World of Warships – Who needs HP anyway EPIC

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So I decided to play all tier 8 in the game on Friday and Baltimore was ofc one of them. No, for those of you are unfamiliar with my channel I just wanna say that I do like with exception of Des Moines (and I used to hate DM as well).
I’m a fan of slow RoF + slow shell velocity and short range BUT I CAN make them work ofc. I would lie if I say that I did not have fun playing this match. I may have to reconsider playing US heavy again xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. “let me guess, im top of the scoreboard as usual.” yeah, i know that one buddy.

  2. Oh my god that song from Dastardly and Mutley! 😀
    Well done Flamb, you did great with this little remaining HP.. This is the mark of great players 🙂

  3. That CV can kill you anytime lol
    but he sees you no more than ant
    not worthy of his attention

  4. Nice try Flambass, we know that was a tactical AR boost play, you ain’t fooling us.

  5. A hell of a carry indeed ?
    GG ?

  6. I don’t know if anyone realised it, but the music was in almost perfect sync for the paddling at 1:20

  7. I usually get down to 2k in 5 mins in my benson, and then survive the whole battle by wangling.

  8. Nice Vid of a bot CV play

  9. The only amount of HP you need is 1

  10. You’d think Flamu’s “Tactical” grounding have been the pinnacle – wait until you see Flambass’s tactical AR!!

  11. So, Seatle is pointed more or less right to comb the torpedoes, turns to catch three of them…
    I feel a lot better about my mistakes in the past now.

  12. Flambass:
    ~almost blapped in the first minute and a half~
    ~still finishes top of the team~

    How far is that horseshoe rammed up your torpedo tube, man? lol 😉

  13. Nice round, could you share your ship build and captain skills? Still struggeling to get Balti running properly – some help from a very good player would be much appreciated 🙂

  14. nice AR boost, mah dude. well played.

  15. Hahahah…stop that pigeon! You’re too young to know that show!

  16. points on the team in general were distributed fairly evenly.

  17. I want to see a no hp no AA destroyer vs 2 carriers. Make it so.

  18. You never cease to amaze me with the skill and mostly luck, that you have in most games. I know it is a lot of skill, but sometimes it boils down to luck. You sir are a true warrior. Love all of your content.

  19. GG flambass … great attempt … hope you learned to pay attention to the game

  20. Anyone a bit baffled by the Ibuki of his team getting Dreadnought?

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