World of Warships- When You Mess Up

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So had a rather frightening moment in this match where I’m pretty sure I lost a couple of hours off my life, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Boiiii, is it beautiful.

    I love Monty and Ohio. Looks wise

  2. Is that locked in the Naval Training Cent, whoops I mean Bureau of Fund Raising, Alas I’ll only see it in game then then 😭😭

  3. when u mess up in a high tier match in NA/EU server : u mighhhhhht survive
    when u mess up in the same match but in SEA server : expect to get dev struck by a random BB from 20km away
    also full-on secondary build doesnt rlly work well in SEA server due to the fact that everyone is kiting gods and can blind fire with 0 inaccuracy. theres also the VOR player that doesnt care if u r spotted or not
    if they see ur shell tracers u might as well be dead
    still good video tho . greeting as a BB capt from SEA server

    • SEA have the dumbest player across server. So I doubt your statement about how well they play, the only thing I can agree is, players in SEA in higher tier is playing with maximum range meta, most of the time these players just cowardly stay at the back and waiting someone to push from the opponent side.

    • @不死原飴羽 to me they are oftentime too good for their own good
      They hav sniper lvl of acc at range but shit at pushing
      However anyone who push would be focused to oblivion , worsening the problem
      oh a dd push ? 1 radar later u die
      Oh a BB or cruiser push ? Firespammers and torps

    • I am play from SEA server. Lots of them are cowards. Many never push but always kite. Only few know how to push and when a kiting team fights an aggressive enemy pushing team, most of the time the kiting team loses in the end being dragged to the map boarders.

    • @jay Vee yes, thats my view on SEA players, most of the time they re too passive and lose due to not holding any cap at opening and forced to rush carelessly at late game and die very quickly. Team who willing to play more aggressively at opening tends to have higher WR.

    • @不死原飴羽 that’s not far from wrong though I don’t know how bad it’s gotten about that I left that server before CV rework so the SPAM wasn’t quite as bad. But what you describe sounds like a natural progression between the normal accuracy of the players +SPAM+RDR× the excessive tryhardium÷will report you because you moved your ship 200meters too far to the let

  4. leonard scrafton

    good example of a well played game. thank you

  5. Damn, I really want Ohio, but then again I hate regrinding ships

    • Don’t regrind the ships just play the ships. They keep the xp and as long as you don’t convert it to free xp it just sits there, and then when you basically have the xp cost for the ship sitting on each ship you reset the line and then just unlock the ships one after the other with the xp that is stored on the hulls. No regrinding required, just playing and unlocking. Still takes time though but you avoid grinding stock ships and it doesn’t lock you out of using your high tier ships.

    • @Sleepy Gryphon Do you read the things you type? Your explanation is literally regrinding the vessels. The trick with resetting the line after you regrind doesn’t change the fact it’s a regrind.

    • @Isaiah Sherrill Then I explained my point poorly. To me grinding means sitting down and playing a ship until I meet the xp requirement for the next upgrade, hull, or ship. Playing to me is taking a ship out I haven’t played in a while, or required for tier setting in operations, ranked and so on. When the research buro came around I found myself in a position to just skip large chunks of the grinding and in hindsight I could have saved myself more if I had waited longer and in other cases not converted xp. This was not meant as grind quick or efficient comment but rather a way that lets you make progress without having to sacrifice playing your NC, DM or Monty for months at a time as you grind your way through.

  6. Joshua Picklesimer

    I just unlocked my Ohio recently. It was everything that I had hoped for. Love it!

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