World of Warships – What’s wrong with all BB players???

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This was EU ranked (rank 2). I ranked out since on EU and I’m currently rank 6-7 on NA and I’ve noticed a pattern in BB behavior. All BB players are going for rams EVERY SINGLE GAME. It’s like they can’t do anything else besides ramming each other. I really don’t see the purpose behind it. You’re not gonna contribute much to your team by doing this and you sure as hell NOT gonna save your star this way, so why are you playing a BB then?
Also in case you were wondering, that guy who I call a stream-sniper openly admitted he was doing it and he was in opposing team almost every match I played xD
This match got pretty ridiculous because of it, enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Budgie Admiral

    Ramming another BB is a guaranteed trade/high damage game. You can be horrible in all other ways, yolo push into doom, as long as your ship touches their ship you are gucci. Use your guns a bit on the way in and it is an almost guaranteed star save. I was always surprised people don’t ram more in competitive.

  2. My guess is that other players aten’t used to being rammed so they can’t play around. Also, many players don’t know how to perform a drive by or their target won’t sink that easy, so they go for the trade

  3. 神原 駿河Yuri Kanbaru

    >What’s wrong with all BB players???
    being sold on premium store

  4. Ramming is actually a good tactic if you are forced into a brawl in the Musashi though. You have such an HP advantage over other battleships that you can survive the ram if you are healthy, and not ramming usually means they will rush around to your broadside and dev strike you. Of course, the best thing to do is to just not brawl in Musashi unless it’s against someone who will be an easy kill, but sometimes you’re forced into it.

  5. Bunch of goobers on that team. I’ll make a close pass so I can swing around and hit them from the rear with a full broadside and then come up along side so I can pound them from the side their guns aren’t pointing but I rarely ram.

  6. Good luck to you all out there in ranked. Just made it to Rank 1 for the first time tonight, it sure took me long enough!

  7. As #15 on NA in Georgia, this title offends me

  8. @flambass Lol .. i’m the jean bart in ur enemy team and i explain u why this happend… u had 2 dds including black there and just in a moment our kita died .. i said wow how fast a dd can die.. and then our musashi pushed into you.. that moment i knew it’s over if i just sit back here and do nothing and i didn’t come for the ram if u notice.. i knew u just torped the musashi and ur torps are not ready for a while so i pushed and shot Fder for 30k with the next salvo i citadeled soyuz and devasted him.. unfortunatly i just needed a couple of seconds to shoot u too. So with this move i could hardly dmg 3 of you and maybe just maybe we could even win this. Anyway it’s rank and sometimes u have a couple of seconds to make the best decision and still i think that i did right. The day after u i got my rank 1 and just released this shit. With my best regards to you flamby 🙂

    • Yeah. I saw you veer away from ramming and it bugged me Flambass kept harping on you trying to ram. Good BB play on your part. Being a DD player, Flambass seems to look down on BB players like most DD players do. Chihuahuas gotta chihuahua I guess. lol

    • Yeah I agree with you too, stay at range and get picked apart by four enemies, at least you went in for the CQB fight to maximize your damage and beat the others traverse rates, shame you didnt get both of thoose bbs

    • yea I could tell that definitely wasn’t aiming for a ram, musashi was the only one obviously trying to pull off one, but that’s because he’s so low. Fedr seemed suspicious but I think he eventually changed his mind.
      I mean all the time people complain about BBs not pushing, now that they actually push everything starts looking like a ram? Also, the one that ends up losing significantly in a brawl trying to ram, don’t see anywhere wrong trying to make the maximum out of what you got left either.

    • Much better than losing the game and realize a full hp bismarck shoooting afar

    • @Sword Monkey he definitely does look down on BB Players.
      Unfortunately really as I like his content most of the time.

  9. lol not all BBs are like this. I main BB, I shoot BBs DDs anything thats in my range that i have a shot on. I dont snipe i brawl. I push and then die as my team will bail immediately once a single dd or cl shows up and i am like….um…guys, we got the numbers why you bailing. usual response, “but muh pixels will get damaged!” hhahhaha

  10. I usually go for a joust instead of ramming 🙂

  11. It looks like the players I would have on my team

  12. Ramming is great though if you’re prepared for it.
    Killed a Yamato with my Bismark last night by ramming and hobbled away with 2k hp, would have been able to heal up and keep fighting too if a GK didn’t volley me.

  13. UnexpectedInquisition

    Prob power leveling bots and premium store newbs doing the ramming

  14. Flam a ram guarantees you bring the other ships to it’s kneees if you are about to die anyway. Might as well take a ship with you and be useful to the team.

  15. click bait..hoped for something more with that title

  16. I never ram unless it’s a must-kill to win the game. Otherwise it’s just accepting you can’t do anything else other than trade your own ship for a single kill.

  17. Well… at least those BB players were willing to push! ?

  18. Your bad. You’re getting murdered and near full health BB’s It’s obvious. You go for the ram. The real shame is he missed.

  19. This current meta of BB player does not do the grind, they either are gifted a T8 ship by WG, free XP past the learning BBs, or buy a high tier BB from the store. So they don’t learn how to fight their ship. They are a “2 Trick Pony”, snipe from max range to farm damage off other BBs standing off at max range and/or waste a ship by ramming. A battleship is most useful to their team by early game killing cruisers and late game surviving. Your HP is a resource.

  20. james COCOcokelet

    I will always ram a better player which is probably every one to take them out of the game. Spend what amounts to a pawn or a knight to kill a queen or rook. I will take the trade any day.
    And im just a hater.

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