World of Warships- Where Are The Italian Battleships?

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Hey guys, given what happened with the Littorio, it seems pretty obvious what has happened with the Italian BBs.

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  1. Nobody :
    Some people : Italian Battleships?
    Wows : No, now have some transformers

  2. Since when has WG let a little thing like not existing stop them from putting a ship in the game.

  3. Wargaming only likes fictional, russian, cold war era ships, nobody cares about the Italians….

    • On the contrary… many do… you don;t, then that is you. Please… let others speak for themselves, unless you have permission to speak for everyone which you obviously do not… otherwise, you’d know differently…

  4. Dude, to have a Littorio, you can’t just remove a badge and change it with a new one: the whole bow section has to be replaced because the ship had a distinctive shape, like the difference between a Vanguard and. KGV

  5. Then give italian BBs just AP with improged angles, and No HE

  6. Wargaming: We’re going to make these fantasy, paper Soviet ships overpowered, because… bias.
    Also Wargaming: We can’t have real Italian ships ruining the game, and being OP with SAP.

  7. Okay let’s have a little reality check. And yes I know it’s a game. What wargaming call sap is really bass fuse high explosive. Everybody had it that was a battleship high explosive shell. Balancing and how One deals with sap is easy angle in it bounces you might get a couple shots of the superstructure it is easy to mitigate is armor piercing is. And if someone wants to sell broadside to you well you can be punished by sap or armor-piercing. Maybe the problem was Italian battleships perform too well against the Russian ones. Just a joke I don’t want to be banned

  8. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    What other nations would people like to see?

  9. WG cares so much about balance that they didnt release slava/smolensk/kremlin/stalingrad… oh wait.

  10. ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

    You know what would be cool? Sap secondaries.

  11. This Naval veteran/Italian can’t wait for RM options. Thanks for the update.

  12. Sometime after Russian CV’s and their tactical nuke rockets.

  13. Nowhere, but i bet that the Ruskvy Cvs are on the horizon, knowing wg

    • There’s sufficient ships for a Russian CV line, Borodino class conversion(in-game izmail), project 71, project 72, Kronstadt conversion. All they need are just a trend across the line…

  14. Welp Played against a Impero once in my Iowa, yea died in 5 salvos

  15. If they’re as bad as the Roma, they can just not release them, thats fine.

  16. I liked the “oh that nagato is dead, let’s focus attention on the cv”
    Then 2 overpens… WHAAAA?

  17. I would like to see Italian Battleships and then destroyers added to the game. The Italian Navy had some of the best looking ships of the WW2 era.

  18. It too easy give 8km secondary guns with SAP and decent accuracy, give them a unique star shell consumable. Reveals units with in 8 km and LOS only. So can reveal ships in smoke but not torps and not units behind islands

  19. Pls.. LITTORIO and not LITTORO.. It’s orrible to listen “littoro”

  20. I love the casual shade you threw the modern history channel. They deserve it.
    Also regarding IT BBs, they’re not here yet because they don’t know how to balance 380mm SAP. 203mm is already really powerful. I played against the Impero in Alaska some weeks ago. It hit like a truck and I could never seem to angle against it properly fast enough. I don’t envy WG on this. Damned if they do damned if they don’t.

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