World of Warships – Who needs HP anyway

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Someone in chat asked if I could please show him how to play Kitakaze because he always gets nuked at the start by the CV.
Well…let’s just say I had similar fate…but I made it interesting 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Just Finished an older video perfect!

  2. yeeeess all the dakka dakka!

  3. Happy Easter 😉

  4. hell if it was me in that half-dead DD, their cv would dedicate his whole lilfe to killing me .. hell even his afterlife and life of his family aswell .. lucky you

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      And it’s Flambass, meaning people would normally have hard ons for him already. And yet they didn’t kill him this time…

  5. Flambo walking on water 😉

  6. was expecting a fucka youuuuuu after the double, had to wait for it though, but wurf

  7. 404, team not found!

  8. You can tell us now Flambass : you took the torpedo on purpose to take full advantage of AR, didn’t you ? x)

  9. I just got my kitakaze yesterday, absolutely love it!

  10. Awesome come back Flambass, way to go, you’re the master of arts on DD combat 🙂 defo one to aspire to!

  11. Well you get to try out the scenario (sort of) of that Kitakaze you met in your Kurtfurst video with only a 5 second difference 😀

  12. You nearly made me late for work this morning , can you believe they make you work on bank holiday sunday ? Back and relaxing watching the whole show .

  13. Nice commander Voice, he say N-n-n.n-n-no and “What?”

  14. the shima was in fact stream sniping

  15. I think that Shima was the one with Radio Location so that would account for the torps, as I would have done the same exact thing with a set of torps on each side. Smoke shooting was odd, but still RL can def help with that and he wasn’t accurate with it by any means.

    Flam was still RL’d after the Alaska and Richel went down and right when Shima died the RL dropped so that had to have been the Shima.

  16. What was the mumbly “Mm” sound you spoke of that remained in the background most of the game?

  17. he knew ’cause rpf. You had to move into the torps. He had launched them prior to you moving backwards.

  18. I stick near a large CA/BB and let their AAA take care of the CV. In the meantime, I just let loose torpedo waves. BTW……JIIIIINGLES!!! JIIIIIIIIINGLES!!!!

  19. “it’s the spam that provokes” *plays kitakaze*

  20. Flambass you’re so evil LOL

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