World of Warships – When in doubt, just stand still

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My momma used to say…well…you’ll find out xD
Another crazy tight Mino game…just the way we like’em eh
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. J U N I U S C H A N

    can we see you do tier 2 10 kill dub?

  2. Dirk Daryl Basilan

    Flambass I like ur videos. Any tips for a beginner player like me. I have a tier 5 german battleship

    • Dirk Daryl Basilan

      @Flambass thanks for the tips . Keep up the good work.

    • Dirk Daryl Basilan

      @Russian Bias always protect. why isn’t it a good line

    • @Dirk Daryl Basilanin T9 and 10, german battleship’s main guns are… well… inaccurate. if you like to yolo in like Flambass when he’s trolling, it’s a perfect ship since most of it damage will be coming from the secondaries. But if not… yeah I would recommend other nation

  3. When I try what flambass does standing still,Yamato at the edge of the map citadels me and kills me one shot

  4. Russian Bias always protect.

    (9:39) Did Ibuki said “reported” to Flambass?
    rofl xd

  5. Mino is still best DD, always will. And about that rocket, I’ve yet to see another ship take off as fast as a Mino does xD

  6. Lol that Ibuki was super salty. He reported you at least twice this game Flambass lol at 3:49 and 9:26 I saw

  7. that,s why a lot of players leave, people don,t have to earn points now just buy any tier you want,no experience

  8. Fantastic work as ever… I still love the sting in that thing, and when you throw in the long range torps it’s to be feared in the right hands.

  9. hey flambass, how would you suggest wargaming change the lower tier and beginner experience? do you see a way to turn seal clubbing into puppy training? rewarding high level players for sharing their knowledge, giving low tiers a purpose and engaging newbs in tactical gameplay.

  10. can i get players like you in my team next time

  11. I love that shima, in the flank of the enemy torping

  12. László Hadnagy

    Not only depopulating lower tiers, but aggravating the scrub problem by making available even more options to skip large chunks of the game’s learning curve.

  13. Almost as much salt in the chat than in the Sea. LOL

  14. Mathias Nørgaard

    Can you please make a vid about the Vladivostok

  15. ‘Dat enemy Kron going POOF at 7:45 from the long range Kurry special delivery. 30K to “thanks for playing” in one salvo.

  16. What really bugs me about WG is how they try to get you to skip lower Tier ships as soon as possible, when there is plenty to find interesting about the older ships.

    • Its funny a friend of mine recently started playing so i went back to lower Tiers aswell, i have to say Furutaka and Aoba or even the Bayern are solid Ships for their Tiers. I quite enjoy lower Tier Battles even though from Time to Time you have Sealclubbers in their Kamikaze R around which makes it really aggravating to win a Round if they are good.

  17. SurpriseBlue Viana

    Did players realized that now you can bought with really money on Premium Shop one tier 7 from the tech-tree?

  18. [Deletes anyone who makes a move forward]
    “I wonder why no one wants to push?”

  19. 3/4 way in the vid, then we have it MOTHER-TRUCKER, was waiting for it lol

  20. I’m mentioned in this video too, and I need to know what to do with my fame. Suggestions?

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