World of Warships- What You Need To Know In Order To Counter Submarines

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Hello guys, today we go over the fundamentals of submarines and discuss what you need to know in order to best defend yourself from them. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:28 Torps
7:47 Submarine Detect/Spotting & Finding Subs
12:07 Depth Charging Damage VS Subs
13:08 Shotgunning


  1. Very good and informative video.
    on a CA when you see the torps using dcp is already too late – they will still most likely hit you – just for a bit lower amount of damage.
    Also good subs that use homing torps are stagering the launch of the torps and the pings. They basically launch a 2nd group of torps at 20-40s after the first salvo. And kaunch the ping after the first pings get DCPed. Also they dont launch the 2nd group of torps before getting double ping on enemy so that they will be non guided torps for a while and switch to guided mode with the next ping after DCP

  2. But here’s the issue that I find alot in many ships, the ASW plane’s range on many ships are VERY short so short in fact that a lot of subs sail right outside your ASW range but they can still ping and torp you. I feel like alot of the ASW ranges should be normalized so you can actively fight back. If you try to sail towards them then you either get hounded by their team or if it’s a sub with backward facing tubs, it can run away once you start getting closer.

    • @Rene Garcia even worse

    • Massa is 5km as well.

    • Yeah… was harrassed by one in my Massa, who only has 5 km. So he stayed outside my spotting range. Since the BB only got 5 km ASW, it became a nightmare. Considered how long time it takes for the planes to get there. it usually has moved from the place it pinged. I see quite a few have learnt to drop torps then move while pinging making it harder to guess.

    • Most ASW on the high tiers is 10km but some of the OP ships like Masa, Musashi or Jean Bart have been given 5km ASW as a way to balance them. Not saying its right just how it is.

  3. Yes simple on paper, easy to demonstrate in training room, but now try it in random and don’t forget wg said they want them in ALL game mode so now imagine ranked, clan battle and king of the sea

  4. So in other words if you get a double homing they turn into underwater AIM9-L missiles

  5. The issue is, like with CVs, you can barely counter them…
    WG either has to shorten the dive time significantly or just remove those stupid homing torpedos. Also, the faster a subarine goes, the bigger the detection radious should be, just like IRL.
    Just remember, when you play in a ship, you know have to pay attention to other ships shooting you, invisible DDs AND Submarines torping you and CVs murdering you from any direction above… FUN

    • Yeah, WG is notoriously bad at game balance seemingly never playing their own game. I think the only reasons we don’t have subs in Legends….yet….is I’m not sure consoles have the resources to also render an underwater environment and destroyers in Legends pretty much all have concealment buffs compared to their PC counterparts and so effectively are subs already, just with more guns and utility.
      On top of that, most battleships have zero counter play or even any ability to defend themselves from destroyers other than “run away and hope the dd player makes a whole bunch of mistakes over at least two minutes”, which is about the minimum number of salvos needed to maybe kill a dd with a battleship.
      Then, of course, there are carriers who get to sit in the back of back of the map, risking even less than dds, getting free damage and utility and screwing up the game for every ship type.

    • WG believes that it’s user base are too stupid to play their game. So, dynamic stats are not gonna, happen.

      I say… Remove player controlled ASW strikes, and the auto CV’s ones… then put a detection bar on the UI for subs (which increases, as they are spotted), and when it gets to 100%. They automatically get detonated by cosmetic, ASW planes. (As for periscope depth… limit it’s draw distance to 6km or something; kinda like cyclones.) (As for homing torps… cap the number they can use, per game.)

    • @Rene Garcia Had the same thought about auto ASW strikes… we don’t have to manually fight planes as well.

  6. Counter submarines ? The single most important thing: *ramming speed*
    Edit: This video is excellent and very informative. It’s PQ “Aiming guide” level of quality. Keep up the good work and thank you !

  7. Meanwhile CV players: i dont need to know anything, it is automated

  8. Honestly my biggest complaint is that it is another strain on damage con. It’s already a skill to use your damage cons properly to deal with flooding and fires. This should have it’s own thing – maybe a skillcheck?

    • This is the dumbest fucking mechanic Wargaming has ever put into the game. Why is it sort hard to have a separate consumable to counter a sonar ping?

    • @Andrew Gledhill Because then it would be a no-brainer to counter the ping when you need, now it’s going to hurt you against other ships.

    • @Chris Schack 90% of the time you need that damage con. To actually heal bloody damage and put out fires and floods. I don’t want to be wasting it on a bloody sub

    • I’m ok with the homing ping on the ship, but there needs to have something like a ping reduction value for ships, like how there are torpedo damage reduction.

  9. A bit of experience: subs at periscope depth are vulnerable to gunfire. Secondary guns on things like german BB or Massachusetts work really well if someone spots the sub

  10. I see a sub, I run away. WG wants passive playstyle, no problem.
    Your advice is good in general, but the limited ASW range, the limited time till you can react, the high speed of subs makes it almost impossible to counter them at T10.
    DDs should not even try to drop charges, that is almost impossible to get over a sub unless you are in the endgame and it has no support.
    Hydrophone is ridiculous too. It can detect you from miles away so good luck to evade.

  11. Comment section has some pretty interesting take or maybe a lot of people are venting which is understandable. Great Training video and hopefully this helps a lot of the player base to help understand subs and make adjustments. It won’t be easy but videos like this helps a lot.

  12. So group up to reduce damage. Seems like a familiar message that we got when another class was introduced. Lemming trains for the win I guess.

  13. Still think subs should take 4x fire and flooding damage. With flooding preventing them from diving of having to emergency surface.

  14. YOU FORGOT THE BIGGEST ONE: UK DDs are awesome at sinking submarines: Particularly Lightning! Lightning is super maneuverable, has deadly depth charges especially if you’re using demolition expert which you should be anyway for increasing the already good fire chance of your HE shells, You hunt him with your hydro, even though you only spot him at 2k it’s not difficult to find him if you’ve got a clue as to where he is. Your hydro lasts a full 3 minutes, I’ve sunk 2 “separated” subs within one hydro charge…”Surprise MFer”! You’ve also got smoke for in case you get spotted in route. Dude! Lightning hunts submarines like no other DD: other UK DDs are good but Lightnings’ maneuverability/turn radius/acceleration reigns supreme. One rack of depth charges is usually enough, they hit HARD and because of your hydro are usually well on target. The new subs however have more HP so… maybe use both racks!
    Hint: use 3/4 or 1/2 throttle to tighten up your turn radius if needed. And hey… Lightning is a fun DD to play anyway! If you’re playing Lightning in a sub game, subs are “your responsibility”!

  15. problem with your solution to popping damage con is that the sub will have torps again in 30-ish seconds. What BB can escape from a sub in 30 seconds? so yeah, you will escape the salvo, but the next salvo will sink you.

  16. Are they going to out sonar on DD’s? I find it interesting that we have subs with homing torpedoes, but no sonar on DD’s and maybe CL as well. Make it so that deploying sonar forces the ship to go slower or whatever, but spot subs a ways away. This way, a team can take out the sonar boat more easily, but the sonar boat can spot the sub.

  17. Main problem I see is that you hae to be focused on dealing with the DD, while dodging/firing at other surface ships/islands AND planes

  18. Radars work very well on vertical metallic uprights, such as yacht masts and submarine periscopes so subs should be detected by any non fully submerged submarine.

    • Wargaming: “We are too lazy to implement line of sight for radar, so radar will work to see ships through islands. It’s totally not overpowered.”
      Also Wargaming: “Radar isn’t able to spot what should by all means be an easy target for it to see, we don’t want it to be overpowered”

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