World of Warships – Who needs HP – Intense AF

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Here is one of the most intense endings to a ranked match I had in past few days on EU server.

Whole match was pretty good but at the end it got really close and scary.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. second =D

  2. Pretty much the only ranked wins I have this season so far are ones where I am in first place with Loyang. Still a strong ship. I’m surprised Flambass is using the long range torps though, i haven’t had much luck with them.

  3. If you are talking about the grooves in the barrel, that is called rifling.

  4. who needs enemies if you have such teammates as edin player xD

  5. Sometime inaccurate gun is very useful- Odin XD

  6. Nobody sneeze! Nobody fart! Nobody even breathe or we sink!

  7. 10:50 almost double strike XD

  8. Got the Fletcher a few days ago, and even though running prev. maint. and the module my engine is gone like 3-5 times / match… 100% engine loss when engaging an enemy DD. 😀

  9. Why did flamb leave cr33d?

  10. That was a damn fine play with those 2 DDs dude!
    Nailed it. Hope your back doesn’t hurt too much!

  11. Edin be like “right fellas.. it’s been fun. Ima head out”

    • On day 2 I was reaching rank 3 and from day 3 the flood gates were open and I was pushed back and struggle to return to rank 5 tnx to such ****s and afk bots… And when you don’t lose star and finish 1st on your losing mentally challenged ”team”, you get reported by at least two of them…

  12. How in the hell you survived that I’ll never know.

  13. Some calibres are measured land to land, some are measured groove to groove. Not sure what the standard is for naval artillery.

  14. Answer to your title : no one, if u have a horseshoe that big up your axx

  15. As Jingles would say.
    Some people just have to try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…

  16. Do you think they’ll come out with the Hiyang someday?

  17. Bore – interior of a gun barrel. You’re thinking of the rifling, which imparts spin to projectile.

  18. Lul had you in my games several times, didn’t realise it was you haha

  19. THATS exaclty the current DD gameplay!

  20. The look on flambass face when he realizes he is going to get away with the win in the last 30 seconds. Its like me when I sneak candy from my coworkers candy jar.

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