World of Warships- What’s In Store For 2021?

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Hey guys, today I go over some predictions for how 2021 is gonna go for the game, enjoy!

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  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I dont recall where I saw that WG had around 40 r 50 ships in the drawing board If we exclude Leone, Tone, Ise and the like, there is still quite a lot to see Maybe the long awaited ww1 BCs? That would be nice Italian CVs are possible if they use the Aquila Also, panEuro cruisers exist Canarias, De Ruyter and more,

    • I think they mentioned something like that in a devblog stream, and that the process of introducing ships incl design takes up to 1.5 years depending on the ship/line. So I guess 2021 will be quite filled like 2020 was – indeed hoping for panEuro lines. Radar cruisers with 20km range with 2 second duration 😉

  2. Hey Sea Lord,
    could u maybe do a vid about escort CVs and how u expect they are gonna be like.

  3. January 1st 2021, WG announces the surprise release of the first Submarine hybrid in the game, ARP collaboration I-401 “Iona” with six forward and two aft type 93 mod 3 torpedo tubes and the ability to launch a squadron of torpedo bombers on a 2.5 minute cooldown when surfaced.

  4. Perfect 2021 for me has RN, KM battlecruiser splits, followed by announcement of Commonwealth DD/Cruiser tech tree lines. It’s about time the Commonwealth got some love!

    • Canada approves this message.

    • Definitely RN and KM BC splits up to tier VI! Going to tier X wouldn’t be possible since the German and British didn’t build anymore battlecruiser classes after the Mackensen and Renown classes which would both be tier VI’s. Hood however is the actual last British BC be she is already in the game so the Renown would be the last in the British line and Mackensen like the premium Printz Eitel Friedrich would be the last for the Germans. Hopefully wargaming could make that work.

    • @Steven Moore So, I can’t speak to the KM one so much, as it would rely a lot more on paper ships. But RN could absolutely be done realistically from T3 all the way to T10. T3: HMS Invincible. T4: HMS Indefatigable (Could add HMAS Australia or HMS New Zealand here as a Commonwealth premium). T5: HMS Queen Mary or Princess Royal (Lion Class)(Could add one not chosen as premium). T6: HMS Tiger (Could add HMS Courageous as premium, probably in original design and not as hybrid ship). T7: HMS Renown/Repulse (Could add either as a premium as well). Starting at T8, you move slightly closer to the idea of fast-battleships over battlecruisers. T8: Admiral class (Same as Hood, just give her her planned refit). T9: G3 class (these were ordered but almost immediately cancelled). T10: HMS Incomparable (Sea-Lord would love this as it’s another 20-inch gunned ship, with speed and OK armour, and quite a well-known, albeit silly design).

      All of these were either real ships or rather well known designs. G3 is kind of already in the game as HMS Nelson, which was design O3, but design O3 is a bit of a scaled down G3 in a sense so that’ll account for it being at T9.

  5. Italian DDs are one of the few historical lines yet to be added. BTW, you are focused on new ships introduction, but there are quite a lot of game mechanic changes on the horizon: captain skills rework, ranked battles rework. Maybe 3v3 will become a permanent game mode next year. Maybe they will add arms race to random queue.

  6. The last thing this game needs are he spammers and expensive garbage premiums. I would like to have an italian destroyer line

  7. I for one dont like the idea of subs in the game.

  8. submarines definitely bad for the game, hybrids I’m not sure about. I’m still hoping they’ll put CV’s in their own game mode, but I know it’s a fantasy to hope for.

  9. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    we dont really need more ships, we need more battle types……like 1v1, more ways to get premium without paying for it as well

  10. I’d honesty would like to see the Italian destoryers tech line come out

  11. I’d like to see a USN DD split like the IJN.

  12. There’s a lot of things wargaming has said that they will never do… and eventually did anyway

  13. British and German Battlecruisers would be a full line. There are enough designs for full lines.

  14. Yo, don’t forget the Soviet CV’s with Jetplanes shooting Nukes.

  15. Come on we all know what’s coming Russian Cv’s with cruise missile rocket plains, submarine style seeker torpedos and captured fritz x horizontal bombers that you steer in and get detonations instead of citadels.

    Though in all seriousness. I would like some commonwealth ships as long as we get commanders with unique voice lines and accents from the various colonies.

  16. Italians had one unfinished CV in port like the Germans.

  17. How about we STOP with the new ships and concentrate on Historic Battles, Night Battles, Asymmetric battles, more 1v1 and 3v3 battles. New ships to play on the same old maps in the same old ways, uh uh.

  18. Sorry, I just can’t support most of your hopes and recommendations for new ships and line splits, not without fundamental changes and enhancements to maps and game modes.

  19. I cant imagine we get Italian BB early access until at least February of next year. They only get into ST at the very end of october.

  20. I feel like the commonwealth tree should get some love… maybe with a dd line?

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