerned . maybe a shake up by making mini series videos following clan battle seasons , high light the team play side of things ? either way don`t give up love your work !

  14. I’ll watch most videos you upload with a delay of a few days (this one though is only 5 hours old at time of comment with 3.7k views)
    Often I don’t tend to jump at videos that showcase premium ships mostly because I don’t, A : play much at the moment & B : Spend money buying premiums.

    I think what could be happening is players are leaving the game for good for whatever reason yet your discord server continues to gather more people into it. Really is strange seeing the performance numbers in a list like that.
    Easy for me to say to try not to worry about it but you put a lot of effort & time into making them so watching how they perform is probably normal for every creator who cares about their channel in the way you do.

  15. I know I started watch SLM more after he randomly called me out for being a CV Chad in my Ark royal to which my clanmates saw it and told me.

  16. I have had no problem with notifications with channel. Other channels I get a notification same day as the video was put up and then I received a second notification 2-3 days later for the same video. A different type of video, after 12.2 releases this week. Review brawling battle ships and describe what you see in the post battle economy. Also does the ship need buffs in some areas like the Pommern. WOWS has formula for ships for each nation such as 6km torps for surface ship why not 8km. why do some German ships have hydro and others do not. How do they perform in game without hydro. Do a top 5 sub video and explain the gimmick characteristics and how they impact the game, what nerfs of buff are needed. Also how many should be allowed in game. Is 3 too many? I had a match with a CV 3xDDs and 3xsubs. There were torpedoes every where. It was total chaos for the early and mid game.

    You can do a video and explain why this not a balance game then create a topic on the forum, post the video and ask for comments. As an example why is shotgunning torps a thing does it have a negative impact give a CV strike, HE spam, and BBs shooting at you. WOWS s split the sub hydro into two different components. I suggest WOWs split DC into two comments: normal DC for ship repair; second setting for dealing with pings on the hull to mitigate homing shotgun torps., This DC should have fast cool down and 5 or 6 charges. Just some thoughts.

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