World of Warships- When Potatoes Collide

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Hey guys, today we have a replay from Battleflower in his Moskva as he is stuck between two potato teams in , enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. There’s a Potato Pandemic on our beloved boat game

    • I’d take potatoes over Smolensk and CV scourge any day. Since even a potato can deal damage in a smolensk with ease and no skill required, as demonstrated in this game. Note the Smolensk had only 50% firepower on the Moskva and took almost 50% of her bow in, in a minute…

  2. Good play but if the Hindenburg wouldn’t have been a total potato he had devasted him with one salvo

  3. I stopped playing Ranked because of the potato players.

  4. Ah Moskva, my 2nd TX i have gotten, still my most favourite TX cruiser, espacialy with legendary module.

  5. 5:00 not necessarily: Especially with the Des Moines you are good to shoot AP on a bow in enemy cruiser, because your AP very likely can break enemy turrets, because of floaty arcs and murrican AP pen. But usually you are using this, if both you and the enemy cruiser are bow in tanking. You may lose the DPS race at the start (if the enemy uses HE), but as soon as one turret breaks, the enemy is already on the DPS disadvantage, even if you stay with AP. If he repairs, he is even more screwed, since if (and you will) break the turret soon after, you are fine to switch to HE or you might even continue trying to break the other turret(s) aswell. Oh and if you are caught by a DesMo like that bow in, at less than 10 kms and she is peppering you with AP, imho your best chance is to charge her to pass her closely so her turrets are outturned and get her broadside, to torp, or even to ram her. If the Des Mo is using HE on the other hand, you should try to break her turret(s) with AP, or if possible, disengage, since you usually won’t win that engagement, if you yourself are not in a Des Moines, too.

    • Gulaschiltis Agreed, I just destroyed JB turret today and he acted like he didn’t know what to do. I then got his broadside in close range and repeatedly shot him to death, so hilarious. He could’ve just ram me and I can’t runaway from JB while bow in I mean nobody can if it’s that close range.

  6. Have they actually announced that you will get a replacement? I haven’t seen any articles about it

    • May I ask what you are reffering to?

    • @Dr. Clickbait He said that if you have the Moskva that we will get a T10 cruiser that will be replacing her, yet I haven’t found any news saying you will get a replacement for the Moskva. The Kirov, yes you probably will get the replacement, but i don’t know about the Moskva

  7. Just here to make sure i wasn’t on one of those potato team’s. Wouldn’t have been suprised when i saw the heading. It was like someone was calling my name

  8. When they would replace the TX Moskva? I’m at t8 and i want it ….

  9. พ่อมึง

    When did the Moskva going to be replaced?
    Anyone pls answer me ,so I could get enough time to grind up

  10. That Yoshino lol.

  11. If you already have the Moskva, do you get both tier tens or just the petrapovolosk

    • Both, it is so op. I am on the t8 and no way i can get it. I’d love getting a free t10 credit printer AND a free t10 cruiser

    • Not sure, but if it’s just one it wouldn’t be the Petro, it would the the Alexander Nevsky because that’s the ship replacing Moskva after Donskoi. Petropavlosk is on the alternate line splitting off after tier 7.

  12. It will not become a premium ship, it will become a special ship. None of the tier 10 special ships get the benefits of premiums. Bonus XP, bonus credits, reduce post battle cost, etc.

  13. That was a really dumb des moins player lol. this is the prob with WS letting dumb people play at t10.

  14. Thanks for the video.
    About the new branches of Russian cruisers. in your opinion how much time is left before the update (just an estimate)?

  15. Tahir ibn Mohammad


  16. Oh man I’m only at tier 6 with the Russians right now…
    When comes the petro out?

  17. Dang you’re almost to 10k, keep up the good work you deserve the success.

  18. george marnelakis

    So what is it exactly, they gna give us Moskva owners Petropavlosk or Nevsky?

  19. not sure what up with yoshi players, I think you need to pay with your brain and first born to get this ship…

  20. where to buy broadsiding enemies?

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