World of Warships – What’s Going On?

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What have I been up to for a little over a week at this point? I’ve been dealing with a illness and just couldn’t work on videos or streaming in that time. Wargaming has also been pretty busy with drama, I try to just address excitement around it. Finally, I’m just not comfortable remaining a single game content creator. I will be trying to make more videos about other games. Hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

American Battleship Missouri Replay


  1. The_fog_invader

    Ok so your not dead thank god

  2. It’s so good to sea u back

  3. Good u still alive 🙂 I thought u already sink to bottom of ocean

  4. Vegard Løfaldli

    Yey, Notser’s back 😀 I dont care what you play, I’ll watch your videos anyway 🙂 Lots of youtubers (many of those with let’s plays) got several games going on at the same time 🙂 Play what you feel is fun and entertaining.

  5. WG na lied out of their arses. No proof. Totally made up accusations. They don’t even have anything to do with sirfoch.

  6. Glad to see that you’re back and doing ok Notser, we missed you buddy!! Also, WG better use their premium dmg control consumable or the community will earn the arsonist and whitherer award, no? 😉

  7. start a total war series!

  8. Notser back that means he’s going to pull notser!

  9. Hope the herpes is clearing up, no need to apologise tho Notser.

  10. How can there be a copyright strike if WG, in written form, permitted everybody to use their intellectual property. Secondly, in that very video Foch has used a third party website. So nothing from WG showed up in that video

  11. how about we start blaming youtube directly for creating this possibility in the first place, maybe if a developer puts in fake copyright strikes they themselves should be fined or other punishements like flogging

  12. It sounds like some of the staff at wargaming don’t “get” the internet. I run into this a lot. They are hiring the wrong kind of marketing people or there is some executive who is new to the internet business. Trying to strictly control this kind of publicity usually backfires. A company has to embrace it, the good and the bad. Claiming copyright privileges especially can kill the golden goose.

  13. Don’t APOLOGIZE just because you are sick. Explain but don’t apologize for being sick as though you planned to avoid your duties like a naughty boy!!! You’re great Notser! Get well! I agree with your analysis too!

  14. Wow I never expected WG to follow in Gaijin’s footsteps

  15. Notser, I noticed you get sick quite often… is there something chronic associated with this it all (assuming you’d be okay with sharing)?

  16. why talk so long about that, or even talk about it at all

  17. World of Warships - Captain Kittredge

    Glad you’re feeling better Notser

  18. I’m all for thrashing WG but I’m surprised no one here or anywhere is being harsher on how YouTube handles copyright claims in the first place.

  19. Why are u always sick man??? WHISKEY trust me, no virus will ever get into u.

  20. you should do Verdun! great game and they just teased new eastern front content!

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