World of Warships- Where The Hell Is Alaska?

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Today I discuss the very illusive Tier Premium American Battlecruiser, Alaska!

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  1. The CV rework sucks so hard its hard for me to get excited
    about anything WG tries to foist on us.

  2. I made a FULL AA build on my Missouri and my 19 point captain and had 3 plane kills, even ditched Concealment Expert and went with BFT, AFT and Manual AA along with Adrenaline Rush and was wiped out in the first 5 mins by sustained CV attack! I was also citadeled once as I had to broadside a Iowa to avoid CV torps. This game better get fixed and the Sector switching bullshit changed or I’m done and no Alaska for me, a ship I was so looking forward to getting.

    • Yeah tier 10 Haku will kill you since it torp outisde your AA range, but Haku will get nerfed soon. Though i have very few problems against CV’s in my battleships, especially if there are 1 or 2 more other ships near me. I think this can be your fault if you play like you used to, you cannot overextend and you never will be fully immune to attacks from the air. I other hand it is very hard to attack tier 9 BB’s with AA build on tier 8 CV’s.

  3. Alaska is a good T9 Super Cruiser.. but not the best.. The one I want to buy is the new T9 JPN Izuma…that will be more fun to play than Alaska..

  4. i also want to know when alaska is coming at the 8.0 patcha note they said they will put in alaska insted of the musashi and kron so where the hell is it

  5. I want her too

  6. Scharnhorst is not a battlecruiser, she is a full on battleship.
    Hood, Kongo and Amagi are some of the battlecruisers we have in game

  7. I think Alaska might be out right after Ranked.

  8. Alaska is being held back so it doesn’t complete with the new CVs in free XP expenditure.

    • mitchrc3 that’s what I’ve heard too, which has also been met with mixed feelings. Personally, I understand that they don’t want Alaska to be affected by the new mechanics until they’re somewhat balanced, I think that they should have left the Khronstadt available until Alaska is released.

  9. I wish people would not focus so much on one ship. There are 10 cv know one talk about the other 9.
    T6 planes in t8 for get it. T8 planes in t10 forget it.
    Its not easy to dodge flak. If you lose your sq then it takes 2 min per plane. If you had a 2 min reload you would not be happy.
    US cv have a very hard time aiming torps.
    Just before complaing about how easy it is go play them. Go play a Ranger in a t8 game.
    Also about plane kills. There are not that many plane to kill. And pleaee before you be live the 1 sq of Ranger planes sank my NC. Think about it. That can’t happen and the reason is cv does not do much damage and t6 planes cant go anywere close to a t8 ship.
    Please go and spend a week playing them and you will get another idea!

    • thats right, most of the other CVs are OK with Damage and so on. 2 thinks broken for me: Haku is too strong but I must say, I loved it to make 200k Damge with my first match ever made in this new CV, and the spotting mechanic is bullshit – every CV use first rocket-plane and spot all 12 enemy, then he goes to normal DPS-game. This need a change, but i dont know, how – maybe only spottingrange of 4km so he must go very close to the enemy or I dont know. But all you said about the T4-T8 true. In their tier they are quit good, but not OP, but if they lowtier or lowest tier – you could do not much and would not enjoy the game much. Alaska will come with patch 8.2 or maybe with 8.3 when many have spend the free-exp which you get from the T5, T7, T9-CVs

  10. All I have to say is they better have changed The Alaska as in her guns and her armor making us wait this long for a ship they better do the community right and give us a great America ship period don’t screw us over war gaming you think the back lash of Cv rework is bad You give us just average ship We will go ballistic you have been warned so get to work fix it and release it with 30 mill armor and guns that can reck bb thank you ?

  11. What about British cvs

  12. I think it is the vocal minority like always when it comes to social media / forums when it comes to people whining the most, happy people do not have the need to complain. Since many people decided that they did not like the re-work even before they launched. *Anyway majority of people are either liking this CV rework or are at least careful, but optimistic. I am one of those who likes this re-work.*

  13. WeeGee staff said that they wanted to focus on the rework and make sure all efforts were geared towards improving it. They said that until they fell that the CVs are in a good place, they won’t start releasing new ships like the Alaska. From a developer standpoint, it makes sense as well. Can’t add in a new ship with very good AA, because it will only skew results for the rework.

  14. Hot patch is coming soon if you don’t already know. T10 IJN CV getting significant nerfs, IJN aircraft torps in general get nerfed, planes will still suffer damage for a time after pressing the F key, long range AA flak burst damage reduced and damage shifted to continuous DPS, etc. It should help considerably, I hope.

  15. I hope the Alaska comes out soon…so I can burn it down with my Kitakaze, muahahaha

  16. I see no sector defense being used in this video. I wonder if that Montana is using sector defense? Use the tilda key (~) to control sector defense to reinforce a side.

  17. I’m betting delay is because of T9 ranked ( which is where she would be ) and they don’t want to introduce this ship during the season. I don’t think it has anything to do with CV issue. Basically they were using the live server to test CV’s because all you really had on the test server were bots going against them and the data was not satisfactory… they needed live players. I believe we will see many hot patches in the near future to try and adjust and Alaska at the end of the month, after ranked.

  18. Also I wanted to see where the Alaska was not more CV intellectual dishonesty. Please don’t do the clickbait stuff. I want to know where the Alaska is.

  19. they want people spend their FXP from carrier before release Alaska

  20. Hope to see u more online bro take care!

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