World of Warships – When even Balans is not enough

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Some teams you cannot carry, regardless of which ship you’re in and how good of a match you’re having. If the team doesn’t wanna fight and play right, there’s just so much an individual can do for the team. BUT it was a good Kremlin match which I very much needed in a day like this.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 1st … Yes !!!

  2. Congrats on the giveaway and hope you recovered from the insanity of shipvote cycling so many horrible ships.

  3. Second, wow

  4. I loved it that Flambass calmly checks on the Yugumo who deletes the Bismark just behind him.

  5. Upload the torps from yesterday stream 😀 LMAO 😀

  6. people think that light year is a unit of time just because it has a ‘year’ in it 😀

  7. Reds: Hey there is a CC in the enemy team…Let’s stop in front of him, plain broadside, get deleted and make into youtube 😛

  8. Yeah Microsoft has money, but the contender (twitch) belongs to Amazon. And they have even more money so…

  9. captain_jack_sparrow_53

    I am captain_jack_sparrow_53 I am from Russia(CIS) I very like see that you gaming Like+1

  10. A while back I would have said this must be a weekend game. But now, they’re ALL ‘weekend’ games, which is why the game is dying (for me, at least).

  11. Love how in chat its always the 44 winrates crying about team… I get it they want to be carried all the time ??

  12. it’s the first time I hear of mixer, talking about popular

  13. Mixer is the Michael Scott paper company and twitch is Dunder Mifflin

  14. Aside from twitch prime I would think it wouldn’t be hard for viewers to switch or just use both
    Amazon has a shitload of money to keep twitch ahead of Microsoft if they want

  15. Flambino what are your thoughts on the sudden economic changes, the increase in ship servicing costs, pricing players out of co-op. Is premium ammunition only an update away? Saw this happen with world of tanks and I stopped playing it.

  16. and the DM is chasing the Shima all the way down south to J 2

  17. Legit tho drdisrespect is probably the best streamer down in history, the guy legit puts out a show with one of the best theme/music types out there

  18. 13:02 I learned the hard way

  19. 3:39 “The calmer you are” So…Flambass is pretty safe from Mixer ever getting him away from twitch, then?

  20. Tirpitz without a full secondary build? Absolutely barbaric

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