World of Warships – Where is the T-61?

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Talking about the and the lack of information on where this ship has apparently landed. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI T-61 Replay – Discord Server


  1. Duca Degli Abruzzi is in a similar state of limbo, they just recently gave her a heal to make up for what she lacks but yeah, it seem WG’s premiums in WoWs lately have been either grossly overpowered or grossly meh

    • I still feel disgusted about what they did with the kii it needs a rework so bad.

    • the initial Giulio Cesare was overpowered and the current Giulio Cesare still gives trouble to t6-7 ships, the Original Roma with it’s standard bb dispersion, amazing stealth and incredible armour was overpowered and now has been nerfed into an RNG whore, same treatment the GZ received, plus let’s not talk about Kaga and the american premium CV at T7 who’s name escapes me and the currently in testing Asashio , anyhow i’m sure there are a few more that i don’t remember

    • mariodrv I completely disagree that Aigle is useless and no fun. It’s one of the DD I currently enjoy the most due to the sheer gun power and HP pool. It can bully nearly any DD in a straight up fight and can harass hard and start an asston of fires on larger ships, but the gun angles are certainly holding it back somewhat.

      My personal thought for what happened to Abruzzi and T-61 is that they are currently stuck in development limbo. T-61 was frankly too OP compared to Gaede when it was tested and probably needs some rebalancing before release + they promised it as a reward for I think it was the 3’rd price for the KotS tournament? As for Abruzzi they seem to be testing new things with it to make up for how mediocre it was initially. But I agree the current trend of creating incredibly mediocre premiums and having to buff them up to make them somewhat playable is a worrying trend

    • WoT suffers from the same issue. WIth the aggravating issue of power creep.

    • Saipan, a truly OP/ pay to win ship. Its guaranteed to face a ship of equal tier (the opposing carrier) but can have up to 3 tiers higher aircraft. Also, no strafe way penalty, lose a plane if you strafe out of combat. Hell, even the tier 9 TB/DBs stand a better chance when up tiered because they are at the level of the highest tier ships it can face. People complain that Belfast can pop smoke and radar for 30 seconds but dont see a problem with the AS load out of Saipan.

  2. They shouldn’t put it out as a “its coming this month” notification on their things for the month promotion if they cant manage to actually get it out

  3. Noooooo! Those bastards, i been looking forward to this ship 🙁 Guess the GZ will be scrapped too then… Soviets never had several of the ships they run atm, why can not the germans have their paper ships too? ;(

  4. And they shouldn’t add the Massachusetts

    • just another youtube account

      Honestly, I’m fine with them adding the Mass, if people who own the Alabama wanna buy it, so be it, it’s not like it’s going to impact the game, or it’s an inferior or superior ship, even if it’s a carbon copy in most aspects, if people wanna pay for it, I say by all means buy the damn thing, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that.

    • How on earth is that a ripoff by any definition, unless she were to cost more than her identical-in-all-but-name sister ship?! Was the Kamikaze R a ripoff simply because she is the exact same ship as the Kamikaze in all but optics and name? No. The Fujin? No. Why should it be any different with the Massachusetts? You pay for a Tier VIII premium BB, you get a Tier VIII premium BB.

      If you already own the Alabama and feel like you don’t need another ship that performs the same, don’t buy her. If you don’t own a US Tier VIII premium yet, and have the choice between buying the Alabama or the Massachusetts, what’s bad about that? Want the Lucky A? Sure, why not! Want the Big Mamie instead? Go ahead! Want both? Heck, who am I to tell you what to do or not to do with your own money? Knock yourself out!

    • Tom-A062 they had better add her

    • The thing is unlike z39, Massachusetts won’t be matter since that ship is a T8 USN BB whichever angle you look. Yeah, it won’t make much sell but at least it is has options, like Missouri and Alabama. Heck Brits have 3 different premium BBs in the same tier.
      The problem with 39 is that it is not useful to its line

    • Tom-A062
      Who cares? If somebody wants to spend their money on Massachusetts instead of Alabama, that’s not hurting anybody. And seeing as the ship’s already been modeled and statted, might as well put it in.

  5. Of course the Z-39 is the ship they want to be launched first. They can sell it for more tasty Euros than the T-61. Since a lot of players are craving for a german premium dd the first that comes out will be bought more than the other. The pricing wont play a big of a role here.

    WG is always easy to understand if u look at it from a money point of view. Whatever gives more money they will do.
    Man, it cant be so hard to see and understand that WG only wants your money. Cause Money is what keeps them alive.

    Their only thought is: “What can we do to earn more money with less work”. Thats simply efficiency.

    Look at the bigger picture, its business 101.

    • It’s bad business practices then. They are gonna sell less of the more expensive ship, when they could have sold more of the lower tier ship. The Ship has got a bad rap with testers and people do pay attention to the opinions of unicum players.

      Unlike the Hood, there is no symbolic/historic value to this ship and unlike French/Italian no unique/novelty factor.

      Russian companies (war thunder included) have this tendency to go for low hanging fruit, but in the end they just end up losing long term benefits/money and the trust of the community for short term gains.

    • T-61 > a good ship that will make many sells that is forseen.
      Z-39 > an unworkable incompatible bad ship that make less sell.
      And if Z-39 were a useful ship ( meaning t10 germans had 150mm DD or line) then it would make good sells and good money.

    • I think WG knows the z39 is absolutely terrible.
      If u sell the shit ship first, then there are more people who will buy it, because its the first german dd and crew trainer and t8 and whatnot. And afterwards if the t61 gets released, then the rest who knew the z39 is shit will buy the t61 and some of the game addicted “collectors” too.
      Otherwise, if the t61 will be released first, then the people already have a german dd for cheap money and few would buy the shitty z39.

      I think this is the way WG wants to get people spend the most possible monayyyy

    • Wonder if T-61 has any legal entanglements. Last I heard there was a rumor of Dutch Gov. giving some resistance to the T-61 licensing. Maybe they want money too?? So whatever the hold up is, we get Z-39, which is paper that no one wants royalty/licensing fees for I’m guessing.

  6. Problem with the Z39 is not the 150s (i like to play ’em from time to time) but they give the premium one less gun than the Z23, wich reduces firepower even further considering the long reload and not being able to profit from certain captain skills that could improve the reload time. So other than collecting there is NO buying argument for the Z39.

    • Not sure if you guys have seen it, but they are testing Z39 as a Tier 7 now to help make it more balanced. Not saying that makes it great or better, but at least it wont see Tier 10.

    • Dustin Spiegel It’ll be bad premium then.

    • I disagree. Putting CL guns on a DD sucks. They’re terrible for good counter DD work. Good counter DD guns for a destroyer are smaller, high RoF guns. I hated the Gaede and the Z23 with the large guns because I felt completely overmatched when I had to fight any DD.

    • Z-39 has been moved down to Tier 7, though. That was the latest info about it in the devblog. So that solves the whole “it’s a worse version of Z-23” issue. What it now needs to be compared to is Leberecht Maass. It has the exact same torps as Maass, 2100 more HP, and IIRC better stealth because it’s keeping the Tier 8 upgrade slot despite being Tier 7 (just like what was done with Belfast). It still only has the same gun power as Ernst Gaede thanks to the slow reload 150s, but at Tier 7 it’s no longer complete garbage.

    • RedXlV Still, it doesn’t work well with a German DD captain

  7. As i mentioned before: if they sell the excellent T61 now, who will buy the “bad” Z39 afterwards? So they sell Z39 now and maybe later the T61.

    And regarding the Abruzzi: apart from it being lackluster, it´s just an improved Aosta. They are half-sisters, so the Abruzzi wouldn´t bring something new to the table.

    • Glupi Medo Still, why one should get z39? Worse than its compared tree ships both L. Maass and 23. Unless they give 6s reload on them with HE pen buff it will be worth thinking on.

    • The thing is, Abruzzi has worse guns (at least in terms of AP performance) than Aosta. Lower muzzle velocity, slightly less alpha, and inexplicably worse drag even though they’re firing the exact same shells. That results in Abruzzi’s AP shells bouncing a lot, and since Italian HE is complete garbage, that makes Abruzzi a Tier 7 cruiser without usable guns. Or at least, that’s what I’m hearing from CCs.

    • @RedXIV – bouncing even more than Aosta? Great…

      Once i managed to make a wrong turn with my Aosta and ended up facing a NC (ofc i was in T8-MM, what do you think). While kiting and dodging shells for minutes i landed about 70 hits AP+HE, doing a total of 8k dmg, causing zero fires – and then got sunk. The laughable 51-kn torps got dodged easily, and that embarrassing 8k dmg was all i did in that match.

      Now if i imagine to have basically the same ship but with even less penetration PLUS facing Iowas – WG, you have to pay me to play the Abruzzi.

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Ideas for the premiums
    T61 Nerf It a bit if op and release
    Abruzzi Test the heal and gather feedback
    Massachusetts Give her a gimmick 7km base secondaries for an American BB would be fun to see

    • As long as it’s not radar or hydro, I’m fine with that. Low detection AA BB with radar is just dumb idea. Look at Missouri, it’s OP and we know it.

  9. This is nuts that the players that like the German navy don’t get the chance to buy this great looking premium dd in the T61……it sucks because I know I won’t buy the Z39 which will be a waste of money

  10. Very disappointed if this never comes out, it was one of the ships coming out I was planning to buy. I only pick up a 2-3 a year. I have zero interest in the Z39 in it’s current stat and I want a german DD to train my other captains with. The big gun german DD’s need a specific build to work well which makes them lousy trainers.

    • The same with Belfast, its an awesome ship but no heal, no torpedoes, and the HE make it useful with a completely different set of commander skills.

    • Yeah I have the belfast and have that issue. Good ship but lousy captain trainer, as it needs a specific set of skills that no other British ship uses.

  11. The T-61 caused me to start grinding the KMS DD line. I stopped at the Maas when it became obvious that the T-61 was vaporware. The T-39 does not excite me at all. I don’t need premiums to level up captains anyways. I use my 19pt captains to earn Elite Cmdr XP which I can use to level up any captain on any ship from any nation.

    • just another youtube account

      Z-52 is really worth the grind especially if you have a hydro mod lying around, it’s a good counter against other DD’s and the reload is competitive enough to go toe to toe with other gunboats, also glorious German AP shells that can do 4k+ damage per salvo on thicker DD’s like the gearing.

    • oh ye, i saw a Z52 smash a khabarovsk today. it was beautifull to see. 50k EXP remaining!

    • just another youtube account

      I’ve crushed a few Khabavrosk’s with mine in clan wars, which Z-52 can actually dominate in honestly, sure torp damage isn’t great but you can provoke a good amount of flooding with them lol Z-52 is just really good at bullying other DD’s out of caps

    • I think you may be right Wildcat. I have 800k Free XP I am NOT using on the Musashi …. maybe I should just free xp past the Z-23 and Z-46.

    • Bat Rastardly Don’t. Z46 rocks. Almost same with 52 but with Great concealment, A-XY gun layout. But normal hydro.

  12. we need a new batch of community contributors. These guys put out the same whiny crap over and over.

    • Well, they are basically advertising for WG for free and made to look like idiots because the company treats its pixel ships like nuclear secrets.

    • WG does suck; they don’t whine enough. Pan Asian line has always been a retarded concept and removing Missouri was just a way to make people pay way more over time who couldn’t grind it in the 3 months they gave us before they told us it was going to be gone. Yea FCK Wg for saying to me “yea unlike everyone who got Missouri who bascially NEVER needds to buy credits ever again you are screwed forever”, and Musashi gets like 80% of the credits tops. F U WG. You don’t get to charge some players more money or play time than others for the same crap because YOU fcked up and decided you weren’t makeing enough $$ from silver purchases. Evil Company. Never seen a company basically try to make the LESS dedicated players pay for the crap the dedicated players don’t pay for. Fuck that. Let the losers with no life also give you all their money because they don’t deserve a penny from anyone who doesn’t own Missiouri because you are a second class citizen now forever in WoWs earnings without 1. If you ever pay for silver ever and don’t own a Missouri then you just financially justified them treating you like a second class citizen because you couldn’t grind it in the 3 months of warning they gave or didn’t get the memo. (who the fck follows video game memos anyway? Honestly good on you for having a healthy balanced life if you did miss than retarded WG memo and don’t follow them at all generally)

    • I would agree with you, but as we all know, there are wallet warriors out there that will snap up every premium ship they can, but they’ll still play like a total fuckin potato. Case in point, the Alabama I sank with a torp salvo from my Benson last night. Dipshit sailed in a straight line for over 15km and walked right into them.

  13. Wheres the abruzzi ?

  14. Like there’s no room for multiple different premiums ships of a class…. Atlanta, Indianapolis, Flint? or maybe Alabama, Massachusetts??? Or how about the exact same ship… Kamikaze R, Fujin, Kamikaze.

    There’s enough room for 2 German premium DDs especially as they’re completely different. Release them at different times, and rotate them on the premium shop, so there’s always demand for one of them.

    • What about French cruisers? The only one of those in the game is a tier 6 and basically the exact same as the tech tree version (except better in virtually every way, which is a separate problem).

    • Neil Harbott You mean duke of york?

    • I personally don’t like the use of clones of existing ships. And I don’t really like ridiculous gimmicks just to create a little differentiation. I prefer completely different ships. The Indianapolis was good in this regard because it was of a class that wasn’t already included in the game. Ditto for the Graf Spee. But I really dislike the Musashi, the Mutsu, and the Ashitaka because they’re just nerfed clones.

    • Indianapolis is a Portland Class Cruiser… The Atlanta is the Atlanta class… Get ur facts straight.

    • I collect three turret BBs. The Gneisenau, North Carolina, Alabama, Massachusetts, Conqueror, and Roma all play pretty similar. Even the Yammy play kinda like the Alabama. I love that style of BB over 4 turret BBs. I also feel the same way about HE spamming light cruisers because I feel they are more versatile than AP cruisers. I won’t play Roon or Indianapolis or American cruisers. I play Russian and French and British light cruisers.

      Point is, multiple premiums for a style of ship and/or gameplay is great for some players. They should be doing this for all types of ship, styles of ship, and styles of gameplay except unpopular styles of gameplay like riding the edge of the map or BBs sitting in back. Saying ” there’s no room for multiple different premiums ships of a class” hurts your fellow players and honestly, you sound like your speaking out of your ass. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t be able to capitalize on this.

      I am a fast attack kind of WoWs player who aggressively pushes and defends the objectives. I have a low survivability rate because most other players sit in back hiding or hump the back of islands. I support “clones of existing ships” because I actually work at victories instead of hoping my teammates will actually move away from the spawn by themselves.


  16. Lame. Been waiting and waiting for T-61. Not willing to pay for a tier 8 premium.

  17. Re-Class Battleship

    Well, it’s not like the German cruisers have a good Premium, either. Emden might be fun, but she’s Tier 2. Captain training with a Tier 2 ship is only for serious masochists. Admiral Graf Spee is unique, but not exactly something one should pay for. She can be a right pain, too, so captain training can be a lot of pain. Taking her into Operations can somewhat mitigate that, but still. And Prinz Eugen is a CC of Admiral Hipper, which isn’t exactly a good ship, either.

    If you want to train a German commander, you almost have to pick up either Scharnhorst or Tirpitz, even if it is for a CA/DD captain.

    • Scharnhorst fortunately doesn’t really mind what captain you put in her – she works just as well with a CA captain as with a dedicated BB captain, and even DD captains don’t hurt her performance all that much. She’s a better cruiser than Hipper/Eugen anyway. 😛

    • Yeah, i use my Hindy captain on my Shiny Horse for dem cpt exps. And it just works well, i even brought it up to tx MM and survived a brawl against a yammy to tell the tale.

  18. “Year of the T-61”

  19. American TDs. it was years before we got the scorpion or T28 HTC, AND IT WAS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL RELEASE LINES.

  20. anti-German bias rears its ugly again!

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