World of warships – When SOLO WARRIOR is not good enough for you

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  1. Crushinator192837465

    I just downloaded WoW. Can anyone point me to some beginner guides?

    • look IChase’s video or NoZoupForYou, after that maybe on their site they have some tutorials but else just play ^^

    • Crushinator192837465

      AllSkillNoLuck thank you!

    • There are a few main things that if you live by you will do just fine.
      – In a battleship or cruiser, stay angled. This means that you shouldn’t show your broadside to the enemy battleships, since you will take a ton of damage. Basically, your ship shouldn’t be perpendicular to the enemy BB, but more like 50-80 degrees away from that.
      -When playing a battleship, do NOT sit in the back and “snipe.” Move close to the caps and absorb damage for your team. However, if you are taking too much damage, then pull back. Also, if there is a destroyer around, don’t sail in a straight line. Try to maneuver to avoid the DDs torpedos.
      -In a cruiser, be careful. Usually you should stay at maximum range (unless you can find Island cover, then sit behind and island and fire away.) You are very squishy at the low tiers, so just stay angled and use those guns to burn down your enemies!
      -I always found destroyers hard to play, so I might not be the best person to ask about them. First of all, you should stay undetected. What this means is that you shouldn’t be seen by your enemies, and you probably shouldn’t fire your guns. DDs are meant for capping. Go directly to the cap, sit in it, and earn points for your team. If you are taking too much damage, then just leave. Torpedo ships sitting in smoke (like enemy DDs and Royal Navy Cruisers,) or battleships. Getting every torpedo to hit a battleship in this game is one of the most satisfying things in the world. However, there are some DD lines that differ a ton from others, for example the Soviet DDs play exactly like cruisers.
      -CVs. At low tiers, theres not much skill involved. Find a place to take cover near the back and stay there, unless your team moves. Move with your team, but NEVER BE DETECTED. You’re like a big juicy target for every ship in the game if you are seen. When bombing or torpedo bombing, angle the green area by dragging the “arrow” that is on the dotted line. Usually you should angle the bombs so that the ovals long side is the length of the ship, and the torpedo bombs are about 15 degrees behind perpendicular to the ship. Like this

    • You should also do two big things: go to and read the Game Mechanics section of the WOWS wiki. This will explain how everything works. Videos on YouTube will then demonstrate how this functions when playing. You should also go to the forums and check out the individual sections on each ship type and the general discussions for tactics.

      Take 10 hours or so to read both. Then play Coop (against bots) for a couple of weeks, going back to the wiki and forums to ask questions about circumstances you encounter.

      And no, neither torpedoes nor destroyers are invisible. You just have to know where to look. 😉

    • I would recommend Notser’s vid. He’s my teacher.

  2. Richard Hutchings

    Jen Se Nepo!!!!!! (Say the vanquished)

    • Guy , who wrote it was a Czech. He did not want to curse so he did not write full phrase – in czech Jen se neposer, which literally means dont shit yourself, but in this context it means, dont make a lot of a fuss about fact, that you killed me. Bambasi is derogatory pun on his nick Flambass, with i in the end which is suffix added to the proper case in czech language – vocative exactly.

    • Richard Hutchings

      AB8511 excellent. Multilingual Europe at work.

  3. Richard Hutchings

    Hindy needs a faster reload – don’t nerf it lol

  4. LOL “They’re evolving” LOL, if they develop speech skills we’re fuked right? 🙂

  5. 1 min in… AP conqueror you say??? I don’t believe you… Video evidence please… Your assertions are frankly ridiculous…

    Love it Flam, Keep up the great work.

  6. That DM’s teammates must be having rise of blood pressure….lol

  7. You’ll probably want to team up on The Division if you want to stand a chance against the harder missions. Those Legendary enemies are brutal on your own.

  8. Flambass play some Total War: Arena from Wargaming!

  9. Damn shame you couldnt get a trade with Demoint

  10. austinpowersfasjer

    lately ive seen my hindie dispersion being VERY bad. looking at this dispersion this game, i think there is something not right. ive always had the feeling something was off with my rng, but now it kinda gets confirmed

  11. Could always do Far Cry 5 Flambass, or Ghost Recon Wildlands is worth a shot for shits and giggles.

    • Nigel Milne even destiny 2 has been a lot of fun for me. Never feeling grindy as the world levels to your gear and the story is alright.

  12. Flambass, when the USN Light Cruisers come out, would you make a video on witch Cruiser Branch is better?

    Thank You.

    • Well I prefer light cruisers cause they’re somewhat fun to play and heavy cruisers are super boring imo. But light cruisers are very demanding

  13. i think he come back, because he think you guys deserve the wins. Not everyone view achievement as heavily as a good game for those who deserved it

  14. I think something broke in me when I heard your gearing saying he’s “kinda new to this whole destroyer thing”

  15. Don’t worry. I managed to lose a game where I did 120k damage in the kaiser where I left the last person on their team with 2hp and yes it was a loss

  16. 37.5%. So I’m not the only one experiencing special teams in random. I went to the forum with this issue last night.

    • Those special players are the reason anyone has a WR above 50%. A losing streak is called variance and there’s nothing to complain about. It’s just that no one notices when they win 10 games in a row.

    • Jon B you are not really expecting people on youtube comments to understand basic stats, right?

  17. Yala ! Do you speak Arabic??

  18. John Chucky Tomlinson

    That DM, for as good as he played that game coming back instead of running was very “SPECIALLLL”?

    • Well I mean if you had to choose between a win and solo warrior medal or a loss but maybe doing like 5k more damage which would you pick? Oh wait…

    • Kind of sad to see, but pretty much what I expect in a random battle. Here is the game and it is on a silver plate that will turn gold if all you do is run away. What did Jingles call it snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory 🙂

    • People always bitch about “special” players but they will end up on the enemy team exactly as often as your team. And having a skill greater than theirs is the only reason you can have a high WR.

  19. Huh?!?!?! That’s nuts. If I were him my adrenaline would he pumping and I’d have the pedal to the metal!

  20. GG but where the hell was your GK sailing around? Completely out of game for ages when it was important to be in the center. But Hindenburg = tank confirmed again. 🙂

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