World of Warships- What The Hell??

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Hey guys, today we have some highlights from Tuesday’s livestream, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. Would it kill WG to do a SMALL redesign of the GKs superstructure to give those rear turrets more gun angle? Seems like its that tiny tower behind the REAR tower thats the problem. Which is why you get better angles BACKWARDS rather then FORWARDS.

    • undertakernumberone1

      I’d also appreciate either Nürnberg turrets instead of the twin 15cm guns or one more turret. there are parts wher eit feels liek there’d be enough space. Currently Kurfürst has less 15cm firepower than Bismarck…

    • They did, its called the pruessen

    • Go Spleef Yourself

      Incorrect, GK firing angles are almost identical with a 1° from forward to rear as rear to forward, so being bow in and presenting your icebreaker than stern in with less protection, same with the Preussen, and infact, Preussen rear to forward to better than it’s forward to rear

  2. Some of those citadels actually made sense, that one at 11km you clearly hit just between the turrets, there isnt any turtleback there and the one at 19km the armour scheme is quite weak to shells that hit at certain angles.

    • why do you think there isnt any ? the turtleback goes all around the ships, as far as i see it on gamemodels3d

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      GK as turning, so it’s possible that its turtleback was raised out of the water, meaning the shells could’ve passed underneath it and went straight for the citadel.

    • @Max No, but if you look at the angle the ship was hit, the turtleback doesnt block hits from this angle, they “missed” the turtleback and hit the citadel

  3. I think the GK Citadel is kinda broken. If i remember correctly Flambass managed to citadel a GK at like 20km with the Mecklenburg in his review – which shouldnt even have enough pen at that range. So yeah seems like something strange is going on there with GK armor

    • You know what ? I sended like 30k dmg in one salvo on a gk at 23km aboard my yamato two weeks ago in ranked. And i dont even have legendary mod so i was surprised that one shell made it to the citadel while the rest just normally damaged the ship. After all he didnt tried to dodge probably because he didnt saw it coming from the other side of the map.

    • Turtle back is only good at close range. At close range aim for GKs super structure.

  4. Christophe Paitrault

    yeah GK at its finest..
    I wish they’d make things more consistent tbh, that’s why I like my Montana, you angle you can tank some dmg, you broadside u dead, as it should be.
    I like my preussen as well, at least the turret angle isn’t as bad as the GK, just wish those german BS would be tanking pushing W instead of running away though

    • Dont forget the tiny bit where Montana’s citadel model extends outside the ship, which causes DD’s to sometimes citadel it

    • GK was my pick for brawls 2v2. Although I had to chew couple if early defeats mainly bitter meeting with red Schliffen, but I changed my tactics and chopped maybe more than half of them later.
      Although I grinded from Rupprecht to Schliffen in middle of brawls, I tried it once only, my DD div mste getting some kind of wife DC, I went back to GK.
      With quite ultimate build, secondaries plus leg module, captain full secondaries build no fire prevention, close quarter maingun captain skill to boost 12barrels reload to asassin speed.
      One match solo killed brawling dumb Petro plus Kremlin with 192K damage within that 10min limit, other match rewarded Incomparable broadside coming out of Island cover with 57K salvo, in another match finished BB while creepy Minotaur pushing behind Island to fish me from knife close range. Below 3km Mino got nose KO salvo 4cit, probably propeller shot at Moon.

      Definitely most funny BB for brawls if you forget having torpedo BB.

      Last cool match I lost early random DD mate to pair of Hindenburgs, most respectable enemy ship for me. One being killed singlehandedly, already under my secondaries reach, gunned him first, second one was tough as my HP burn down already alot, well I had bigger luck ended up with only 360HP left.
      I forgot Lutjens is excellent for this, also used IFHE, it ate most of them alive.

  5. Lol. Love my GK with Lutjens. Finally managed to get enough creds to get Hanover and people are hating on m e so bad lmfao. Weird I’m still making creds with it too :~)

  6. WG really need to refit the whole german BB main line. having that much armor is causing alot of weired penatration even when your angled instead of boosting more protection. but its WG we’er talking. tweeking anything thats german will SURELY cause them to go bankrup.

  7. andreas pedersen

    At range with enough pen, it is possible for some ships to pen upper belt,
    slice through the turtleback and into the citadel.
    It is also possible to citadel through the bow.
    Though it has the ice breaker, if you can overmatch it, let’s say at a 45 degree angle. And reach it’s front citadel which is quite thin. Did even do this to a few bismarcks in my Warspite.

  8. Arizona Anime-Fan

    the cit through the bow was almost a mirror of my petro’s detonation->instant kill of a gk in a match. 100K damage, one salvo from a petro thanks to a detonation. right through the bow at almost the exact same position only mirrored from about 14km.

  9. When a german bb is broadsided the best way to citadel them is to somehow land the shells on the back flanck. For some reason, the back has a lower angle than the front and can be citshot if the ship is broadsiding resulting as a easier way to citshot german bb. It works on the two bismarcks, and the GK as i have personnaly experienced ingame while aiming closer so the salvo landed on the back part instead of the middle.

  10. Sometimes I suspend my disbelief, atleast GK has 420mm guns. So I can somewhat believe one of those plunging into the cit. But I’ve had 2 games now where I’ve citadeled a GK and a Pommern in a cruiser, at around 16/17km. Once in the Cherbourg and once in Moskva. I’m guessing the shells magically tumbled down the smokestack into the citadel.

  11. Fun video to watch. Your reactions are great. Have no idea how you can even make out that they had an Azur Lane flag.
    Did the Azur Lane event for the first time this year. It was kind of fun. Got the commanders Azuma and Prinz Eugen. Though I have yet to get their respective ships.

    • Azuma is mediocre as a ship, just get Yoshino and put Azuma as the captain on that, it’s what I did.

      Prinz, though, is one of the best T8 prems in my opinion

    • @Weaboo Trash Keep in mind I’m a free to play player. So even if I want them in their ships, it probably wont happen for a long time. Did have 3 days to try the Prinz Eugen and it was nice. That said, I have little good experiences playing at tier 9. All thanks to the Iowa as it is my highest tier ship.

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues full penning big BB’s broadsides.

  13. Master OfTheDeathwing

    ii just recently came back after a 2 year break, and im already thinking of taking a break games are absolutely shit lately
    one game yesterday, 4 DDs on my team, none of them wanted to spot, so we got naliled.
    next game, 5 guys on my team heading to A. 1 enemy Fuso shows up. all 5 guys at A retreat and hand the fuso the cap, then let the fuso chase them right over to south of C, we lose the game, because the rest of the team has to face literally everything but 1 ship, fails. dies. the guys still running from the 1 fuso eventually run into them, die.

  14. Can you do a vid on the 10 best T10 tech-tree ships. Or even a look at all the tech trees and identify the T10 ships worth grinding to. Thanks.

  15. Forester Logs on Trucks

    Why no fire prevention skill? Friends don’t let friends BBwout FP

  16. The RNG gods blessed you , but they will come for what is due later.

  17. Hey Sea lord, have been enjoying your vids, but a quick question, what commander and ship builds would you run on Colorado, North Carolina, and the Lexington, Im trying to get Halsey in his campaign, and am only one tier 6 with New Mexico and Ranger, it seems from the campaign missions that bbs and cvs are better suited to complete the campaign. This would be a big help, Thanks for reading.

  18. I mean even at extreme ranges it’s still uncommon to get the citadels on The German BBs. Always a fun surprise when it happens. Rep is kinda weird in the same way, she eats random citadels at awkward angles, and it’s usually just in front of the turrets. Always gotta remember the RNG on top of the RNG on here, The yellow pen zone for a shell where it “may or may not pen”. Always leads to stupid inconsistency.

  19. Blessed be the German armor cuz there’s only Curses in their Gun Sites…

  20. 9:40 he finally noticed that GK have weakness behind 3rd tower. its his weak spot and many player have no idea it exist

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