World of warships – When DD has to be the main dmg dealer

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  1. That moment in the game when you said ‘No Torps’ i did start screaming ‘Neptune!’ at the screen lol. seconds later ‘WTF is THIS!’ Since most of the fire was directed at your division mate i’m at a loss to what killed the rest of your team, the Baltimore broadsiding the whole enemy team at the start didn’t fill me with confidence.

  2. I get those type of matches all the frickin time with WoW.

  3. And I was thinking to me “That Neptune just torpedoed the smoke” as he was turning away … and he actually did 🙂

  4. I was the only tier 10 once in Gearing,, every other ship was tier 8 not a single tier 9.. Was pretty funny and under pressure I did came first ?

  5. Chung Mu on your team at the end trying to TK the Charles Martel? Or did he really think the Neptune was going to come out of the smoke and rush the rest of your team coming from B because it looked like your team from B had to turn to avoid his torps

  6. Great last words before death 😉

  7. why always playing with super op ships all the time?
    Is this a MUST for all youtubers or what!

  8. DD stands for ‘damage dealer’, didnt you know that? 🙂

  9. It’s late at night, I had a long day and I am very tired. I thought the title said “drug dealer” and I was like “yep, it sometimes feels that way in DDs”

  10. Standard game on NA

  11. At 5:50 did you intentionally target the far terpitz for torps, or was that an accident that ended up working out?

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