World of Warships: When RNG Says Yes

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I played this match an hour ago. RNGesus was holding my hand in this one. I can’t believe this .

footage of the Pan-Asia Gadjah Mada.


  1. RNGesus approves of this message as brought to you by Aerroon the Almighty 😀

  2. RNGesus bestowed his glory upon thee, praised be RNGesus!

  3. Dafuq just happened?

  4. wow very impressive luck indeed! for some odd reason I was looking in the chat when you wrote that is it was your birthday so happy birthday 😀

  5. I just got two of my teeth extracted today… At least I see that someone else is being blessed somehow…

  6. So should we say Happy Birthday?

  7. Happy Birthday 🙂

  8. Does the deep water torps work against cruisers?

  9. Lews Therin Talamon

    This feels like that game where I got 6 citadels and 10 she’ll hits in the Gneisanau…

  10. Happy Birthday Flamu!

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. RNG is rigged af. This game could’ve easily had the same concept as “stacks” in LoL. 20 hits = 1 fire instead of 5 fires in 20 hits… then in another game with the same ship firing on same tier ships, you’ll get 1 fire 180 hits.

  13. Happy Birthday so Aerroon ! 😉
    And good video ^^ fun & engaging game

  14. So… is it your birthday?

  15. Happy birthday and may the RNGesus be with you!

  16. RNGesus said Happy B-day!

  17. Lucky you … 2 days ago I got the other end of the stick … game won, a gearing with 200HP remaining on enemy team, me in loyang with some 4k health … he pops out from behind an island, we both shoot, he survives, I get detonated. game ends when a salvo from a teammate finishes him in the next second ….

  18. You sacrificed 2 goats this week didnt you?

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