World Of Warships – When Stars Align – Des Moines

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Games happen where everything goes right. Things are easy and you rack up a huge kill count.

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  1. is there supposed to be commentary?

  2. “Hello there Qckslvrslash” where is this featured quote?

  3. Congrats on the Kraken. Saw the cursor moving around the mini-map, so I’m assuming there was supposed to be commentary for the video?

  4. Very nice. I had a similar game with my Des Moines over the weekend 143k damage, but only 2375 base XP. I didn’t get the kills you did (only 3), but sank every ship that came my way except for a battleship that I heavily damaged before it was torped by a friendly DD (they ended up killing each other). It was a tense game on Atlantic with a couple nice one on one duels.

  5. Post the YY, ZAO game 🙂

  6. what a game m8, thanks for uploading this

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