World of Warships – What’s Wrong with the Atlanta and Sims

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After seeing a very interesting thread on the North American World of Warships forum by LittleWhiteMouse ( has led me to re-examine the Atlanta and the Sims. Is there something wrong with 127mm guns or is it something else all together? Also I propose a potential fix for these two ships. Let me know what you all think and as always, enjoy!

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  1. I seem to recall the “I can’t hit anything” feeling beginning at launch. (I
    started playing during 3.0)What about the Cleveland? Did they change its
    arcs too? In Mouse’s thread, she says the flight times weren’t changed, but
    were the arcs?

  2. yeah, after that patch, i couldn’t hit jackshit with my Sims or Atlanta.
    Stopped playing the Sims altogether, and my Atlanta turned into a glorified
    AA platform. and now with the lack of carriers (thank god) my atlanta is
    now mothballed along with the Sims and the rest of my USN DDs and cruisers.

  3. iChase- I own the Sims and Atlanta on my NA account. Sims is my most played
    ship (297 games-51%WR-AV dmg 19900-XP1204), not fantastic but enough
    experience to comment.Personally I am improving in the Sims every game, a
    16 point captain helps a lot.Hitting targets is difficult, it takes a LOT
    of practice, 20rpm certainly helps. Atlanta- i struggle to hit anything
    above 10klm, in fact i do way worse in hitting targets in Atlanta than i do
    in Sims. IMHO make the Atlanta more agile so it can dodge and give it more
    HP. Torp improvement on Sims would be nice, bot NOT at the expense of
    anything else.
    I enjoy playing the Sims, its a FUN ship for me.Its the only ship i like
    playing in WoW, if they change it i’ll be pisseed, i think its fine the way
    it is.

  4. Im with Mouse on that, i never thought the guns themselves got a nerf, it
    was just that ships were turning faster and had tighter turn circles. That
    change to the ships handling was exactly when people started saying they
    got nerfed. After a while of being called an idiot, a moron, a noob, (you
    name it i got called it) i just gave up trying to tell them. It was like
    arguing with fucking 5 year olds. As for the Atlanta, i wouldnt say that
    its an easy ship to do consistently well in, because you do have to work
    for it, but its by no means a bad ship, having scored 396 hits for 123k
    damage i would say that if its just played right, it can do well.

  5. Dear iChase, hello from Greece. I m a WG customer the last 4 years. WG is
    doing always the same after a few months you buy their premium tanks,
    planes, ships. They nerf and destroy what we pay for a certain thing with
    our money. Atago has already “acting” different since the first day it came
    out on sale. No surprise. Welcome to the WG world and you are lucky you
    haven’t paid nothing to them. Keep being impartial please, cheers.

  6. I believe the shell trajectories with 5″/38 should not be buffed, as they
    are more or less historically accurate. In fact, if you check Navweaps, it
    appears that the 5″38 trajectories are actually (surprisingly) severely
    buffed to their actual performance.

    The main issue I find with the Atlanta is the bad concealment paired with
    the guns means you must hug islands and ambush, but being placed at tier 7
    means you get stuck on more maps where that is not an option. Putting aside
    Ocean, there are more high tier maps with wide open spaces with no cover,
    or islands clustered in one corner that require commitment to only one
    third of the map, making ambush tactics unreliable. On Land of Fire, for
    instance, the only area with lots of cover is the C cap; on The Atlantic,
    the only viable spots are at either the A cap or C cap, which can result in
    an Atlanta being completely ineffective if the fight isn’t there, and
    unable to support the B cap as it is open water. Similarly on Islands of
    Ice, you need to stick in between the A cap and B cap, or in the islands at
    C, and hope to not get murdered in open water if you ever need to
    transition between them. Even in your video, on Trap you are relegated to
    hiding behind rocks behind B and shooting at people who poke around corners
    – but the A and C points provide precious little cover, and nothing in the
    way of cover during transition. This can only really be remedied by
    decreasing its surface detection, or giving Atlanta preferential
    matchmaking to minimize the amount of times you get stuck in maps where
    your effectiveness is minimized.

    On the topic of the Sims, can you elaborate on what makes it bad compared
    to the T7 Mahan? The torpedoes are definitely worse, since it inexplicably
    missed out on the USN DD torpedo buff, and that should be remedied if WG
    ever wants to sell it again. But the Sims’ surface detection and speed are
    much better than the Mahan, which is what I felt were the Mahan’s worst
    drawbacks when I played it (post torpedo buff). They have the same gun, and
    the Sims even gets a slight rate of fire increase to compensate for the
    loss of a turret.


    Yeah no. Cleveland rainbow arc is understandable, but with the current USN
    DDs, I’d say that they really need better flight times to be on par with
    the VMF DDs. VMF DDs make it ridiculously easy to hit HE from max range

  8. One change I would really like to see on the Atlanta would be it’s upgrade
    it received replacing the 28mm with 40mm bofors. I would not mind
    researching stuff on a premium ship at all if it means making this AA
    platform even more effective.

  9. I accessed to CBT by buying the Sims, and i enjoyed it at first. A lot.
    Cause, yeah, you could, at that time, hit targets beyond detectability
    range. Not much damage, but mosquito harrassement. Since that time, i
    though like so much people that 127mm guns was nerfed. It appeared that
    they were not. Same issue with Atlanta. So. I adapted my gameplay to this.
    Now, my Sims is a DD killer at very close range. It’s speed, turning time
    and realod time is so much better than the others DD at the same tier, they
    cannot escape (except the russian, but they nerver flee a DD close fight)
    and cannot match the firepower.
    For the Atlanta, i now use the arc of the shells to bomb slow ennemy that
    are already engaged behind a solid cover. The arc is so much pronounced
    that only the Atlanta can do this properly. But in a map like Ocean, or
    taken in a fight with no cover, yeah.. it’s dead floating meat… The thing
    with shells velocity is that they slows down with the range. So, forget
    about long distance fights, choose close quarters, where your shells will
    hit!… And concealement to get in that range! hold your fire untill you’re
    detected, and then, make the fire rain! Sims and atlanta can be pretty
    devastating, now, but only when you know where you have to be!

  10. The best fact for Sims is Khabarovsk can only get to 48.7 knots, which
    means her 49 knots torps can catch up all the ships in the game, cheers,
    Let me tell you a joke: “Sims’ torps”

  11. uploaded it to wowsreplays…Sims dances with the devil and he wins…or
    does he.

  12. I took my Sims out yesterday for the 1st time in 2 months.
    pushed enemy team back with support of teammates.
    got 2 kills..both torp kills.
    Russian DD and just a flesh wound on a BB for win…
    sims is playable, but you have to be extremely passive…not good for exp.

  13. Oh man @iChaseGaming, the weebs are going to freak out about this. You want
    to buff some really bad USN ships. The IJN Fanboys will not like that.
    There is a really long thread on the NA forums right now about how the
    Mogami needs to be buffed again… lol

  14. “Not Russian”

  15. There isn’t a good US premium ship to train commander right now honestly

  16. ICHASE, enjoyed playing against you 3/22…
    what a gentleman you were.
    dEsTurbed1, NA server.

  17. Get a division of Atlantas and go on a rampage. You can melt any ship
    within range.

  18. See, I was about to suggest giving the Atlanta a smoke screen, but then you
    reminded me of the new Russian Radar(Russia invented Radar Comrade, of
    course they get it first 🙂 ) and I realized the Atlanta would still get
    eaten alive. Note how the range on the Radar leaves the Kutuzov quite
    comfortable in its smokescreen at long range, invisibly spamming HE. It’s
    an interesting time to play WoWS, that’s for sure. As long as you don’t
    want to play anything American :)

  19. One of the problems with premium ships, which can be both a blessing and a
    curse, is that WG is reeeeally hesitant to change a ship’s stats and
    playability after they are sold due to the fact that people paid real money
    to specifically get the ship as it is at the time of purchase. If, for
    example, they nerfed a ship’s turret traverse, players would have somewhat
    legit grounds to get a refund.

    On the other hand, that same non-changing nature is sometimes a benefit, as
    my Warspite’s repair team is still only 90 seconds on cooldown.

    The Atlanta is a really tough ship to play as it’s very very specialized:
    it’s designed to provide anti-air support with one of the most formidable
    AA batteries in the game. It’s also hands down the best anti-destroyer ship
    there is. But the drawback is that against other cruisers and BBs, it will
    get it’s ass handed to it. It’s basically meant to act as a support ship
    for BB advances to counter bombers with it’s infinite use defensive fire
    and it’s destroyer shredding guns. Everytime I load up an Atlanta game with
    no carriers and only a few destroyers, I cry a little inside as I know it
    will be a painful game.

    She’s an excellent ship to train USN DD captains, mind you. Many DD captain
    skills work well on her.

    I don’t have a SIMS, though.

  20. Ok, so how is todays update going to effect this

  21. People on the forums keep saying that these ships were bad ships because of
    their gun arcs. I keep reminding them that is in game and not in real life,
    as ships do not do ninja moves to dodge shells that can’t be seen in real
    life. Also, the U.S. at the time of the heavy shells and the 5″ 38cal had
    excellent fcs’s to match those shells and get them on target. In the game,
    all ship are equal as they all have the same cursor and mouse. People
    really are starting to get the game mixed into history and start saying
    weird things about U.S. ships during WW2.

  22. WG always make things like this. Now the prem ships are either too op
    (atago, grem, NikolaiI, blyskawica), or too week (yubari, atlanta,
    sims)…. why can’t they create a ship fit their tier?

  23. dude, get to the point and stop blathering around. 1 minute video would
    have done it

  24. I’m almost 100% sure that this is due to Cleveland’s and US DD in general
    shell arc nerf. Back then I could’ve swore the shell arc is like Russian
    Destroyers. Perhaps due to this happened, people thought Atlanta and Sims
    also got the same treatment

  25. I played the Atlanta the other day for the first time in a while and I
    couldn’t put what happened I used to nail dd’s and other ships all the
    time. The other day I think I only landed like 40 shells in total when I
    used to hit well over 180 in a round. I was confused as to what was going
    on. But now it all makes sence.

  26. Sims could really use a better Torpedo as well, especially since the new
    Soviet super cruisers are now introduced. Those 5.5 km torpedoes don’t have
    the range and the slow, low damage long range ones are practically
    worthless. The top torpedo option from the Mahan would be almost perfect.

  27. I have a better idea. Buff all the Russian ships, Nerf all the German,
    Japanese, British, and American ships. This is my idea of World of Warships
    to be great (I am being sarcastic when I said that). Can Anyone else top
    American/German/Japanese/ British ships Nerfs:
    -1 km Gun Range
    -1 km Torpedo Range
    -Torpedoes only do 100 hp damage
    -Guns fire 1 shell every 1 minute
    -Torpedoes fire 1 every 3 minutes
    -Turret Traverse 240 seconds for 180 degree traverse
    -Dispersion for all guns 500 meters
    -No AA guns allowed
    -No secondary guns allowed
    -Surface detection 20km
    -Air detection: 25km
    -Cruisers and Battleships should not have any Torpedoes
    -Maximum speed 10knots
    -Turning Rudder Radius: 900m
    -Rudder shift time 10 seconds
    -Hitpoints: 1000 mutiply by teir (example is tier 5 ship is 5000 hp)
    -Armor 3-10mm of armor
    -All ships will be covered full of citadels
    -Ships will have no torpedo protection like bulkheads which means they can
    flood easily.
    -Ships will have have a 100% of flooding
    -Ships will have have a 100% of catching on fire
    -Ships will have have a 100% of having their magazines detonated
    – Ships will have no consumables
    -Ships cost 10,000 multiply by tier level to repair
    -ships will be covered full of citadels
    -Armor 3-10mm of armor
    -Hitpoints: 1000 mutiply by teir (example is tier 5 ship is 5000 hp)
    -Maximum speed 10knots
    -Turning Rudder Radius: 900m
    -Rudder shift time 10 seconds
    – All Fighter planes go 100knots
    – All Topedo Bombers go 80 knots
    – All Dive Bombers go 90 knots
    – Planes take 5 minutes to rearm
    – planes have 1hp for durability (because American/German/Japanese/ and
    British ships will have no AA, while Russians do)
    -Surface detection 20km
    -Air detection: 25km
    -No AA guns allowed
    -No secondary guns allowed
    -Ships will have no torpedo protection like bulkheads which means they can
    flood easily.
    -Ships will have have a 100% of flooding
    -Ships will have have a 100% of catching on fire
    -Ships will have have a 100% of having their magazines detonated
    – Ships will have no consumables
    -Ships cost 10,000 multiply by tier level to repair
    Russian Ship Buffs:
    -Destroyers/Cruisers/Battleships (when they do come out):
    -All ships have 15km Secondary gun range
    -All ships will have AA with 10km range
    -All ships main battery guns will have 20km range
    -All ships main/secondary/AA guns will have a 25m dispersion
    -Armor for all ships are 250mm to 650mm
    -Maximum speed 40knots
    -Turning Rudder Radius: 300m
    -Rudder shift time 1 second
    -AA rating at 80 or more (80 for DD, 90 for BB, 100 for cruisers)
    -All ships will have torpdoes with a 20km Range with the damage potential
    of 40,000 hp
    -Torpedoes fire off 1 every 5 second
    -Hitpoints: 20000 mutiply by teir (example is tier 5 ship is 100000 hp)
    -Surface detection 2km
    -Air detection: 1km
    -Ships will have torpedo protection like bulkheads which means they cannot
    flood easily.
    -Ships will have very small citadels
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not flooding
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not catching on fire
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not having their magazines detonated
    -Ships cost 100 multiply by tier level to repair
    Carriers (When they do get it)
    -All ships have 15km Secondary gun range
    -All ships will have AA with 10km range
    -All ships secondary/AA guns will have a 25m dispersion
    -Armor for all ships are 250mm to 650mm
    -Maximum speed 40knots
    -Turning Rudder Radius: 300m
    -Rudder shift time 1 second
    -AA rating at 70 or more
    -Hitpoints: 20000 mutiply by teir (example is tier 5 ship is 100000 hp)
    -Surface detection 3km
    -Air detection: 1.5km
    -Ships will have torpedo protection like bulkheads which means they cannot
    flood easily.
    -Ships will have very small citadels
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not flooding
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not catching on fire
    -Ships will have have a 100% of not having their magazines detonated
    – Planes take 1 second to rearm
    – All Fighter planes go 650knots
    – All Topedo Bombers go 625 knots
    – All Dive Bombers go 600 knots
    – planes have 5000 hp for durability
    -Ships cost 100 multiply by tier level to repair

  28. Its not just problem with Atlanta and Sims! All US destroyers and light
    cruisers have those horrible arcs and slow shell velocity!

  29. If the US and Japanese went to war during WWII with the ships wargaming
    puts out, Japan would have won the war, and the US would have flat out
    lost. Period.

  30. To be honest, the Atlanta has at least some strong points. It has great AA
    and the dps on close range is still great. Yes, its hard to profite on
    these advantages, but i can happen.
    The Sims on the other hand, is completely useless. Yeah, it can invisi
    fire, but its nearly impossible to hit anything other than an complete
    idiot at that range. On close range you might be able to hit more often,
    but the dps you can put out is in no way enogh to go into close range
    combat. You also have the choice between 2 completely useless torpedo

  31. Or.. just learn how to play the Atlanta. It’s honestly one of my favorite
    ships in game at the moment. Although I think its AA should be stronger
    given the history of the actual ship and all the main battery being dual

  32. They could really use a flatter arc. 10-15% would be a good starting point.
    The new cruisers will upset the apple cart a lot. To what degree, we are
    about to find out but the USN is already the last place runner and about to
    be in the show column.

  33. You didn’t lose any turret in an Atlanta! Cheat! Haha

  34. The Atlanta is a sick joke anymore and it takes a lot of skill to play her
    effectively. Even then it isn’t easy and often not much fun. It combines
    the worst of a CA (easy detection, no smoke, and slower than DD’s) with the
    worst of DD’s. (tiny guns, low hit points, no armor, no hydro, and no

    All you get good from CA’s attributes is great AA, but with 4.5 km
    torpedoes (at least they are very fast) you get nothing of the best of DD’s
    attributes except RoF.

    All I know is I have to lead targets with the Atlanta so far ahead I can’t
    see the target while in full zoom. If I zoom out enough to see the target I
    can’t use the sites as well. It’s not like I am going to hit anything
    anyways. Until the range gets to 5-8 km the guns are fairly useless, and
    anything 5-8 km away is going to kill you fast.

    Sure the AA is great, but shooting down the CV’s bots with your AA bots
    isn’t fun at all, nor is going in circles behind cover shooting at islands
    because the stupid game never clues you in on the fact your shots are
    blocked. Ironically, as nearly vertical as the arcs are, they are often not
    vertical enough. Plus it is harder to hit things you can’t see and it takes
    so long for the rounds to miss it is very hard to adjust your aim.

    Sometimes it just doesn’t matter, MM spawns you in a surface action in a
    clear part of the map, or some such. MM is there to ruin the game for you,
    it seems, always putting my Atlanta in games where it’s AA is useless and
    putting my Arkansas Beta in every game that has CV’s. You just have to have
    a sense of humor about it, but it isn’t easy sometimes.

    Once again I find the whole idea that a ship has to be combat effective in
    WoWS secondary to the whole point of the game: getting points by capping.
    You would think it would be ship to ship combat, but if that were the point
    of the game, the combat part of the game wouldn’t come to an abrupt end
    once the points have reached some arbitrary number. You and your team don’t
    have to be any good at gunnery or torpedoes, or have good ships, if they
    can loiter inside a circle for a few minutes.

  35. At least make the Gearing/Atlanta turrets a little bit tougher. One 5″ HE
    shell perma-knocks out 1/3 of my firepower isn’t that fun, especially for a
    “gunboat” that has to put itself in harms way to be the most effective. VMF
    also have glassy turrets as their main firepower, but they are able to sit
    at a farther range to mitigate damage.

    It’s understandable to have trebuchets at the lower tiers to give the
    “previous tech” feeling, but it might be nice to fudge muzzle velocities at
    the higher tiers to give the “this ship is better” feeling. I mean what’s
    going to happen to the probable USN CL line? All of the ships basically use
    the Cleveland’s guns which is also pretty legendary for its rainbow shells.

  36. Thanks for shelling this out admiral, now we know the diagnosis, now time
    for medication. However, though what you suggest is totally ideal, I a
    would also want a ROF of at least 15 for Atlanta and Sims or a reduction in
    turn radius for both ships. Hard to hit is allot better than more health or
    durability and both Atlanta and Sims needs both.

  37. I fully agree with your comments. Go for it. Wargaming may even pay
    attention to its customers.

  38. Just about everything US except the Midway and Iowa are underpowered
    compared to IJN counterparts.

  39. You are asking WG to buff American ship? It just like asking Muslim to take
    a bit on pork

  40. Make the Atlanta great again

  41. Interesting points, but i think your missing the point. These are after all
    premium ships. In my opinion no bought platform should be as good as its
    teir equivalents. You are receiving your benifits from buying and not
    earning the ship. In credits received and reduced maintenance costs. A
    player need not spend any time or effort ( just a little cash ) and they
    get a fairly decent ship. To me there would be nothing worse then grinding
    to that teir 7 or 8. Just to be out gunned / classed by something

  42. Interesting points, but i think your missing the point. These are after all
    premium ships. In my opinion no bought platform should be as good as its
    teir equivalents. You are receiving your benifits from buying and not
    earning the ship. In credits received and reduced maintenance costs. A
    player need not spend any time or effort ( just a little cash ) and they
    get a fairly decent ship. To me there would be nothing worse then grinding
    to that teir 7 or 8. Just to be out gunned / classed by something

  43. Gareth Fairclough

    Would you consider the option of using radar sweep on the Atlanta a
    worthwhile thing to consider? It seems to me that the Atlanta is a support
    crusier, screening carriers and BBs against enemy destroyers and aircraft.
    Adding radar to that would really help in that regard, as well as giving it
    something worthy of the premium status (in this case, early radar).

    Honestly, if it weren’t a premium I’d advocate swapping it with the
    Cleveland, so the cleve would become t7 (after a minor buff of some sort)
    and the Atlanta become a t6.

    As ever, good vid :)

  44. Your right about the Atlanta! I do hope they buff the arc and improve the
    shells. I can’t even hit the enemies with that arc travel, by the time I
    aim they are already changing course.

  45. A small shell arc buff would go a long way. I think another buff that could
    really help the Atlanta would be to give her a one or two charges of smoke.
    Something that would help when you start getting focused so that you can
    try and disengage.

  46. I think part of the perceived weakness with the Atlanta comes back to
    Carriers being less common, and even when they were, XP and $ rewards for
    running AA escort were minimal. Sure, there was the somewhat “hidden” bonus
    of keeping your BB’s alive meant they could carry the game, but the Atlanta
    wouldn’t be hugely rewarded for doing that work. Now that CV’s are less
    common, the Atlanta finds herself often unable to utilize her biggest

    I still enjoy playing mine. Granted you have to be super passive and only
    shoot at distracted enemies, but man, can you lay down the hurt!

  47. Never played closed Beta. Started playing about the time Yubari was offered
    as a Premium. I still find the Yubari to be an effective Japanese gun ship
    as her turret turn rate isn’t real bad and her rate of fire is pretty good.
    As for the Atlanta she is still one of my favorite ships to run. I consider
    her a large DD with strong AA. Long range versus DD is difficult but you
    can fire three salvos to pretty much box a DD in and versus a damaged BB
    burn them out. Just keep dodging as two BB hits and you are gone. Shooting
    over islands is also great. I have engaged CA and they turn away. Great
    ship. Just remember you have NO armor, learn the correct lead which is
    sometimes so much the target ship isn’t on your screen anymore, and in
    close that you do have torps. I do find it strange that WoWs doesn’t just
    use the actual capabilities of the ships in the game. There are some good
    reasons – not being able to reload torps might cause a rebellion for
    example. It is a game not a simulation. I would also like to see a Brooklyn
    in the USA cruiser line and when the British come on line the DIDO class AA
    cruiser. All the US DD main guns and Cruiser secondaries after about 1938
    are 5″ L38 dual purpose guns. Why don’t the cruiser secondaries have the
    same arc as the DD and Atlanta? They shoot straight. Guns should have
    actual “effective range” or all an equal % of it to adjust for the map

  48. You know for all that talking, you missed the point…the ship is a giant
    DD and you treat it as such for the Atlanta. If you trying anything else
    you screwed up.

  49. Morgan “NemoKeine”

    In the same ‘boat’ as you iChase, at one point the Sims just stopped being
    fun and I think you hit the nail on the head. Same goes with the Atlanta,
    you have to work really hard to have a semi decent game in it, far harder
    than most other ships of its tier given its awkwardness of being basically
    a DD Flotilla leader where you dont have quite enough range or camo to fire
    from stealth and good luck if youre forced to engage BBs or even CAs in a
    1v1. Maybe with the introduction of RADAR the Atlanta will get that, it
    would make it an even more wicked DD hunter.

  50. I am just gonna leave this here if you dont mind 🙂

  51. Harrison Frede (slai47)

    For the Atlanta, what would you think about removing the citadel too?

  52. Agreed. Atlanta needs a range buff, and I think it should get smoke, like
    Kutuzov has. It is a Premium ship with no range. Let’s not talk about the
    lack of armor or the flimsy gun turrets. Smoke will certainly help.

  53. Have atlanta… had epic games on it but then you play maps like ocean..
    and suddenly… you cant do nothing… literaly and when you fight against
    it? you just laugh… you have to be stupid to get killed by atlanta
    because you will see it coming, my atago has better consealment than
    atlanta which is ridiculous… im not usualy saying it but i feel like
    there is some kind of underpowering of USN ships… tell me which ship in
    USN is epic? cleveland? benson, maybe, new mexico yes, des moine? can fight
    other tier 10… now tell me IJN isokaze, minekaze, fubuki, fuso nagato,
    amagi, aoba, myoko, mogami, zao… those ships are epic…. something isnt
    right here

  54. Stannis Baratheon

    i challange you to hit something with the gearing at 8 km. impossible.
    at max range the gearing’s guns have a 20 secs shell travel time. just
    think about it.

  55. No buff’s to the Atlanta until the Yubari is at least a playable ship in my

  56. hey Chase i’m having some issues with my Yorck. the guns are accurate as
    hell like averaging 6 hits per full broadside…the trouble is getting the
    shells to land and the inconsistent shell velocity’s the AP shells take 4-5
    seconds longer to reach max range than the HE shells do but the HE shells
    do like no damage……..

  57. Atlanta is destroyers hunter and piroman for BBs i got altanta and i can
    say that the only thing u have to do is to hide behind some land and make
    use of those very high arcs to shot from behind that land and BURN THEM ALL
    … and dont try to fight against cruisers … and also try to hunt DDs
    that are too stupid to get close to this little fire machine

  58. Regardless if you think the ship (any ship) is crap, I would ask to look at
    the as it really was in history. Don’t nerf the game as a game, have it be
    an accurate rendering of what the ships really were. A pig will always be a
    pig, don’t make it fly.

  59. Whole reason I went the Murmansk instead. Range is King.

  60. Andhika nur Aulia

    Make Atlanta and Sims Great Again!
    I’m sorry I had to do this

  61. I would gladly continue the US cruiser line if tier 7+ gets better shell

  62. @iChaseGaming. Can you explain why a flatter arc without changing flight
    time is better? Wouldn’t the shell coming down at a higher angle give a
    better chance at deck penetration at range?

  63. Considered buying Atlanta till I saw it range and stopped playing us dd
    line. Around Farragut few months ago.

  64. Great vid again. I hope WG is watching it to get some insight. I agree with
    you on the Sims (dont have the Atlanta). It was a special DD to get in the
    Closed Beta (which included the mighty Yubari!!!) but it is so special
    right now that it is collecting spider web in my port with his Japanese
    friend. The only enjoyment you have is when you stay behind and rain shell
    on someone sailing on a straight line. Torps are only a finishing touch,
    too slow, abysmal damage… Just want it to be competitive not a outsider.

  65. And then you look at the Gremyashchiy…..

    You know, beacause Russian.

  66. how about the yubari
    its kind of the same situation in terms of getting screwed patch by patch

  67. You have to give abnormal lead for shots in the atlanta at a range from 13

  68. Chase the sims had a RoF buff. With basic firing training it gets gearing

  69. Dear iChase,
    Based on this post, i suggest you do some similar research of your own too,
    because as it now stands, information available seems contradictory. The
    post above is a direct response to your video on the EU forums, you may
    find it interesting.

  70. I’ve always felt like it was the shell velocity that changed.

  71. What are you talking about! What did war gaming tell you that sales are
    down we need to start pimping theses ships? I own the Atlanta and sims no
    matter what you say, after the NERF they both are shit to play now. To the
    point that they are nearly useless. To me that is a direct NERF to their
    gameplay mechanics which to me could be justified as fraud as these were
    purchased with one set of mechanics then changed on launch of the game. If
    I put something up for sale as one thing and end up delivering something
    else unless specifically stated is fraud. Fu to war gaming and fu to this

    The only thing I see happening here is you selling out to war gaming
    because this crap game is dying.

  72. Pretty sure they don’t nerf or buff premium ships with non prems

  73. Thanks. Could you ask her to post it on the EU server as well?

  74. I think the US destroyer going get screwed with the introduction of radar

  75. LeonaTimberCompany

    The Atlanta should have a range increase to match the Gearing, but because
    she uses the dual purpose guns the range should not match that of the
    cruisers with the bigger guns.

  76. Nguyên Architaku

    Finally a contributor has spoken up!

  77. This is the Fix we Need but not the Fix we want …. What we Really want is
    ” Multi GPU Support ” (SLi & CrossFire) so we don’t have to Disable it
    every time we play World of Warship and Re-Enable it to play other Games…

  78. Thanks for the video Chase,I have always liked the Atlanta but she really
    is a niche vessel.I think of her as a very large dd but of course without
    the concealment of a real dd.So here’s what I think WG should do,just as
    they gave the Atago a heal ability she did not previously had give the
    atlanta a smoke charge or perhaps give her another upgrade slot to allow
    people to purchase the concealment upgrade.Along with the changes to the
    Sims you suggested I think it would breath new life into these ships.Would
    like to hear your thoughts on the Yubari,does she need some TLC ?.

  79. I am pretty sure that i read 9 seconds as the travel time for the Sims guns
    at max range back in the close beta. Now it’s over 12 seconds…

  80. I STILL enjoy my Atlanta! I know she could and should be a little stronger.
    Nevertheless I actually tend to have more FUN games in the Atlanta than I
    do absolutely terrible, drawn out and/or boring games.

    Sure sometimes, I just end up going to the wrong place at the wrong time in
    my Atkanta, at which point it is pretty much a grab your knees and kiss
    your ass goodbye situation. And sure, a FEW matches end up being completely
    frustrating when my shots fail to hit anything even when they should
    (almost feels like a bug, which may be gone now, but a few matches I have
    had in the Atlanta, I was aiming PERFECTLY, but my shells kept landing
    short, as in I gave the perfect amount of lead, aimed my guns to the
    correct elevation, but then my shots all miss by falling well short of
    where I was aiming! And then I tried aiming even higher, and of course, the
    shells would then land on the other side of my target!)

    This has happened in 3 matches I can remember, and it was incredibly
    frustrating as it made absolutely no sense!

  81. Thanks for the clear explanation Chase. Now I understand why my Atlanta is
    such an useless ship. Pitiful artillery, not extremely maneuverable (a
    drawback vs DDs) , no endurance, powerful AA but lack of planes to shoot
    down (usually)… I actually enjoy playing it in division with a carrier
    and fulfill its AA role, but the usual lack of carriers on random battles
    and the poor reward for shooting down planes makes this ship really a

    A premium ship must not be OP, but for sure it shouldn’t be a struggle!
    What I do know is that I won’t be purchasing any American medium-high
    premium ship as training platform, I already did and I won’t give more
    money until this one works.

  82. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    I bought the Sims for Beta… never use it anymore since they f***** it
    up… guess who,s never buying something from WG again….

  83. Why Only World Of WorldShip Better Watch PewDiePie or Markpiller Insteat of
    this Video!!!

  84. Yeah, the changes proposed would make the Atlanta POTENTIALLY competitive
    enough so that you could play her in Ranked without being either a
    detriment to your team, or requiring the team to build around the Atlanta –
    as I have seen her used frequently as Carrier escort in Ranked, and while
    she generally does an amazing job at knocking all the planes from the skies
    around her, So does the Kutuzov.

    And unlike the Atlanta, when spotted the Kutuzov can actually take damage!
    I know, funny thing to be talking about the Kutuzov’s armor as an asset,
    but at least it has enough armor so that if it remains well angled or
    totally neutral, AP will mostly just bounce off. When the Atlanta, can and
    will often get citadel damage directly through the front of the ship if the
    enemy has a gun with the right amount of pen anyway.

  85. the citadel size on atlanta, other than that, it’s people’s attitude when
    playing them, gotta go easy, play like a DD, and utterly crush the opposing
    DDs. But only after you protect all your BBs and CVs with that splendid
    7.2km +100% AA going on

    also atlanta had really good turn radius IRL

  86. 5:57 And thusly my notion that the poor Atlanta was simply HEAVILY
    misunderstood – is now vinidcated! I have been defending my feelings for
    her since I bought her around patch 0.5.2.X – during the Xmas Sales, when
    she cost just $30 from the store.

    And to be certain, I NEVER pretended that the Atlanta is some secret weapon
    of death and destruction the likes of which no other cruiser could hope to
    attain, just simply that: For me, the Atlanta has been a big shot of
    adrenaline filled fun, and while having this fun, she also earns me a TON
    OF credits!

    While I do not own the Sims, I still can’t help but feel like That Ship, is
    still FAR too weak! And not because of guns at all, more from being at tier
    7 with terrible torpedoes, while having 1 less gun than equivalent normal
    USN DD. And I say the torpedoes are terrible because both sets pretty much
    are. Honestly, IF I owned a Sims, I would probably prefer – if it were
    possible, to use the same torpedoes from the Atlanta on it, as they do 16k
    damage a piece, move at 65 knots, but only have 4.5km range, which is only
    1km less than the regular torps for the Sims – but cause 6000 more damage a

    Then there are those AWFUL 9.2 km torp sets for the Sims, 8500 damage a
    piece truly is AWFUL! At tier 7, Torpedo Bombers do almost that much! And
    they move at only 49 knots!

  87. I bought the Atlanta in nov together with the Atago. While I still have the
    Atago and it;s a great credit earner and a great ship, I sold the Atlanta
    in game for credits, simply because I found it unplayable. Let me explain:
    Atlanta is a very specific purpose ship, and while it’s great at what it
    does (terrific AA platform – which also historically it was, and a great DD
    hunter at close ranges, that’s about it. In 99.99% of random matches (I do
    not have teams, divisions, etc, I’m pretty much alone), the players play
    each one for themselves. This is where you as a player begin to fail
    massively with the Atlanta, because it;s not an all-rounder, it’s a support
    ship designed to operate together with other ships. You have no chance of
    winning any kind of 1v1 except dd’s. So, when you find yourself alone
    against pretty much any cruiser beginning with level 6 (I also got owned by
    takas) – your chances are very low. This is my opinion and take it as such.

  88. The Atlanta HERSELF actually USED to have a massive turning radius of
    nearly 1km!

  89. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)

    Very good point Chase. I read LittleWhiteMouse’s post and could not agree
    more. I also feel that the point you made about ship turning radius plays
    way more into other issues then just this.

    Remember why destroyer players are always saying, “Oh, it was better in
    Closed Beta…” Well, there you go. Ships took longer to turn and it was
    far easier to hit with torpedoes back then, then it is now. Also keep in
    mind that many of us have now been playing for a year plus, and with that
    comes experience. Most players know not to sail in straight lines and to
    zig zag and change speeds. Sure, a year ago people could make amazing
    “sniping” shots with battleships from 20km, but lets face it. People know
    how to dodge now. So its not that people are necessarily bad at shooting or
    do not know how to shoot. Its that now people know how to dodge and your
    shots that would have been massive hits, are mostly negated or mitigated by
    people who just know to dodge even if albeit, unknowingly.

    Therefore people beat themselves up saying, “Oh I cannot hit anything or I
    cannot aim, when you can, its just easier to dodge and now you have to play
    the ballistic lottery and hope you guessed correctly. (I know I am vastly
    exaggerating that statement but you get the point) When I play in
    battleships now, I fell I constantly have to tell myself, “patience,
    patience, save the shot…” and wait for that ship to be caught in a poor

  90. By the time you manage to zero in on a target, and get hits, the opponent
    will have wrecked you. Sims, Yubari, And Gremeyaschy all CBT ships. Which
    one has had no real changes? And is way better than its none premium

  91. Would those proposed changes in shell arcs also change it for the other US
    DDs? It’s one thing to improve it for Sims, but if that would improve the
    guns for higher tiers of DDs, I’m not sure it’s the best solution. I mean,
    as I’m currently playing Benson as one of my main ships, I certainly
    wouldn’t mind it, but I think that’s good enough as it is. Sure, it’s hard
    to hit things at 13.9 km, which is the max I have with upgrades, but
    nothing can see you at that range anyway, so you can just shoot as much as
    you want with no risk. Getting within range so you’re not invisi-firing
    anymore, and it’s not that hard to hit what you’re aiming at.

  92. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Atlanta captains try to tackle BBs on a 1on1 fight…get nuked…and
    complain about the atlanta being shit. Its a small cruiser with a 3inch
    armor belt. Your using her wrong. AA escort and DD hunter is her primary
    role. SHIT captains are shit.

  93. i uninstalled wows bc i didnt win a game since i installed, literally.
    should i reinstall? looks fun when someone else plays…

  94. Before I watch more than the opening: HOW DARE YOU? There is nothing wrong
    with Ms. Atlanta! She’s a bit big, but can literally go for days nonstop.
    She may be a little fragile, but at least she doesn’t expect me to pick up
    the tab.

    Lol… In all seriousness, I DO enjoy my Atlanta, though that said, I
    certainly could always stand to enjoy her more!

  95. i love the shell arcs as they are , it makes it a bit challenging at times
    but can give you some unique positioning options i.e. slinging HE over an
    island with no threat of return fire. If there’s anything i would change,
    it would be to give the atlanta a smoke generator

  96. To be fair the Atlanta Class were only desinged to be a light scout then an
    Anti Aircraft cruiser, So i wouldnt expect it to be able to do well against
    a higher tier battleship of heavy cruiser

  97. Don’t forget about this video “How to Atlanta” inspired by Sliphantom’s WoT
    & pro as heck LoL guides

  98. I noticed something else lately: at close range the shell flight time
    indicator is broken. Below 5 Km if you aim based on the displayed flight
    time you will miss most shots regardless of the target size or speed, you
    need to do it “by eyeball estimation” to actually hit the target. Also at
    close range I experience frequent visual anomalies, like “micro-freezes”
    and targets suddenly “jumping” or “teleporting” a few meters from their
    last displayed position, although there is no lag or FPS drop and my GPU is
    working fine (i tested it extensively). Are these bugs or is something
    wrong with my PC?

  99. iChase make them change it, or refund the premium ship owners, as the
    Atlanta is worth NOTHING anymore !

  100. I don’t buy it. You are telling me the ship turning rates were improved,
    which makes the guns seem like they can’t hit shit. But they are actually
    the same? No, I used to be able to hit a full speed nagato at 10km going
    straight with nine notches of lead to the bow fully zoomed in. Now i have
    to lead at 12-13 to the bow. Off the visible scale. And that has nothing to
    do with turning times, as they are going straight. And i can provide the
    video evidence. The arcs, or velocity, were nerfed.

  101. Ps love the vids chase have a replay from the weekend where I was in my
    khab on less than third hp and run aground lol and destroyed a full hp
    gearing as his HE was nerfed to death!

  102. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Wholeheartedly agree Chase…if only someone at WG would have an interest
    in Balance.
    I mean…they do stuff…but all those small things that you mention and
    most of players find perfectly logical (instead of nerfing a Ship class by
    buffing at least 3 features againt that class at once) that (for me) must
    be easy and quick to change numbers….those are somehow never adressed :(

  103. i rather have the Atlanta nerfed like it is right now than buffed it. The
    flamethrower shit is fucking stupid and exploitive of the broken HE
    mechanic in this game.

  104. They nerfed the Atlanta’s range when they nerfed the AFT for the Cleveland,
    it went from ~14km with AFT to ~13km… :(

  105. For the Sims, I now use the new talent that reduce the range of the torps
    for a better speed (with the long range one). It is a viable solution. Not
    wonderful, but viable. I made a video on my channel to show the build (in

  106. personally i dont want the arcs on 127mm L38 guns to be buffed. It has been
    already terrible enough, when a us dd is hiding in smoke 8km away from a bb
    and destroying her superstructure and bb almost cant do anything against
    it. Also the arcs on the soviet 130mm guns for dd(not for cruisers) should
    then be nerfed for the compensation(the shells on udaloi’s 130mm travels
    14km in 9s if i remember it correctly, and this is the velocity on 8-inch
    cruiser guns). By the way, the japanese dd guns with 127mm and L50 (much
    longer barrel) has almost the same arc like on the most of us dds with
    shorter barrels. It does take around 4-5s for minekaze’s shell to go 7km.
    Also the japanese dd guns have much slower reload.I dont mean to make jp
    dds to be gunboats but these guns should not behave so much worse than us
    or ussr dds, because they still need to be able to defend themselves more
    and less(Of course there’ll be opinion that jp. trops are already perfect
    but in a dd dogfight, dd can be taken out by any single tropedo.).

  107. well the way to play the Atlanta was to basically pretend you were a
    American Destroyer on steroids, basically pop out behind an island and spam
    ur guns and talrdy in the game and torps but now with radar i guess thats
    screwed and without buffs the Atlanta will be even more useless but i still
    don’t get y they r adding radar cause i rly don’t see a point with spotter
    aircraft and if ur talking abt torps all you have to do is not sail in a
    straight line at the same speed

  108. wrong wrong wrong! sold the gearing and would have sold the Fletcher
    (saving grace is very quick torp reload) because of the documented HE nerf!
    Simple! and not mentioned by you or miss mousie!

  109. I agree that the sims torps need a buff badly as well as a slight gun arc

  110. Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s why I’ve held off buying the Atlanta
    and Sims. Not great ships, and if I’m going to be playing something a lot,
    especially at tier 7 and up to grind my captains, it has to be good. It’s
    why, when the Marblehead came up to purchase, I went for it. It’s not a
    super ship, but at tier 5ish matches some good rounds can be had to get the
    daily XP bonus from to boost my USN captains up.The USN has pretty dismal
    premium ships, here’s hoping the Saipan will be good and I’m curious about
    the RN Campbeltown. Great vid and thoughts!

  111. I totally agree. I bought the triple pack in closed beta (Sims, Gremy,
    Yubari) and never play any of them. It feels like such a waste and I’d love
    for them to be more playable.

  112. well atlanta was a CLAA….

  113. It’s hard for WG to buff US ships, because they are russian bias

  114. I once hat fun playing my Sims. Once…

    Thank you iChase for adressing this issue!

  115. I’ve been waiting for this video – my poor premiums 🙁 Thanks Chase!

  116. hi I love have a secondary guns got buff in the upcoming update my Yamato
    shall be stoppable

  117. and poor Yubari as well.

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