World of warships – When Clan Battles coms get MESSY

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A lot of ppl usually go and say that our coms are very messy and that they couldn’t do it, and that is wrong and blablabla. What those ppl don’t understand is: this is how we function and this is normal for us and YES IT IS WORKING, otherwise we wouldn’t be the best or one of the best.


  1. Evo: “No I won’t shut up.” Gold! xD

  2. First How did you win this game? You should have lost it! Second great come back! Enemy team played well Third when you have turned the game around teammates start arguing with each other Haha! Finally Flamu losing it in the background towards the end was amazing 😀

  3. Funny. Tense. Angry. EVO raging. Flamu giggling like a girl. And yet Flambass is still able to keep an eye on chat!

  4. that was great , runner saying no one is shooting is exactly how it feels sometimes in a game lol

  5. No one going to take the time to appreciate Runner’s torpedo beats at 10:00?

  6. Love it. I bet the after battle convo was tense. 😉

  7. Can anyone here explain me why is that fucking detonation in the game?!!!?

  8. Well played at the end

  9. Dominos. Rush one, take those ships out. Move to next cap n take out ships. Splitting takes too much time.
    Have A Blessed Day

  10. Being the best in a video game is like being the best in special Olympics… it takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end nobody fucking cares and “normal” people just laugh at you.

  11. “OMNI: We put the FUN in dysFUNction.”

  12. Too stressful 😀

  13. It’s always fun reading the plebs talk in chat during Clan-wars, how OMNI is dead and then OMNI comes back from a seemingly lost game. Then the usual but they could have done better if X changed and so on.

  14. Flambass what is your relationship with Flamu?

  15. I keep hearing this rumour that OMNI are dead, they can only die if they kill each other…..sometimes they come close.

  16. How the F-word did you win this ? That was amazing … I have to admit I do admire you keeping a cool head at each time … yes there are random farts like those torps on the Monty at the worst moment … but you never panic or anything … man I have so much to learn still …

    • Ty for kind words, as for your answer I’d say it’s exp mostly. You learn to behave and to think properly in certain situations, you’re most welcome to the channel ofc 😉

  17. Pleb speshul tactics with that montana push vs omni tactics

  18. I love the intensity

  19. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Good game guy’s Flambass its hard staying alive when u, are running the point.. I watch u pull a lot of slack, damn i love this team and i ride or die with OMNI!! just a little more coms disaplain.. Thank Omni….🚢

  20. How was Hans not driving that z

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