World of Warships – When even the most OP ships struggle to win

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Slava, also known as Pobeda is one of the most OP ships in the game. Its entire concept is wrong and unhealthy for the game and should be removed because it simply rewards wrong type of gameplay. Gameplay that should be getting punished, most definitely not rewarded.
I would ofc lie if I say that it’s not fun and that it doesn’t feel great smack ppl this hard, but even in this ship it feels like you can’t carry.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Your vids are ?

  2. Disgusting as always Flambino, Never change!

  3. We need a video on the new CV AA changes in 8.5.. Thanks Flam!

  4. OP BB vs. Potato team? Well potato team always win in giving you bad game.

  5. AlwaysBakedNeverFried

    oh look a useless conqueror….what a shock

  6. AlwaysBakedNeverFried

    all but 1 killed by you when u died……muppet team elite

  7. 5:55
    aiming reticle : i dont know what to do **flies off**

  8. Griffin Faulkner

    To quote one of my favorite pieces of writing:

    “Probably a Slava-class.”

    “Slava Slava Slav- oh shit.”

    About sums up this ship, don’t you think?

  9. That last salvo from the forward guns on the Wooster!? I’ve been experiencing that also… against a Wooster no less

  10. TraianusImperator

    This ship needs an adidas camo.

  11. lol the enemy cv was complaining about AA for half the match

  12. I just started with Soviet DD´s and yeah they need a good chance or they are absolute crap

  13. David Chrysostom

    Potato team learns to pick up rocks and throw them instead there at the end for the save !

  14. dispersion? RNG?
    are things that you forgot to put the ship, it is almost insulting to see that a round at 20km enter all the shots

  15. Russian DD’s will get a forcefield next patch, making them immune for 60 seconds to any form of Aerial or Torpedo insults 😉

  16. Slava means glory at least on Balkan ;D

  17. Ships in testing like this, Colbert and Smolensk are the wrong direction for game team play quality. bolstering closer range – cap taking, team supporting should be the focus. XP should be rebalanced also to promote this

    ifhe nerf

    cruiser side plating

    Improve secondaries – start firing when the first gun can – not center to center – and the manual secondary skill – keep the accuracy boost to the selected target, BUT other guns can still fire at other targets with normal accuracy

    Skills like these would help promote more aggressive play to the schools of feeder fish style since the rework that make teams chum in the water

    Good hunting,

    Karandar, NA

    • what’s with the “cruiser side plating” point?They don’t need more,otherwise every cruiser would be a Stalin/Moskva.

  18. OP ships struggle to win? “Laughs in Gremyashchy”

  19. I’m getting confused these days. Which ships are the mythical fantasy ships again? The cyberpunk ships or the Russian navy?

  20. Carriers should be scrapped. The game was fine without them, they’re a totally different interface and experience. F carriers.

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