World of Warships – Which is more dangerous DD or Smolensk?

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Here is another match with Gearing where I find myself radared right next to Smolensk which is broadsiding. Which ever one of us the enemy team decides to shoot, should be dead.

Which one would YOU focus and why?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I would make the designers of the new CV play a GUEPARD for 5 games with a tier 8 carrier.
    And ask them after how much fun they had …

  2. how to balance smol just remove its hydro completly and remove the heal
    so when i smokes up any damage is permanent and it cant stay becuase torps

  3. Imagine the memes if Monkey happened to be in the same team as Flamba n end up topping the score.

  4. “I’m actually 4th”….
    Yes Flambass, right behind Kremlin, Smolensk and Stalongrad – the pinnacle of russian bias, so why would you be in top 3 of your team? XD

    You were better than Kleber, Kurfurst, Minotaur and Des Moines, but you cannot hope to best russian ships on your team – not with this laughable US destroyer 😉
    Look at enemy team – they only had one russian ship and that’s why they lost. That ship of course was top of their team, but he was alone against 3 russian ships on your team 😛

  5. I like this webcam position much more, then I can follow the map… as a none-sniping-youtube-watcher 😉

  6. So beer from the Balkans are colder than beers from the fridge?

  7. 92k damage, 100k spotting damage, a cap and still 4th on the team. Just tells you how spotting damage still means jackshit in the game. Although without YOUR spotting, your 3 allies would do absolutely nothing.

  8. Wargaming metric for in game balance is Vodka.
    Besides no need to fix game when playerbase just seems to get worse and worse.

  9. The “b” in “Smolensk” stands for “balance”!

  10. Cvs are still a problem, they make the game less enjoyable and kill dd play especially but nobody really talks about it anymore

  11. It drives me nuts that ships like Smolensk have smaller guns yet can absolutely destroy and out DPS a Zao with massive guns due to the stupidity of how HE spam works in this game.

  12. Do you concider Mogami op ? Ich always get citadeld behind my last turret 🙁

  13. Dont worry HE flingers if you where good before youll still do just fine

  14. Need my games to look as easy as yours. Lol

  15. With regard to captain skills I think they just need to do totally separate captain skill trees for Carriers and Subs. Then you can add more skills to flesh out BBs, CAs, and DDs. The Carriers and Subs are too different to share the same captain trees. So time to split them off. Also I think Last Stand should be incorporated into all DDs. I hate mandatory captain skills.

  16. Princess of the Cape

    I wish you’d talk a bit about how ridiculous overpens are right now in the game, too. HE ships is one thing, but I can’t tell you how freaking often I am presented with broadside opponents at medium ranges, hit them with 6+ shells, and don’t even get a damned normal pen, let alone a citadel.

  17. Wind chill does that to beers bro.

  18. And you lost credits for a good game.

  19. 2020 year of the bb? Not a chance wait till those European dd s with radar comes out

  20. “Is Smolensk broken?” This question gets asked about many ships after release. It gets asked about many additions to the game including nerfs and buffs. The better question to ask is “Is the testing process broken?” How can so many bad elements pass through multiple levels of testing and still make it into the game? I’m just glad these same people are not designing and producing cars or even worse, planes.

    Das Bat

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