World of Warships – Where is Prinz Eitel Friedrich?

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I’ve received a few questions over the whereabouts to PE Friedrich, figured I’d make a video sharing what little info I have to you. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI German Prinz Eitel Friedrich Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Hey Notser, I thought you were taking a break cause of your mother’s condition. I hope she gets well and beats that MOFO. Best wishes.

  2. German ship with accurate guns? Nooo, that isnt historical correct … …. wait a second..

    • ^ dude, thanks a lot for your info. I actually find it very interesting 😀

    • Did they though? Japans fleet was defeated by aircraft, or superior force. the only 2 times a American battleship fought a Japanese battleship, it was with superior firepower( IE Washingtons 9 16 inch guns vs Kirishimas 8 14 inch guns) or superior numbers coupled with torpedo support( surigao strait). Japanese accuracy was darn good… just look at any cruiser fight during the war. USA won via Air power and superior numbers… not any new radar FCS. it just didnt play a table turning part. sorry.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      “Japanese accuracy was darn good” – again you are confusing fire control systems to dispersion values.
      Japanese firecontrol relied on spotters and their glorious optics – which is indeed superseded by radar fcs.
      The japanese did have notably tighter dispersion values – but what’s the point of that when you cant even target your enemies properly to begin with – and like I said the Japanese learn’t that the hard way.

      Battle of Surigao Strait – where modernised USN ww1 Dreadnought era battleships such West Virginia sniping and hitting retreating Yamashiro from a distance of 20.8km at her first salvo, followed by California and Tennessee.
      Resulting in Yamashiro sinking and being unable to even open up a return salvo since it lacked radar.
      During the battle of Bougainville where Cleaveland Light Cruisers completely suppressed a Japanese Heavy Cruiser formation – with accurate torpedo strikes and gunfire thanks to radar.

      In defence of IJN Firecontrol – they focused on Night Vision Optics – utilising huge 18cm binoculars for light gather and could see ships clearly in the night (as the starlight and moon light was enough for a light source). In tandem with their larger than average rangefinders. Utilising lots of spotter for their heavy cruisers along with star shells and advanced powerful searchlights – the Japanese based their fire control solely for the night – as they preferred to strike at night with lethal torpedo strikes from destroyers and gun their remnants by dawn.
      Not even the British that taught them and their axis German allies matched them – they were on a different league when it came to optics.

      Ofcourse – all that got countered by RADAR. – no need for those complex optics, star shells, search lights and spotters.

      South Dakota – ate a good number of shells from Kirishima point blank during the battle of Guadalcanal.
      A sudden engine room error – rendered her completely powerless along with her Radar.
      While the Japanese were trained for their optics at night (and had the tech to prove it) the Americans did not – and were unable to retaliate back with their own optics.
      Dmg was intermediate but nothing major.
      Luckily she was saved with Washingtons arrival, with fully functional radar annihilating Kirishima in the process and sinking her.

      From my memory – the higher ups considered not to engage Japanese forces during the night (even if they had the radar advantage) – as they did not want to risk the chance of having the same scenario like South Dakota – especially with their inexperience in utilising the ships optics.

      But alas – utilising radar at long distances – well past that of japanese optical firing capability – prove to be the tactic employed much like during the battle of Surigao Strait.

      Assuming Iowa didn’t rush in close ranges to a Yamato in a fight – the same event might happen to Yamato like it did to Yamashiro if she engaged at long range distances.

    • If they nerf the sigma I won’t buy it. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for to have finally have a German BB with good accuracy for once. Nerf the AA or concealment. Even the reload if they have to. Just leave the accuracy alone PLEASE!

  3. Wow, not a single citadel in 2 salvos on a leander…

    • That’s just Wargaming throwing a bone to shitty cruiser captains that sail broadside like idiots. Wargaming changed penetration mechanics to allow overpens through the citadel. Back in the day that would be suicide, but now you overpen their citadel even if your shells are perfectly aimed and they sail broadside on like that. Can’t allow for players to be punished for their mistakes now, can we?

    • And it’s even better when it’s soon before “They decided it’s accuracy was too good” What’s the point of that accuracy then lol?

  4. isnt that cruiser guns sound she have?

  5. Giving cruiser 5 consumables is balanced, giving DDs cruiser penetration is fine, accurate BB is OP pls nerf…sounds legit…

  6. Lol at the guy in chat saying Anytime you get instantly deleted it means somebody’s cheating – if he played an emerald he’d be reporting people every game

    • Ha – so they don’t understand that as a cruiser you should not show your broadside to a BB? They also don’t understand spotting mechanics. They were spotted by a plane when they were behind the island and then ‘blinked out of view’ only to be taken out by a well led shot – maybe they should not sail in straight lines and constant speed?

    • I mean any ship can be destroyed in a single salvo at any tier – is it likely to happen at lower tiers? Probably not. At higher tiers – definitely if the ship aiming at you has the right caliber and load readied. I’ve sunk DDs with an AP salvo as a BB when they were full instantly simply because I know how to counter them with AP.

    • his comments show that he clearly thinks too much of himself and knows too little of the game. “No way he knew which way i was going” -Oh, now everybody is predictable BUT you, eh? “Anytime ‘your’ completely destroyed in a single shot, then your shooter is cheating” -“your” instead of “you’re” is how you can tell he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, it shows he’s just typing the first things he can think of to win the discussion and is so salty that can’t even make sense of it.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      He is that kind of guy who calls anyone sinks him in tier 10 battle “hackers”.

    • +Commissar Gaunt me too mostly the ARZ gets me those insta kills. Lol

  7. That Nurnberg captain is cancer. And for the record, the Nurnberg is an OP tier 6 cruiser. Fak off kid.

    • Nurnberg isn’t overpowered, it’s just a really good ship with excellent fire rate and range with descent concealment that when played in the hands of a unicum player tends to rank high. The problem is that most players aren’t used to a Tier VI Cruiser having a fast rate of fire and relatively high accuracy at long range or don’t know how to not sail in a straight line.

    • I was trained to aim for specific spots back when the HE wasn’t cutting it for high tier. But now, 1/4 HE pen, now we are cooking with GAS! And Fair. Its far from OP. Paper thin Armour and a floating citadel city, but knowing these weaknesses and tending to them makes a good player standout. Plus I feel like im forgetting something….OH RIGHT. 360 rear turrets. Makes pushing and attacking and swapping sides really REALLY comfortable.

    • The mere act of clicking your mouse while looking in the direction of a Nurnberg costs the Nurnberg hit points. They get penned from every angle at any distance. They only seem powerful when they are left alone to dakkadakka unmolested.

    • If a player can make such instances happen, she is good. Thou, Im not one too shy to take hits. As long as I’ve got a hit-point to my name and an operational gun turret. The stream of fire will never stop coming. Plus im one of those idiots take took adrenaline rush, come, damage me more, I’ll ensure more pain is on the way.

  8. Hey Notser. Good to see you posting new videos but hey, it doesn’t matter how long it will take, we will be here. Take a break if necessary. – Rod (watching this one in the big screen while eating some lasagna)

  9. I love the German BBs – I’ve been wanting to buy this for a long time.

  10. Notser, PLEASE stop calling the PE Friedrich a “battleship”. It may be typed as a BB for the sake of WoWS’ MM, but in reality, the PEF was a *battlecruiser!!!*

  11. Good german toys? Stalin dislikes, goto Gulag! 😛

  12. Why do German ships take so long? The Great Patriotic War/ Eastern Europe Land Grab, 1939-1945. Or, not everybody is as squishy as the globalists when it comes to national pride.

  13. How is this overpowered with only 8 350mm guns……Of course it should be accurate…

    • Wargaming doesn’t likes the German ships, the Russians still hold grudges against Germans for WWII, they are not biased at all *cough cough*

    • FYI every german cruisers and battleships have worse dispersion, comparing Richelieu 380mm with 299m dispersion and Tirpitz 380mm with 276m the accurate guns are belong to Richelieu the answer is on sigma value number. Tirpitz has poor sigma value number compared to Richelieu. That’s reason why WG never show sigma value number in Ship parameter statistic in Main Battery performance stats

  14. I feel like post CV update the American CAs and BBs are going to be meta again. Iowa and Cleveland are going to have a lot to do all the sudden.

  15. If I would change anything, I would decrease its hit pool. Just let it have its play style. And also, I think T-61 is out, and also 89k for Notser is OP :). Just, wow WG.

  16. Carry On Sweet Virginia

    They really need to put out the Moltke Class. That ship (von Der Tann) tanked the entire British fleet at Jutland! She lost all of her main armament at one point, lost steering, and tanked the fleet again after! Not to mention leading both German bombardments of the English Coast….She had far more action and historic value than any amount of fictional German BBs and Cruisers or half the fake ‘Russian Navy’ tech line (although those are fun).

  17. Same with the Jean Bart! I finally have 750k free xp

  18. if they nerfed the accuracy, then no, I think I pass

  19. Prinz Eitel Friedrich is getting the T61 treatment! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20. If they nerf this ship it goes into the not worth it category

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