World of Warships – Who Dares Wins

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“Who Dares Wins” the motto of the Special Air Service, in a battle featuring HMS Daring, which funnily enough gets decided by someone who doesn’t dare and therefore doesn’t win.

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  1. Jingles videos are my bed time stories

  2. Jeff Lewis Racing

    “Somers taken out by the Indomitable” Never change Jingles! lol

  3. I’m kind of surprised that the name “GrundelFungus” Didn’t get so much as a chuckle out of you Jingles. XD

  4. While its true that dive bombers in general were more effective, its important to note that the aircraft that was responsible for the most sunk tonnage was in fact a torpedo bomber, the Fairey Swordfish.

  5. winston williams

    the daring was what got me interested in the game as I served 3 years in HMAS Duchess

  6. 4:00 – setting aside wows, what a great story. Imagine salt miners what we could get if we got him drunk 🙂

  7. Love it, thanks for sharing this game.

  8. Wow! What a blast from the past! Was a huge fan of Mr. Brooker’s work and had several of his PC Zone works stuck up in the PC workshop in which I toiled as a tech back in the day. Great anecdote, btw. Oh, and today’s vid was entertaining, too 😉

  9. Yet another great video, I need to sign up for your support whatever. The thing is, I *was* one of those original WOT players that signed up due to the historical aspects – mid 50’s back then and an avid ww2 and military buff. Then WoT went to $hit. FYI – the way you deal with wheeled scouts is you put a TOW through them – wheeled scout – 90 mph, TOW 600+, Dragon, Javelin, hell Abrahms at 1500 meters – blat. Scout loses. None of this battlefield zooming crap.

    So, off I went to WoWs – historical again. On your recommendation, picked up Japanese Destroyer Captain. If you haven’t read it, read it. Or I’ll send you my copy as long as you agree to send it on. As much as Japanese destroyers early on were way ahead, and the USN was still stuck in the early 30s, the USN got religion and pushed out RADAR Asap. Tactics changed, and about 1/2 way through the book you can see it. So, if you go above – meh – tier 7, you’re off to arcade land. Hybrid battleships? The only way they could work is if they sacrificed armor, and we all know WG has hacked the code for CVs. They do it every time.

    Well, it’s *their* game right? Meh. I’ll watch the video and do real life things. I have a chicken coop to build. But Paul, if you ever wander through the Atlanta area, dinner is on me American style.

    • Same here, former WoT clan commander, moved to WoWS with great satisfaction for a couple of years, collecting historical ships in port and testing odd setups that everyone else thought can’t possibly work “according to the current meta” (funniest phrase used by “pro gamer” youtubers, trolling these guys in game was a real treat whenever I met one).
      I was already annoyed by WG’s money grab strategies last winter when Putler decided to invade Ukraine, stopped playing the same day as I won’t help finance mass murder just for the sake of shooting pixels on a screen. I know WG is supposed to be based in Cyprus, but I have no doubt that most of the money still goes to Russia.
      I was kinda busy over the past year, but I’m thinking that War on the Sea might be a viable alternative for guys like us, check out a channel called Wolfpack345 to see a well presented play-through.

  10. Was Alliance the ship with torpedoes so broken, Flamu knew where they were coming from, managed to evade them just barely, then they circled around and hit him anyway?

  11. Kartavian Macrath

    It is very true that in reality, subs and aircraft carriers fundamentally changed naval warfare. But that does not mean they are fun to have a game based on firing the big guns out of the giant boats.

  12. A game that goes right down to the wire like this one is definitely preferable to the types of one-sided games most turn up to be.

  13. Thank you! Quite the honor.

  14. Jingles I’m honestly impressed you managed to say ‘Grundel Fungus’ with a straight face.

  15. That captain had me in stitches

  16. I found it interesting the the Daring never got Radared (At least I did notice it).

    When playing a DD, especially a Daring, it is possible to avoid being regularly detected by aircraft. Of course if you hang around the middle of the map for most of the game, you’ll get detected more often. It is Radar that I find challenging. I can’t hide from it, even if they are on the other side of a huge island. At least with the Fun Police you have the chance of smoking up and disappearing.

    It is very rare that CV have any affect of my games, and I am a primary DD player. Interesting.

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