World of Warships- What’s Causing These Blowout Matches?

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Hey guys, today I walk you guys through some things I’ve noted about the shift in high tier game play recently and some causes of this shift, at least in my opinion. Again, everything is my opinion, but feel free to let me know what you guys think below!

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  1. i dont play after everyone gets home from work and school, early in the morning is the best time.

  2. The same old problem but worst, THE MATCH MAKING…

  3. Completly agree on all points.
    The HE cruisers are bad, but worst are the HE BBs. Nowadays almost every match has at least one Thunderer per side, mostly played by bad players sitting in spawn and chuncking you with high damage and fires even when angled. No real counterplay. And don’t get me started on CVs…

  4. Yesterday I was in my FDG and push a flank among three ships. So, we came across with one Pommern, one Bismarck and one DD. Suddenly I noticed I was putting up a fight alone against the three enemies. I battled 3 or 4 minutes alone with no support against 2 BBs and 1 DD and my teamates simply vanished. Then, when I sunk the Pommern (almost already with no HP) my teamates showed up again (that is, “now is clear by the idiot FDG and I can push” ). I sunked soon after. But it was too late and the morons died one by one… So, people dont understand that this is a teamwork game.

    • Yep i realized WoW players jusr do 180 when they see an enemy, but its understandable, you get massacred by CVs and if you die you cant play again, you need to wait 20 mins to play again haha
      Thats why when a team gives fuck and just charge, they normally zerg the enemy tem while they try to run away

  5. I’ve noticed this increasing of late… Sure there are some “balanced” battles… both teams win some, lose some, it’s a neck-and-neck game that stretches out to a really close, almost “photo-finish”. But the majority recently seem to be either our team will completely steamroll the other team in a brief mop-up operation, or the other team just goes through our fleet like Taco Bell and cheap beer… and a couple of us end up in a last stand against a near intact enemy.

  6. The HE spam is what causes most of these from what i’ve noticed. People see a ship which can spit out HE, so they just run in the opposite direction, leaving guys with actual balls to try and push caps for the team just to get farmed because lololol HE spam fair balanced gameplay sure sure. Just gets so annoying when you’re in your secondary build ships trying to push forward just to get rinced by those types of ships, which are causing your lemmings of teammates to hide back and leg it so they can die slower and without real purpose…

  7. I had a 19 loss streak earlier this week, a majority of those games I ranked top 3 but the main reason we lost is because people all lemming train to 1 point….and not even manage to cap it. Everyone is so afraid to die or lose health it becomes a chore to even try anything. If you’re a destroyer you get cowards who huddle behind islands and become all packed in 1-2 tiles. Battleship? Watch your dds suicide within 5 mins leaving no scouts. Noone can be relied on anymore, I got a friend to play with luckily but the teams we get deserve to play tier 2-6 again honestly…

    edit: another example of teams who don’t do anything, as a BB, somehow i solo 2 dds by myself, whilst 2 others gawk and don’t even cap, people these days are worse than bots.

    • They’re really not also I’m sure it took you a while to git gud!

    • @Anton Gebhardt I’m not saying i’m good, I just say I always try to take initiative and lead where noone else does. If that earns me points then it shows I’m doing the right thing.

    • yea yesterday I had a loosing streak in one match I got a kraken, 190k dmg, I was the only person to sink anything, then the enemy focus fired the team, one by one until they won, my team stayed at the bottom line, I don’t often get a kraken but i was ffs win please!!!

    • Even war of Warships legends I get this all the time and I sick of it and why I play the game less often

  8. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys some clarifications/corrections:

    1. The roughly 40 games to get a TX claim: I’m talking about someone who spends money on special signal flags, special camo, and premium time. Using that exact same method, I got to the Moskva in ~50 games using my stockpile of special signal flags and special camos, and I didn’t start really grinding until the Chappy. I went from the Donskoi to the Moskva in 5 games using this method. Keep in mind that these special signal flags give you a huge boost to your FXP as well.

    2. Needing a TX to grind FXP: You can grind FXP on any ship that has elite status, however the point does still stand that anyone who grinds out enough FXP to get a FXP ship will have more than enough experience with the game to know what they’re doing

    3.Some seem to think I meant CVs can constantly get through AA with no losses, I was referring to unicum/high skilled CV players attacking a group of 2-3 ships that are not AA ships. By “losses” I mean losing more than 2-3 planes. 2-3 planes is a fairly low price to pay for 26,400 damage, especially when MVRs DB squads are massive. Thats the equivalent of losing maybe 5k HP in a BB when you just did 26,400 to the enemy ship.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten we shouldn’t get rid of high teir premiums just make it so that u must research a ship of the same Teir as the one u are gonna buy

    • I don’t think every new players spend the money to get all those camos and signals. And you still have to be reasonably good to get a high base xp. A new player averaging 500xp a game will level faster now with all those boosters than they would have 5 years ago but it still won’t be that fast.

    • Yup then people like me that mostly earned the PR now because of the way wows handled the dam thing can’t even enjoy playing her with out hearing chickenshit crap from other players

    • Thing is.
      If you’re a GOOD, player you can get to T10 in 50 games.

      If you’re an actual ‘n00b who can’t play well enough to handle yourself in T8-T10’ games it’s going to take 10X that long, even with all the flags and a single-minded dedication to playing just one ship.

    • @George U
      Fighter spotting is ridiculous. This all but makes all the ninja DDs next to useless. And we’re an important part of the ecosystem. or we were.

      CVs are nearly invulnerable to everything other than total team collapse, that’s silly.

      Carriers should fragile, vulnerable to fire, and torpedo attack. Keeping themselves safe should require something other than “Having more sense not to accidentally sail straight into the cap.”

      The other day I set on one fire 4 times as I was running it down at the end of the game. This did nothing to stop it from launching endless waves of planes. I couldn’t effectively catch it, or kill it with my guns.

      So a Lexington, running from a full health Harugumu. A T8 CV caught with its pants down shouldn’t really have to worry about getting jumped by one of the scariest gunboats in the game?

  9. I agree with your points: Tier 8/9/10 premium and way easier to grind are key contributors to potatoes at high tier.

    The question is why isn’t WG using better mechanisms for team distribution of players? WG knows there are analytical approaches to find correlations on the makeup of players and these blowouts. Simply using Tier of ship is NOT adequate. The captain records must be taken into account in terms of multiple aspects:
    * The avg dmg for that captain overall, on that class, on that ship
    * The stack ranking of this captain in his teams at game end overall, for the ship class, for the specific ship (in top 4 most times? In bottom 4 most times?)
    * The win for that captain overall, on that class, on that ship
    * The number of avg kills for that captain overall, on that class, on that ship
    * The average time living for that captain overall, on that class, on that ship (dies in first 3 minutes, etc)
    * The play style (a bit more difficult to quantify) for that class of ship and specific ship: suicidal, aggressive, average, passive potato

    I bet there are clear indicators in those stats that correlate with blowouts. there is a tipping point. One team has 5, the other 9. Blowout.

    Note: I’d assert I’d rather have a team of aggressive players, even border-line suicidal than the passive long distant useless potato.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      ya taking in captain points would work sort. i been playing since cb and i still dont have a 19 point captain lol but i play for fun like suiciding and such just bought a kidd and had a haida but my others were all free

    • The worst is even developers had stated they only take care for Newbies opinions

    • Indeed! I find the Matcher doesn’t make good teams. I find myself alone many times with my comrades getting ambushed. Then I am being shelled by 4 or 5 ships. Those that are left are more than willing to see you draw the enemy’s fire. Zigging zagging and running like hell sometimes gets you away. You are lucky you stay afloat to the end. They do need to work on the Matcher.

  10. Okay I’m a newish player (if you can even call me that now as I have 300 hours in the game and over 700 matches) and this is the stuff which is making me consider why I still play this game, I feel as if I’m going insane from how dedicated I am to getting to a tier 10. Nearly every match is a blowout match and I’m nearly always on the losing side, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on the winning side of a blowout match and it’s getting on my nerves having to watch the match just be oh wow we lost another ship. I get surprised when I look up on the ship count and we haven’t been completely steam rolled yet, and every match I go into I have to go up against a team of uptiered premium ships and getting my citadel and deck looking like Swiss cheese by the end of it. Why do I still play this god damn game.

  11. I can tell you the issue, there’s just so many bad, untrained, inexperienced players coming into the game recently. It’s not hard to find at least a couple sub 40% WR players with like 20k average damage on your team at T10 that have absolutely no idea how to play the game and usually end up suiciding within the first 5 minutes after showing broadside to 3 battleships… Stack a few of those on your team, boom you got a steamroll… I mean just a couple games ago I had a Pommern on my team that hid in the back sniping with HE… Looked up his stats, 200 games and a 35% WR… at T9.

    I started playing 5 or 6 years ago and I remember how bad the grind was, it took me months on and off to grind up to the Montana. But you know what, I was already a solid player by T5. All those games taught me what I should be doing, who to target, when to use HE or AP, how to outplay and out think my opponents strategically, how to play to your ships strengths, how to analyze your ships armor and then use it in game, e.t.c. That’s just something new players don’t have to do anymore to grind through the ranks. And it’s not like WG is gonna make any changes to that…

    The solution, introduce skill based MM. Match bad players with bad players, good players with good players. This would make games much more exciting and nail biting. Or make the MM calculate and match the WR of both teams within a few percent.

    And just so I don’t get called out, I don’t consider myself the worst player or the best player, I have a 55% WR and a 1746 PR which according to wows-numbers is Very Good. Borderline on the great rating.

  12. There should be some kind of “Minimum Requirements” like 100 random battles per tier to either buy a premium ship, play any rank or clan battles. And it needs to be posted clearly, i.e., tier 6 needs 600 random battles to either buy or play any rank or cb’s. Now watch the fallout from these statements, lol.

  13. The moment Wg put Smolensk in game ,the game is gone,since then HE spamers goes to the roof,till then game was ok,and then comes 1000+smolensk in game and you /me rest of the BB cant do much against those HE spamers.i was burn down from smolensk so many times i even stop playing Kremlin beacuse of that.I like the game fwe h a day but with so many new ship (money ships) like Pomern with better seconday then GK or FDG ,dd with high speed torps,those dd shits torps like 30 sec reload bb,and it’s not wonders why no one wanna push and hold the flank,,,,,anw good point on video,and keep up with theme like this…

  14. i grinded 5 nations tech trees with a free account, without spending a single dolar or using the free xp earned, now…you see players at t10 without any skill or knowledge, i mean…u can die for a bad choice or a bad rng, of course…but when see players just going in suicide mission in the first minute, broadside or dds shooting in the caps…that is when u start thinking, WTF is wrong with wg? instead of giving higher tiers a better experience because they should be the veterans of the game….nope…lets fuck the game so no one is getting fun of it

  15. Blowouts are frankly the result of people getting scared. HE spammers are incredibly annoying and really make people turn away because of the damage ( and annoy ) they do. Combine that with nobody wants to push anymore because all the ships WG introduces are long range artillery ships. Except for the KW, very few people will use their German ships to go brawl because nobody will follow you.

    Massa, same problem. Short range main guns, you move closer, you get focused down by 2,3,4,5 ships and … where is your backup? 5km behind you, shooting at the max range of their guns ( with horrible shell dispersion ). You stay there maybe 3, 4, 5 minutes, tanking damage. 2M, 3M damage tanked before you go down ( most of the time thanks to Carriers ). You team? Now they finally move up a bit and get killed because they do so 1 by 1. While the enemy team on that flank health wise is still ok, because, say it after me: Long range sniping! Any team with a bit of semi competent players, who angle, simply hold you down like its nothing. And my god if only two ships start moving forward, your entire flank collapses instantly.

    There is no intensive to close range brawl. Sure, your secondaries do damage but you can do more damage with long range snipping because you live longer. That extra damage your secondaries do, is mitigated by you dying and having a short game.

    And do not get me started on CV’s that make a lot of tactics totally useless. How many times i try to be sneaky to get spotted by the CV. Even if they cut detection down in the new AA rework, it still can not compete at getting spotted. Something that works on lower tiers, does not work on tier 8+. DD sneaking the flanks is close to impossible anymore.

    Let not forget Radar, Sonar and everything else. No wonder that the meta for “sneaky torp” boats is as good as dead in T8+ games and its all about HE spamming gunboats. You can simply not even play tactically because everybody and everything is spotted constantly.

    Its not a problem of new players but a problem of WG constantly selling new toys that unbalance the game ( gunboats, HE spammers, long range snipers or a combination of those 3 ). As a result, any player will simply try to survive by playing passive. Fck, i even had it happen in Ranked Sprint 3vs3, where a Georgia and another BB, simply slowed down and kept waiting for me, in Pomm to go first. Only to then park behind a island, try to snipe ( what did not work because 50% less viability and angled enemies ). while i needed to tank the damage to cap / prevent the enemy from winning by points. When i fall back because my ship is starting to fall apart and i need time to get some heals going, … they fall back ensuring all focus stays on me. Only when i die, they move in and die. Not the only time this happened.

    Its the EXACT same gameplay you see in random but then on a micro scale. Let the other guy go first so the enemy target him and i can farm points. Teamplay? Please … !!! Its become even more then in the past about point farming then anything else. And the best way is to border hump, island hump and prevent the enemy from scratching your paint. To the point we see New Mexico’s end up with 90% intact health because they turn away the moment enemies move towards their position.

    If you want to blame anybody, blame WG that increased this behavior to the extreme with the constant new ship spamming/selling. Its all about the next unicorn that people buy and the next and … and unicorns only sell great if they are special. Special as in do lots of damage, survive and be a pest/bully to other players. And F the meta while selling all those ships. CV’s is a clear indicator of how broken a design is and yet, nothing gets done to it. The new AA rework is a bandied on a bigger issue.

  16. What’s Causing These Blowout Matches?
    Answer: Noobs
    Was not that hard. XD

  17. I think that ”newer players cause blowout matches” is overblown. i also think ”newer players should play lower tier ships to get good” is a stupid concept in a game that at low and midtier plays *vastly* different than at high tier.

    people love to blame new players for bad stuff happening to their game, but face it, the biggest problem this game faces in regards to blowout matches is the godawful HE spam Gunboat and CV meta.

    Go out alone or in a small group in a ship ? you’re dead. Noone wants to break from the fleet because the CV will target you relentlessly.

    Want the fleet to push ? noone will push because they will get HE spammed to death relentlessly by the usually 5/6 enemy clowns sailing smolensks, frieslands, colberts, harugumos and what have you.

    And WG has and still continues to push this meta, the addition of ESPECIALLY the Smolensk and Friesland marked very clearly where the game is going, passive, island sitting gameplay where you park your favourite gunboat cruiser or DD behind the island and press LMB over and over again.

    The addition of soviet battleships and their bowtanks didnt help the game either.

    Radar was introduced because DD’s once were dominating, causing them to have to play way more passively.

    The only DD’s that can still be reasonably enjoyable in high tier are those that are smoke sitting gunboats or AA deathtraps, anything else is essentially useless.

    CV’s hold way too much sway over the outcome of a match, especially at top tier. the fact that after a good year WG still hasnt decided to fix the AA across their existing ships prove they dont really care all that much about balancing them.

    I am probably forgetting some things, but its very clear at least to me that WG for the past couple of years has been pushing this passive meta of camping and spamming, causing players that are somewhat competent at playing this game doing exactly what you described, they dont push, they camp, they dont break and flank, they sail in large groups to avoid planes.

    Don’t blame ”newer players” buying premium ships for causing blowouts, nor blame wargame for selling these ships. Blame WG for turning their game into a passive campfest.

  18. “You are our last hope,” should be my new game name.

  19. I’m still relatively a new player with a Baltimore and Colorado being my highest ships. I was given a 50% off on the mass and pommern at different times and bought both. I’ve begun to learn the play style from big name youtubers and what works the best by getting into medium to close range engagements. I’ve been able to hold my own and know what to fight and what not to and survive pretty well. But the second I’m spotted by anything that spams HE I just get melted. With my Balt I don’t have the dpm to do anything and my mass/pomm I can’t get the secondaries in close enough or the accuracy to hit shit. I’m loving the game, but it’s testing my patience with the love for unbalanced bs

    Ps, love how my AA on something like my mass is just as effective as it is on an in upgraded t3 German BB

  20. The answer is simple: players, especially at high tier are generally selfish and the XP reward algorithm STILL primarily looks at individual damage dealt, which is why you see players focusing on padding their damage stats as soon as the team falls to a disadvantage.

    If WG change the algorithm so that damage dealt is one of the least important stats and the team play stats are put as the primary measures then players will be forced to focus on helping the team and work to turn games around instead of turning tail and running for the corners and leaving teammates to get focused down one by one.

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