World of Warships- Where The Hell Is This Game Going?

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the future of the game and the direction its heading in, enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I had a good number of elite captains before the rework, Ive still not managed to grind 1 elite captain since the change, now I dont play a great deal but the amount of xp required is absolutely nuts

  2. IIRC the upgrade of a commander from 19 points to 21 points requires 1.2 M commander XP, not 1.7 M.

    • Its 500k for 19 to 20 and 700k for the 20 to 21 Jump so yeah, in total its 1.2 M
      If you dont have access to all the good Flags thats one hell of a Grind

    • @PlaceholderGER who doesn’t have good access? Even the bad players get flags guaranteed now from missions and the special flags/month went from 24 to 84 flags/month if you just do the weekly’s.

    • @Alex Im talking about the really good Flags, i dont have an Issue since i have a crap ton of them laying around.

      But if you dont have access to the likes of Dragon Flags or else well yeah have fun grinding out CXP

  3. My largest complaint right now is that they removed many op ships instead of adjusting their strength. When I started playing wows and got my first tech tree to 10 I saw so many other cool ships and was hyped to grind those lines and being able to play them myself. Nowadays everytime I see a smaland, the only thing i can think of is damn why did I take a wows brake when this thing was available.

    • Playing T9-10 ranked you can literally come across full teams of ships that have been removed for being OP, yet you have no chance of obtaining.

    • The community tends to get very upset when WG wants to make balance changes/nerfs to premiums, ie. Gulio Cesare.

    • I know the feeling. Now that I want the Agincourt or Weimar, they are not available in the premium shop. I did not get the Smaland, but Euro DDs are not my cup of tea. I did get the Smolensk, Thunderer, and Jean Bart, which are really fun ships, but it would be nice if there were fun tech tree ships and more ships that were fun without being unbalanced.

    • @Richard Bell there was a German mission late last year where there were ships dropped & one of them was the Weimar. So keep an eye out for this event again as the Weimar will be on offer again.

    • @Pager91 yes, and for a good reason at that… Imagine paying real money for a T9 and then get shafted afterwards, a company won’t nerf your cars HP without compensation

      And Smaland is actually broken OP… You can get away to run fearless instead of concealment thanks to the radar and get even more ridiculous DPM

  4. I know where the fuck this game is going, it wants you to heavily lean on paying out of pocket to keep playing. I’ve been lucky enough to accumulate like 15 premium ships through crates, coal, supercontainers, and so on and I swear without them I’d be struggling to earn credits to keep buying essentials like signal flags. Speaking of which, why the FUCK are signal flags so expensive?

    2 million for 20 Secondary or 20 Heal flags? That’s the cost of a fucking tier 5! I wouldn’t be so mad if they didn’t take away the reward system they used to have where you could win at least 10 flags of a type a day for getting achievements in battle. I really liked that system because it incentivized you to play smart, do damage, or get lucky. Now though that’s also a luxury and not a very cheap one. I depended on getting Close Quarter Experts every day in my German BBs to keep the secondaries viable just as I did with Dreadnought and the rarer fireproof and unsinkable achievements.

    You don’t even really need to grind ships either. Just buy em if you want to get to the higher tiers without the fundamental understanding that because of how the game was structured prior to WeeGee getting high on industrial solvents they use in Siberia to dig shit up that the metagame would suffer a lot because of the noobs coming in.

    I want to love the Boat Game but WeeGee is doing its absolute damndest to ruin it.

    • @lcarus42 I can see your points, there.

    • @Chris Darnell I don’t see the game dying. After the BS they have pulled in the past if it were going to die it would have been long buried. The fact is all the FTP players are essential to give the wallet warriors something to shoot at. I used to bey premium time and doubloons to respect and by perma camos but those days are over. Until they start adding more real content I ain’t paying S&^%. We have plenty of pixel boats, they need to gives us more reasons to buy them. More PVE content would be nice. They should have a new scenario every month! This is just lazy development. And maps should be way more plentiful. Think of Halo with all of the player made maps, it should be simple for the developers to do this.

    • @Chris Darnell FYI, WoWS is a free to play game. If WoWS fails it is because of bad business practices. Business’s are suppose to bring customers in not drive them away.

    • Metallicahardrocker

      If u need 2 buy those flaggs, you have to be a unexperienced Player. U can earn them while playing.

    • @Metallicahardrocker They removed the ability to get those flags via in-game achievements last year. You’re restricted to buying them or getting them out of the containers.

  5. WG is running out of excuses to produce new ships/premiums so they’re trying to create new base lines (submarines, superships) that will be brand new tiers to create new ships/premiums from. There is no evolutionary path, more and more of the same. This game’s future is bleak as it is.

    • You nailed it. If the devs created something that actually improved game play, I’d be willing to start playing again. From what I can discern from watching the occasional WoWS video, it just new ships; mostly paper ones, with new gimmicks, or old gimmicks tweaked to eleven; such as the new German secondary build battleships.

      This game still has so much potential, but there’s no indication that anything will be done soon, or ever, to reach that potential. I wonder if a breaking point is approaching. At some point no amount of fake new content; new make believe ships with make believe capabilities, is going to prevent this cash cow from drying up.

  6. New ships does not equal new content by themselves alone. New game modes, new maps, new operations, etc, are also needed.
    For those of you with ships that number up into the 3 digit range in your port, look in the mirror and ask yourself a question – and give an honest answer – how many out of that multitude of ships do you actually use on any type of a frequent basis when you do play the game – and how many of them only get played once a year at Christmas in co-op, to knock off that snowflake for coal, steel, or whatever?
    For the most part, WG’s idea of “new content” is anything that serves to increase the chances you’ll put more money in their pocket.

    • As a collector, I agree to an extent, in my case I just enjoy collecting, and I really enjoy having a multitude of ships to play at any tier I want, might not use all them too frequently but I do jump around all over tiers when I’m not directly grinding a specific line. It’s just more options for any situation, an example is division-ing up with some friends and going solely for meme builds, at a certain point in your game progress it becomes trivial to have quite a few ships that can function in a meme role.

    • ” New game modes, new maps, new operations, etc, are also needed. ”

      Doesn’t matter because those gamemodes don’t hook players. Those take efforts to make and players only like them temporarily, they stop after. That’s why they release ships way more. Same reason League of Legends removed Ascencion, Twisted Treeline… Those modes get players in the first weeks, then people go back to the normal mode (Randoms for WOWS). They don’t have longevity.

    • I have 234 ships in port.

      For some years now, completing daily missions gave two or three empty port slots per month. The bulk of the ships that I only play twice a year are tech tree ships that I did not have to sell after unlocking the next tier. The ones that I do not play, at all, are tier I to tier IV ships that do not provide any external reward, except free xp and xp towards earning daily containers. I keep them around, because I do not have to sell them and I want to get the collector badges. Two hundred and fifty ships is within my grasp, but I have no idea how I will get to three hundred and fifty, as I am not buying that many premium ships and I cannot play CVs well enough to enjoy them. The economics of co-op being what it is, my tier X ships also only get out twice a year. The ones that get used a lot are ships that are fun in operations, or just plain fun. I would like to have an excuse to bring out Emden or Dreadnought, but there isn’t one.

      WG gets money from me for premium time, as co-op grinds are painful enough with the bonus for premium time, and most, but not all, dock yard events.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      A valid point here and one I agree with. I’m over a hundred ships now and the majority of them are port queens. I also agree that new maps and new modes are one of the best ways to generate income. Now believe it or not subs were kinda meant to do that. They had to rework every single map they have for underwater terrain for subs and it is most definitely a different way to play the game. I’m not opposed to subs on principle it’s just that they have struggled to implement them in a balanced way.

    • I have around 300 but there’s only about twenty I play regularly. Some got boring, some got power crept, and way too many were nerfed into unplayable status by “global” changes WG shoved down our throats. Nowadays it seems like any new ship I get has a shelf life of 3-6 months before reaching meh status. This is why I no longer spend actual cash on a premium ship. I think WG would not have to scramble to produce more and more gimmicks in order to make a buck if they just focused on fixing long standing bugs and producing a product where a player felt their money was well spent.

  7. Early-access events simply prey on the impatient. If you can wait a whole 2 or 3 months, the ships are basically free, plus during the vent you can farm tons of camos/flags.

    • They are still free though, get to T6/7 without spending a penny.

    • Not completely true. Usually, the cost the early access is around the cost of premium camo and less time grinding. T-10 perm camo is 5-7k Dbs. With t8-10 camos, that is approximately 12k in DBs.

    • I think this is a better way to monetize. Everyone will be able to access the content, just at different times.

  8. I’m really getting fed up with the way WG handles this game. It used to be a great game about WWI/WWII naval warfare, with relatively clear mechanics. But what they keep doing with it is just throwing new sh*t at it and seeing what sticks. We DON’T need more and more fantasy ships with more and more gimmicks! We need new maps, new modes (possibly to which some classes are limited) and clear, logical, interesting mechanics.

    • Legends, in particular, desperately needs more modes. The entire game is “capture the base” with the only occasionally a seasonal “protect the convoy”.

    • @Mrs_Ragdoll I dont think that is how it works.
      They are agressivly going after new players. why? because seasoned players dont spend that much anymore. Im not very long into that game. And already if have all techtrees but 4 i believe. Got some premiums and shit.
      I was spending more when i was grinding. Because getting those extra XP, Free XP, credits etc was very important.
      I know veterans from my clan who have about a billion credits, almost all ships, 100k steel, 500k coal, 10 million free xp.
      There is not a lot of money to get from them.
      But from the ppl who just grind their 3rd BB there is much to get.

      I dont think they really care about people dropping out. The usecase they need is: Getting someone hyped on the game. Spend 150 bucks and bugger off again. Get some premium time, some flags, some crates. Thats the milk, then they stop caring.

      Obviously i would LOVE to get more maps etc. But i do not think spending the dev time in that to keep a hand full of veterans with full ports in the game will get them more financial reward than dropping the next crate/gamble/early access/time gated event for a lot of new players to spend casual 30 dollars on.

    • @max mustermann you’re right new players tend to spend more money, but not all older players stop spending quite some money on the game. I only stopped the big whaling after 5 years of playing the game daily, this previous 6th year I didn’t spend much on monthly basis (maybe 20 EUR per month) but still spend around 350 to 400 EUR on Black Friday and Santa stuff since I still love the game and don’t spend much money on anything else. I still buy new Premium ships that looks fun. I’m quite a collector. But yeah most money is to be made with newer players, but also many of them are also quite fast bored with a certain game after some weeks to months, only the die-hard players stay and if there’s no new content added people leave faster imo. Right now they are adding super ships and a few new modes on a temporary try-out basis so that’s better than nothing I guess, but new maps would be nice too. And more of those modes should be added permanently and not removed after earch try-out of only a month or so. They should be adjusted, better balanced and re-added after one live server testround and come back into the game permanently.

    • @Mrs_Ragdoll Im not sure you are right on many of those points:

      Bringing in other game modes permanently:
      I dont think thats a good call. Right now the playerbase is already so thin, that you cant even have a matchmaker for random games, that divides the playerbase by skill.
      Thats big pain in the butt for many a seasoned player. Because its utterly frustrating to play in a game where maybe 6 of 24 players have a 50%+ winrate. Run wows-monitor and you will see that most players that play right now are orange or red (meaning below 50% or even 45% WR). For someone who is capable of playing the game its a huge pain. Getting even more game modes in will just add longer queue time on top of that issue, but it will not solve anything.

      Bringing new content like superships/subs/superCV in:
      All those additions are basically ruining the game as is. You get a shit ton of games with very low interaction, since you got a CV (or even 2) plus 6 low conceal ships (DD) or even invisible ships (subs) that you can not interact with. Might aswell play a PvE game then. That might be a fun time for a short while for new players to explore a new class like superBB, submarine etc but it drives seasoned players away. Because what people who understand the game like, is outsmarting your opponents. With these new classes again they just add more and more ships that you can not interact with. Play your avarage BB at this point and at least 6 enemy ships per game are immune to you unless they are absolute braindead retards. Even worse, the existence of those classes force you to play in a way that disallows you to go for interacting PvP play. I had so many games playing reasonably aggresive in my BB. Suddenly a sub manifests intself 2km from me, dumps all torps, and goes godmode again. Nice interaction. Or you play bow in (so 2019) and there is a CV. So what happens => CV comes and farms you out with no counterplay whatsoever. What do you do? Pick good ranged BBs, sit kiting position, shoot on range. Boring aF gameplay. Its like skeet shooting at that point.
      As soon as you understand the game, you stop enjoying that kinda thing, because it becomes a PvE. So good players leave.

      The most important issue right now is:
      Instead of competing in a game that is still enjoyable with players on your skill level, it has just become praying that your team is not quite as braindead as the enemy team and only 4 instead of 6 ships suicide for no reason in the first 5 minutes. Yesterday i had a fkin 130 account game player with 38% winrate in a T10 match being our sub. How is that even a thing? Or you get a T8 premium CV player with 200 account games in your team. The game is already lost. How is that a thing?

      To get people to stick around you need to change the way the game goes and make it back what it should be: Players competing in a PvP game with people that are roughly on their skill level. You need a matchmaker that creates roughly even skill within a certain match. And you need mechanics that reward learning the game properly.

      For the money part:
      there is no way to prove who of us is right here. Just tracking my wows monitor seeing how many full on noobs are driving around in TX or T9 (premium) ships with not even 1000 account games, it seems they have figured out who is the cow to milk.

    • @max mustermann subs will be removed Thursday and hopefully not added again, but WG knowing they will add them again later. If you don’t want to play against CVs I recommend playing only tier 10, there is only a CV in 1 out of 6 battles or so. The MM is really terrible indeed because WG refuses to implement some kind of skill based MM. Buying early access ships buying with tokens or giving every players the ability to test every tier of subs is silly. Every player also has the chance to buy tier 8 and 9 Premium ships for money which is also not good for the game, but it is what it is. WG will not change anything. Also one of the problems of a long queue before find a match is that there are 120 BBs in queue and only 15 cruisers, 20 DDs and 4 CVs, when a certain class is too popular you will always have this problem. The only time I have to wait long for a match is when these BB numbers are 8 to 10x higher than other players/classes in the queue. WG can add the new games (when they are well balanced and tested) to Random Battles so you’ll have 5 or 6 kind of modes besides only epicenter and the other 2 flag oriented modes, and will not affect the matchmaking / queue time.

  9. The player numbers might not be droping but tons of OG players have left been replaced with new players… so so many people playing T10 these days with less then 1000 battles played and it causes alot of really bad T10 games.

    • Yeah true, I’ve witnessed that with several clanmates (I myself played the game since even before the CV rework, had reached up to Ryujo and Independence back then, now I’ve got Midway and Shokaku, and a daring choice was my first T10 being Minotaur), but yeah, T10 games are not as great as they used to be, nowadays it’s either your team sucks while you try to do your best, or the ennemy team does.

    • Agree with this 100%! Also giving away rental subs in randoms has spawned a whole new generation of idiots. You will almost always see that the T8 or T10 sub player is that noob idiot who doesn’t even have 200 games to their name, and doesn’t even have a T8 or a T10 tech tree ship. They will usually have average damage in the range of 5k-22k with a win rate of 25% – 40%. And somehow, they think it’s a good idea it’s a good idea to play an experimental class when they don’t even have the hang of basic ships.

    • I feel called out, I got the GK in less than 300 matches 🤣

    • @Arch _ Not at all bud, The odd player is fine but when more the 1/2 of a team is a New player it really messes up the games and causes one team to lose so badly the game was over before it started. Btw its not the new players fault, its Wg’s fault for making alot of bad decisions making the OG players leave the game.

    • @Erasernz ah gotcha, I see a lot of people who used to complain about how I got tier 10s before 1k battles (had some very salty and toxic encounters with those too) and never really understood why until recently

  10. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This game is going down the same path Warthunder did. Originally warthunder was only ww2 vehicles, then they started adding cold war tanks/planes, and trickling them all over the BRs. Theres already cold War surface ships in game along tiers, but none with jets missiles. This will be the same as warthunder.

  11. airship escort is the liberty escort but with something that flies. rather than fixing their liberty ships from hitting islands, they just put zeppelins in the air meaning they can’t hit anything

  12. I have been playing for about a year i like the Historical aspect. the game seems to have gone stagnant It desperately needs new maps Like make the convoy map permanent for example Submarines are a big mistake for me,the aircraft carriers reworks going forward will potentially kill the game For its core playing base.

  13. I’d like to see the British BB line split after Iron Duke with one line emphasising speed and the other armour (but not necessarily firepower) in addition to getting a BC line.
    Yes commonwealth trees would look very similar to the British line, but given the something like 40 dreadnought type ships available to the RN at Jutland there’s plenty of vessels we haven’t yet seen and that can be tweaked a bit. Finally, if megacarriers are coming in why is the RN stuck with Eagle rather than getting Malta?

  14. At this point in the development of the game I feel we are not far from WOWS bringing in “Premier Ammunition” which can be bought for gold. They have tried many different methods to get more money from players, you all know what I mean. Instead of improving the team interface to enable actual teamwork in battle we have battles between two groups of non communicative individuals doing their own thing and getting frustrated. The number of times I have seen (on EU Server) teams who do not even speak the same language behave as individuals. The only thing that is common is for them to blame each other and call everyone else “Noobs” . This is creating a “sweet spot” for playing at around tier 6-7 where there are none of the gimmicks and the ships are “Of an era” where you are playing against known real ships. If they want to bring post world war two ships into the game then they should bite the bullet and create tier 11 – 12 -13 ships. With all the experience gathered from WW2 and the developments in science and navel/air technology it is crazy to have a 2-3 tiers matchmaking band. You are pitting ships designed in the 1920’s early 1930’s against post war ships??? This is in most cases seal clubbing !!!!

  15. I mean, if they can add pan-asia with a tech line of literally all clones, they can add the Commonwealth tech line. Just a thought.

  16. I’ll definitely won’t be surprised if they added USS Boston as a premium cruiser with guided AA missiles as a gimmick by the end of this year.

    • just looked her up, it would be interesting to say the least. I would prefer a new post war tech tree split which would force those ships together and keep WW2 ships together, maybe add a new hull config to the montana and iowas to bring their stats up to irl during the cold war.

    • And star destroyers

    • would not happen, aa would be too strong vs cv and they are WG favorites

  17. I’ve honestly had a much more enjoyable and productive time grinding War Thunder than I have WoWs. With War Thunder, I can research an entire tank in one game as well as make a ton of credits. While I understand this comes from the fact there is just much more to get in WT, and thus you don’t get stuck with a specific vehicle for a long time, it leads to people being stuck on one ship for quite a long time, which accounted to quote a bit of burnout for friends I’ve had try the game.

    I enjoy playing WoWs, but I have this distinct feeling that the game is on its last legs. The devs are going to have to do something pretty crazy to draw the playercount the game actually needs. Personally, I’d throw another 10 tiers ontop of what we have and just see what they come up with. If they’re going to make crazy op ships, I’d rather them all be techline than premium.

    • Stack flaggs you get from missions and containers and you can get 20k Exp/game (and another 10k free exp). Grinding modules is realy not that hard.

  18. I would love a WW1/WW2 campaign. I don’t care for new ships or gimmicks.

  19. if they want to add ships from the 1950,60s then they they should split this game up into different eras based on that. have a ww1 era mode, ww2 era mode, and a post war(cold war) era mode.

    • That’s basically what they have with tiers. Want to play WW I, go with Tiers 2, 3, 4, 5. Want to play WW II, go with tiers 7, 8, 9.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Chris Austin well yes and no. Tiers do help but they haven’t outright created a new tier for the super ships or even some of the new 18 inch gunned tier 10 ships. Honestly the need to create a new tier or tiers has been growing for some time now….

  20. My main gripe is that they are shoving so much new stuff in an old engine that we already hitting hard limits on with player counts and many other things. They should really be looking at WoWS 2.0 with a better engine that allows features like modern navies and systems to be implemented well, not shoe-horned in. Start fresh with subs and CV’s all planned out and proper interconnected systems that require gameplay to do and counter.

    • The engine I believe is roughly 2 decades old (probably a couple years less) so now imagine this game in an unreal engine 👀🤣

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