World of Warships – Who Dares Wins

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I’m surprised that with a video title as obvious as this for an HMS Daring video I never thought of it before. Unless I did and forgot. Which is entirely possible. This is me, after all.

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  1. The last time i was this early, the doctor wanted to put me back in

  2. Allied zao well done!

  3. That was a hell of a match.

  4. Just to let you know off dover Sunday night micro storm recorded wind speed if 96.7 knt westerly

  5. To the fother mucking wire the mad lad


    Oof. That Yamato must have raged.

  7. Oh i get the title now, because he is playing a daring -_-

  8. showing a british ship i think not because of it’s vercitility it is also american and russian

  9. Oof that was a tight cut ending xD feel bad for the yamato, if they had survived just a second longer xD

  10. That guy knows when he should switch to AP 😀 +1!

  11. Daring doesnt excel in any one Role? Jingles its among the top 3 anti destroyers in the Game.

  12. Cracking battle, enjoyed watching this.

  13. This was a fun battle to watch. Then again, most of the battles that Jingles does are interesting to watch. Plus I’m early so double points

  14. I gotta say Jingles you’ve finally started to adjust your volume mixing and it’s SOOOOOOOOO much better. Thank you man!

  15. Nice to see a nailbiting match instead of the usual roflstomp for once.

  16. Why are jingles videos on youtube being shown with advertising targeted at children? I thought that his videos were marked as not being child-friendly…

  17. Definitely not me. No winning here.

  18. Jingles, you should create a series where you discuss the history of some ships! You’ve done something similar in the past, where you briefly discuss a premium ship’s history and then dissect how it performs in-game. I’d love if some form of this made a return to the channel.

  19. I wanna see that zao’s perspective, he was the real hero here for most of the mid and early game

  20. I guess you can say he had to be Daring, I’ll see myself out

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