World of Warships- Whats Worse For The Game? Submarines? Or Superships?

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Hello guys, today we discuss which of the more recent additions to the the game are more harmful. Subs, or Superships? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. CVs since 2019, Superships since 2020 and subs since 2022.
    Some may said these adding kept the game more interesting, maybe.But it’s more annoying to deal with these things than feeling fun playing against them
    ” CVs and Subs supposed to be vunreble and attack from long range/stealth” , so then why my ships game became a “hide and seek” but the hiders can shit on me with little to any punishment
    “Superships supposed to be overwhelmingly powerful ” , then why are they exist, how about the game balance while there’re many old ships already getting power creep aka Zao

  2. Both are causing the same fundamental issue, which is further pushing battle engagements farther and farther away than they already were. They also make pushing way more punishing, making it less worthwhile to push.

    • @StarshipEnterprise I don’t see the point you’re trying to make about what I said being , “bullshit”. Subs from what I’ve seen rarely ever travel too far to engadge camping ships 20km away unless the battle has gone on that long for then to travel that far which is also rare. They more commonly make it harder for DD’s to cap because they outspot them, and they can just shotgun them with homing torps.. Or they make a pushing BB’s life a living nightmare by just the pings alone, forcing the BB to juggle between choosing to DCP to avoid the sub torps or to avoid the multiple fires they inevitably have to endure when pushing. And your point about if you don’t push anyways, the superships will bleed you out just supports my point about the battle engagements being pushed out further.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Ett Gammalt Bergtroll not like its been that way since the start of the game or anything

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings It wasn’t. 2015 was much more engaging.

    • What’s real funny to watch is having a sub spend the whole game chasing the CV, only to be instantly killed by it’s automated planes.

    • @Ett Gammalt Bergtroll if i didn’t have the moskva , i would have quit by now ,
      it is nice to be able to hit some thing at 20 k ,

  3. Subs will easily be worse overall. There is no counter despite what WG might try to tell you. Subs can ping 360 so you don’t even know what direction it’s heading when you see the ping then you gotta drop you ASW plans (if you have them) and wait 10 seconds before they even drop by then any half decent sub is nowhere near where the ping was. Super ships you just gotta do damage like every other ship

  4. The problem I find with superships is that they weren’t invented because they would be ‘fun’ or a ‘logical progression of the game’.

    They were invented expressly to ‘solve a problem’. The problem was that WG realized the way economic bonuses worked and the repair cost being reduced by 50% on perma-camo tier 10s meant that people could exclusively playing tier 10, which meant the lower tiers were getting less and less people and people were making bank still playing the tier 10s. So they bought in the Superships to act as ‘credit sinks’, reworked how often they awarded economic bonuses (remember +20% credits use to be a fairly common flag) so people would be forced to go back to the lower tiers to grind credits in order to play the superships.

    The thing it is that it STILL hasn’t solved that problem because they *also* release tier 9 premiums, which means most people are instead just going to play their tier 9 premiums and not go back to tiers 5-7 to regrind credits. This leads into what I think caused Submarines to be added. WoWs audience isn’t new players, it’s mostly established players, Superships were meant as a way to force old players back to the lower tiers but that didn’t work so instead they bought in Submarines because they need *that* to engage a new audience.

    And just like the CV rework, they don’t care if it shits on the game because the ‘old audience’ usually isn’t going to go anywhere (they’re already hooked), they’re going to cram them in there and make them OP so they can encourage new players who came in interested in submarines to stick around and then nerf them after a year or so with incremental nerfs (like how we saw with CVs, released OP then over the course of a year slowly nerfed down and down until they’re ‘acceptable’, they’re not fun but they are ‘acceptable’).

  5. Superships are an issue for T9-10, so the frustration that can generate hits players that are already invested in the game. Whilest Submarines hit a lot earlier and frustrate people that might be somewhat new to the game. Reducing the influx of new players and potentially making longtime players quit, like myself.

    • Superships, (except the carriers) are the same kind of frustration that a t8 faces being uptiered. If you can play a t8 in a t9/t10 match, you can face surface superships, I don’t really mind them too much. Supercarriers and submarines on the other hand are just intolerable. They just can’t be dealt with.

    • Super Sub-CV’s for the win (only will cost, $299.99)

    • The super sub cv isn’t funny their wus a sub that had like 2 or 3 planes on it they can do it and it wouldn’t be a paper sub God help us all

  6. They’re part of the same thinking: WG’s run out of ideas in the current game dimensions, so they just added an extra ‘something ‘.
    Continuing like this, they’ll add minesweepers, island occupying marines, megaships and helicopters.

  7. i don’t see the problem. i think of supperships as tier 11 and you will see them from tier 9 like a tier 7 sees tier 9. these supperschips are only dangerous in a pro players hands and most of the time I’m able to farm these ships. you can shoot at supper ships but you can’t shoot at subs (most of the time) for me the supper ships can stay, maybe some tweaking is needed to this ships. subs on the other hand, i don’t know, they need a lot of tweaking and are put in to soon in the game.

  8. Subs are far more worse just due being a lot harder to counter.

    And tbh. Raining down HE on certain superships is so fulfilling!

    • Subs are hard to counter for two reasons. First is a lot of people still don’t understand how to counter them. IE Volume over accuracy. Two surface ships are not balanced around subs. All cruisers and BBs should have air drop Depth charges. i don’t care about historical accuracy in a game that needs to be balanced. DDs have to deal with proxy detect and that sucks but their Depth Charges will usually kill a sub quick.

      As people get used to subs being in the game they won’t be as much of a issue. for me CVs are he worst part of the game.

    • Easier fixes would be a 1km activation range for sub torps (to counter shot gunning), Give subs manual control of their deck gun. And sub pings working, only if the sub is going under 5 knots.

    • @Rene Garcia Do you realize the activation range for most sub torps is already 1 km now? And due to the scale of the game, you can rarely shotgun ships within 2 km in a sub.

    • @FlandreCirno No. they’re not exactly in the game @ T8-10 right now. But I remember being destroyed by them while in a lightning. A few months, ago. anyways…needs to be longer (timer wise, not distance) than CV torp activate. Give me a count of 4 or something, before they turn on.

  9. Between subs and superships, the bigger problem is caused by the subs, while the super are in some cases very dangerous, it is manageable to deal with them, on top of giving more rewards to who damages a super… Subs instead ambushes but at least you can spot them and delete them…

    The biggest problem are the cvs that are far more common, they are constant spotting and damage, becoming a death sentence to the target, and a cv has no punishable way to die, unlike subs… Seriously the AA needs a generous buff and the air spotting range has to be reduced for all ships that can’t cover the entire spotting area with its AA

    In order from most to less problematic things i have:
    Super cv (satan is a huge fan of this)
    Sub (high risk high reward.. They are far more punishable than cvs)
    Super ships (very strong but they are expensive and are able to make other people farm credit)

  10. I will agree with you about SS having a more direct effect on the game/gameplay, but there is another issue regarding subs that I think you touch upon little over a year ago. Last weekend I was in a match-up in my tier 9 BB with 1 CV, 2 subs and 4 DD pr side. From my point of view it was a whole lot of nothing to shoot at while dodging torbs left, right and center. Super boring. Not the subs fault per se, but just another step in the wrong direction from WG.

  11. I’d say subs have more of a negative impact on an individual game because so much has to be diverted to deal with them. When the 2 sides stop shooting at each other because they’re both in a search pattern for the sub that’s come through then something isn’t working properly. The fact that they are more of a threat to DDs than the DDs are to them is equally a problem. It would be a bit artificial but extending the arming distance for sub torps to stop shotgunning the poor DD that HAS to approach in a line from front or back to have a chance at getting a kill from one depth charge run is a must.

    • The biggest problem for me with subs is they are (AFAIK) the ONLY in game item that has a weapon that can hunt you down.
      I expect harpoon missiles soon to “redress the balance” then like WOT, I’m out

  12. Putting an actual limit on the number of super ships, subs in game would make it better. Playing a T8 game with 2 CVs, 5 DDs, and 2 Subs, made a game as a BB main nearly impossible. I thought WG said this wouldnt happen? As far as super ships, 5 to 6 supers in 1 game? I remember at 1 point it was maxed at 2? I dont play subs but I think they are good for the game. Despite the fact they are harder to deal with. They make players change their fighting technique. Super ships have no place in the game. JMO!

  13. Superships and subs are having a negative effect on Russian BB’s IMO. T8+9 have pretty low range guns, even lower if you want to hit anything. If you have to get closer to just be in range, you’re going to have a crappy time for at least the first half of the game. The whole line are affected by subs, you can remove a sub ping by using damage con… except they’re limited. I miss brawling and secondary ships being, well effective.

    • @Paleontology_Geek I play WOWS primarily for the BB’s, nothing smashes quite like the Kremlin. Having effective armour and guns is really nice, they are a pain to deal with, that’s where you need to out maneuver them. I play cruisers and DD’s just to learn their weaknesses, there’s a few I like though. Mogami, Harugamo, radar Minotor etc. I don’t love HE spam in the game, but it seems reasonably fair. Homing torpedoes really don’t though and with limited damage control it feels like a pretty cheap way to die.

  14. I’ve been playing since near the beginning. I have over 500 ships. It seems like WG’s strategy is to see just how far they can hurt the game until it breaks. CVs, Subs and super ships have all hurt the game. Why not add guided missiles? Add cruise missiles? Why not add nukes? 2 were used in WW2 after all. Satellites for map visibility? How about adding giant monsters (Kraken? Rodan? Monser Zero?)? Seriously, their MO appears to be they have to add new content continually. What is after super ships???

  15. I think subs are worse because you can see them at nearly every tier. Also, one sub is annoying but not unbearable. However, two submarines at once are way too much. I can handle fighting two ships at once and win a fair number of times. But fighting two subs at once is literally not possible, they can and will sink you in record time. I wish subs were incapable of damaging modules, maybe then would they be balanced. But one sub knocks out your engine and the other subs blaps you for all your HP in one salvo. They are just an unfinished class.

  16. I think cvs have the worst impact. I miss the days of intense close range brawling. They should add a xp and credit bonus for being 10km or closer to the target and a either a penalty or very little for being 20+km. I would think that would help draw people in closer

  17. Subs are worse. If you want to get away from the superships, you can always drop down tiers and play. The subs are can be found in tier V. Maybe, if there was more effective anti-sub weapons on the ships, they might be less annoying.

  18. Ya, I recently came back to the game after about 18-24 month hiatus. Even back then, that was the strategy, to stay in the back and artillery everyone. This was incredibly frustrating when you main a cruiser or DD and half your team is staying in the back, or even sometimes going the other way… I think the thing Wargaming is trying to achieve here is “freshness” in the game, I don’t see too much of a problem with subs, but when you’re a tier IX and you get 4 – superships, its deflating to your love of the game.
    I know everyone hates CV’s but as a partial CV main, the AA difference in 1 tier is ridiculous, and forget 2 tiers. I played a tier IX match recently with my fully upgraded Lexington and was barely able to do anything, anywhere on the map. The only time I started getting damage was when a Tier VIII BB split off from their group.
    My point is, the difference between a tier X and a tier IX is big enough as it is, nevermind now you throw superships in here that now as a tier IX BB you can’t begin to touch…

  19. The question that hasn’t been asked yet. How long before Wargaming decides it needs to create some super-submarines to make more money, I mean to encourage more players to play subs as a class?

    On a related topic, if submarines are only a niche class that not many people play, how long before Wargaming starts to buff them to encourage more players to play subs as a class, but more important for Wargaming, sell more premium submarines?

  20. I really dont have a issue with subs. They either make a decent impact on the side im fighting, or they get ASW’d into oblivion as soon as they are spotted. Superships, however, seem to run rampant regardless and make a decent impact no matter what.

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